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Certified Metal Carports and non-certified Metal Carports


So, you have been looking for a metal carport in the market or have been browsing through the web to find that perfect metal carport. Time and again, you might have come across terms like certified metal carports and non-certified metal carports. But what do these terms mean? What is a certified metal carport and how does it actually differ from a non-certified unit? If your local building codes require building permits with metal buildings, then you will need to purchase a certified metal carport. If you do not need building permits, then you can choose between a certified unit and a non-certified unit. There are many differences between a certified and a non-certified metal carport. They vary in terms of structural strength, durability as well as price.

What are Certified Metal Carports?

Certified metal carports are those units that we design to meet the specific building code of a certain place. Those requirements may relate to snow loads, wind loads, or seismic loads of a place. Failure to certify your metal carport, particularly if your local building codes require you to, may give you headaches later on. It might get you into legal troubles or troubles concerning the safety of your structure. Trust us, you do not want the authorities knocking at your door after you have built your metal carport.

Local building codes are there to ensure the safety of the structures as well as the well-being of the residents. These laws and regulations take into account the general weather condition, soil conditions, and seismic zones, etc. If you want your building to stand up to the conditions, then you have to abide by these rules right from the beginning. Certified metal carports are also important for legal verification. For areas that require certification, there is no saying what could happen to your metal carport if you built it without one. Local authorities may decide to impose heavy fines or you hand you some kind of penalty. In the worst-case scenario, the authorities may even decide to take down your costly metal carport if they deem it unsafe.

Features of Certified Metal Carports

There are certain features that differentiate a certified metal carport from a non-certified unit. Most of these features apply to the structural makeup of the metal carport. We build our certified metal carports with 12-gauge steel tubes, which have a greater thickness. Hence, certified metal carports are stronger than our non-certified carports. If required, we also provide certified metal buildings with 26-gauge metal panels. Since the structures are designed with the weather of the place in mind, you do not have to spend your money on adding extra features to the metal carport. We have already equipped them with the required number of braces, bows, and so on.

The anchoring options are also different for certified metal carports. If you are to install your metal carport kit over bare ground or asphalt surfaces, then we provide mobile home anchors. Installations over concrete foundations anchored with wedge anchors can also be certified.

Almost all of our larger certified metal carports come with vertical roof style. Structurally speaking, vertical roof style is the strongest roof option we offer. This is mainly because vertical roofs come with additional elements, like the horizontal hat channels, the ridge cap, the side eave panels, etc. This roof style also requires less maintenance than other roof styles, since snow, water, and other debris just slide off the vertical roof panels instead of accumulating. This prevents early rusting of the panels and also ensures the longevity of the metal carport.

Pros and Cons of Certified Metal Carports


  • Structurally strong, durable and generally have a longer lifespan than non-certified structure.
  • Designed with proper considerations for the weather conditions, which means that they are able to withstand the elements of that place without fail.
  • Certification for your metal carport gives it legal verification meaning you will not face any legal trouble for your metal carport after you have built it, including fines and penalties. You get documents and drawings for the certified units, which act as proof of your adherence to the law.
  • Ensures safety for residents of the locality, as well as structural safety for the metal carport itself.


  • Certified metal carports, on average, have a higher price tag than non-certified units. The addition of structural elements, the upgrades of steel frames and metal panels, etc. contribute to the increase in price. In areas that require building permits, this slightly higher initial cost of the metal carport is much more cost-effective than the later fines and penalties.

Non-Certified Metal Carports

In areas that do not require building permits with the construction of metal carports, you can purchase our non-certified metal carports. These units do not have to meet the building code requirements of any area, hence are not designed to withstand the specific wind loads, snow loads, or the seismic loads of that place. There are no legal ramifications of purchasing non-certified metal carports in localities that do not require building permits.

But, just because non-certified metal carports are not designed according to the weather conditions of a place does not mean that they are not structurally strong. We use only high-quality materials for the production of our metal building. Hence, they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. If your local building codes do not have regulations for the certification of the metal carport, it usually means that your place does not face significant risks of extreme weather conditions. However, if you are concerned about the occasional heavy snowfall or intense wind, and want to ensure the absolute safety of your metal carport, then you can choose to go with a certified unit. Yes, even when your locality does not require building permits. Additionally, you can choose to add or upgrade certain features to your non-certified metal carports to better strengthen your structure without having to spend on a fully-certified unit.

Features of Non-certified Metal Carports

Unless specified, every metal carport kit that we sell are non-certified and come with the default features. The structural framework of our non-certified units has steel tubes of 14-gauge. If you live in areas where extreme weather events are more common, then we recommend that you upgrade the carport with the 12-gauge framework. Similarly, by default, the metal panels covering the carport are 29-gauge in thickness which you can upgrade to 26-gauge. All of our non-certified units come with at least four corner braces. However, for added strength, you can increase the number of the braces at an additional cost.

As for the anchoring, installations over dirt/asphalt surfaces come with rebar anchors. You can also upgrade your metal carport with mobile home anchors, which are more durable and safer than rebar anchors. Metal carport installations over wooden foundations are always non-certified.

For smaller metal carports, you have three options for the roof style, whether your metal carport is certified or not. But metal carports cannot span great widths with regular and boxed eave roof style. Hence, large metal carports are always provided with vertical roofs. It is also better to get a certified unit if you are planning to purchase a large metal carport.

Pros and Cons of Non-Certified Metal Carports


  • The low price of non-certified metal carports is the main advantage of these structures. Extra features and upgrades come at an additional cost.
  • With non-certified metal carports, you get to choose what structural elements you want to add or what features you want to upgrade, without investing in a certified unit. These upgrades can make the metal carport as strong as you need.
  • Structurally strong, durable, and made with high-quality materials.


  • These units are not designed with the weather condition of your place in mind. This is not much of a problem in areas which face mild weather condition throughout the year. But they might not perform ideally in places that experience extreme weather conditions.
  • During those adverse weather conditions, these units can compromise the safety of the residents of the surrounding area. They are also not as structurally robust as certified units.

However, you can always upgrade the features to make them strong and safe.

Whether it is our certified metal carports or non-certified metal carports, we always offer products that are of superior quality than any other available in the market. We also provide these metal buildings at a more affordable price. So, no matter which unit you choose to purchase, you can be sure that you are getting a carport that will do a great job of protecting your belongings and last you years. Budget limitations will not limit your freedom to choose. For more information on any product, you can visit our website. If you require any guidance on selecting the ideal carport, you can call or mail our customer care service.

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