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Custom Steel Buildings and Metal Workshop Buildings


Among the numerous benefits of metal buildings, one of the major advantages is the flexibility of these structures. This very advantage is the main reason why metal buildings have so many uses. Whether you need a small car shelter for your family car or a large commercial building for your business venture, custom steel buildings have got you covered. Metal workshop buildings are one of our most popular custom metal building kits. These metal buildings make the perfect enclosed shelter for you to practice your art, indulge in carpentry or conduct auto repairs without disturbing other members of your family and your neighbors. You can also customize these metal workshop buildings if you require something more spacious for industrial or commercial purposes.

We offer metal workshop buildings manufactured with high-quality galvanized steel. Carport1 can assure its customers that when they purchase from us they are getting a product that will last for decades. We also know that no two customers that buy any product from us have the same requirement. That is especially true for our metal workshop buildings. Thus, we offer customization options for various features of these custom steel buildings. These options allow our customers to modify and design their metal workshop buildings to fit whatever specifications they have.

Advantages of Custom Steel Buildings and Metal Workshop Buildings

The advantages of custom steel buildings are well known in the construction industry. Steel is incredibly strong even though it is lightweight. This is because of the high strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Steel structures can outlast any other construction material and will need the least maintenance.

Our custom metal buildings are more affordable upfront as well as in the long run. Steel buildings are prefabricated in the factories, which means that all that you have to do on-site is to assemble the parts. This shortens the construction period of these steel buildings. Thus, custom steel buildings take up a fraction of the time it takes to construct buildings with other materials.

Also, steel buildings are very environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is mainly due to the fact that steel buildings are made from recycled steel and are recycled further when their service life ends.

With all the above-mentioned benefits, owning custom metal buildings becomes almost a no-brainer. These metal workshop buildings do not only function as a quiet place to work or practice your hobby, but they also protect you and your belongings from the elements, be it harsh sun rays or heavy downpour. No longer do you have to let the weather disturb your work. If your hobby, repair work or any other job requires pieces of equipment or machinery, you would not want to leave those tools out in the open, vulnerable to thieves and vandals, would you? Luckily, our metal workshop buildings provide the safest place for you to store your belongings. Those buildings also protect your valuables from the weather conditions.

Custom Steel Buildings and Metal Workshop Buildings for Every Requirement

We have hundreds and hundreds of metal workshop building models in our inventory. Additionally, we offer a wide range of customization features so that you can design the metal building as you like. With these many options, finding the ideal product for your workshopping needs will not be a very complicated task. Below are some of the specifications and features of metal workshop buildings for sale at Carport1:

Size of Metal Workshop Buildings

Whether you need small metal storage shed as your workshop or a commercial style building, we have got metal workshop buildings of every size. As a standard, most of our metal structures have a minimum width of 12’ and length of 21’. Our open metal buildings, like the metal carports and metal RV covers, start with a height of 6’. However, fully enclosed structures, like metal workshop buildings, need to have a minimum height of 7’. Shorter buildings will not accommodate doors and windows. We also allow our customers to place an order with custom dimensions if the given dimensions are not suitable for their needs.

Style of Metal Workshop Buildings

Most of our smaller metal workshop buildings that have widths less than 32’ come in three different roof styles; regular, boxed eave and vertical. However, wider metal workshop buildings will almost always come with a vertical roof. Vertical roofs are the strongest among the roof styles. The choice of the roof style is not only influential in determining the effectiveness but also the aesthetics of the building.

Similarly, to give our customers more control over the looks of their building, we offer 15 color options. From these options, our customers can choose the color combination they like for their metal workshop building. We also offer dual color combo for the walls with a wainscot, which can give that extra oomph to your workshop.

Additional Features of Metal Workshop Buildings

As with any of our closed metal buildings, metal workshop buildings come with extra features. The opening fixtures include roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors as well as windows, which all come in standard dimensions and styles. If these openings are not what you want for your metal workshop building, then you can choose to install opening frame-outs. If required, you can also add some extra storage space by installing lean-tos on the sides of your metal workshop building.

Adding Strength to Metal Workshop Buildings

While steel buildings are, by nature, structurally strong, we offer options which you can choose to increase that structural strength. The first option concerns anchoring the metal workshop building to the ground surface. There are four types of anchors that are available for any metal building. Depending on the nature of the ground surface, you can choose the one that is ideal for your building. We use rebar anchors mostly for non-certified units that are installed over ground/asphalt surfaces while mobile home anchors are used for certified units. Similarly, concrete anchors/ wedge anchors secure metal buildings to concrete surfaces. Lag bolts are used for installations over wooden surface. However, we never certify metal buildings that are installed over wooden foundations.

You can also strengthen your metal workshop building by upgrading the steel tube framework of the structure. Unless specified, most of our buildings come with a framework with steel tubes that have 14-gauge thickness. However, for extra strength, you can upgrade the metal building with 12-gauge steel tube framework. You can also upgrade the workshop building with 26-gauge metal sheets. Likewise, adding extra braces and bows to your custom steel buildings can also increase the resistance of the building. By default, all of our metal buildings have at least 4 corner braces, even the non-certified units.

Certifying Metal Workshop Buildings

What is a certified metal building? In many places across the country, local building codes and regulations require the metal buildings you purchase to meet certain specifications. If that building fails to meet the required specification, the authorities will not grant you the building permits. Hence, for that purpose, we offer our metal workshop buildings with an option for certification. These metal buildings are designed to meet that specific wind, snow or seismic loads of that certain place. Certifications with metal buildings are not only important legally but will also ensure the safety of your building. The other great thing about certified metal workshop building is that you do not have to worry about adding elements to strengthen the structure since they have already been engineered to withstand the weather of your place.

Insulation and Furnishings for Custom Steel Buildings

There are many things you can do to add comfort and convenience to your metal workshop building. Adding some form of insulation is crucial in ensuring that the energy efficiency of your building and also to prevent any condensation issues. Similarly, you can add furnishings and other decorations, as per your liking, to the metal workshop building to make the interiors more inviting.

A metal workshop is a great place to hone in on your skill or to repair your broken equipment. However, if enclosed workshop buildings are not what you are searching for then take a look at some of Carport1’s metal carports or metal RV covers that you can easily convert into an open workshop space. With all these options, we hope we have covered all of your requirements. If you are confused about any of the options or need further information on the products then you can call our customer care service or leave us a message.

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