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Barndominum: turning prefab Metal Buildings into living spaces


Before going in-depth about this latest metal building trend in the construction industry, let us discuss what barndominiums actually are. A barndominium is a steel metal building that has living spaces inside it. The idea of living very close to your work or in your barn, closer to the livestock, is not particularly new. However, barndominiums have modernized the concept. Previously, people used to repurpose a metal barn or any other prefab metal buildings to have some living space. People now buy these structures for the very purpose of living inside them. This is mainly because of the affordability, durability, and efficiency of metal storage buildings.

Why Metal Barndominiums?

In recent times, the housing market has failed to provide affordable options for people. As houses are getting more and more expensive every year, barndominiums can be the perfect solution for this real-estate problem. Affordability is a major advantage of barndominiums over a traditional living quarter. Since these structures are of metal, they are also very energy- efficient and low maintenance.

Prefabricated building parts have slowly replaced conventional construction methods. They are easier to build, take less time to be constructed and cut down the construction cost. Steel suits prefabrication better than any other construction material in the market. Additionally, steel buildings offer durability and structural strength that no other material can. It only makes sense that steel is the preferred construction material for barndominiums.

The common misconception among people is that with metal buildings you have to give up convenience and comfort. But it is actually the opposite. Modern barndominiums can be easily supplied with all the needed luxuries and more. The open floor plan of these buildings means that the design of your living spaces can be more flexible to accommodate your lifestyle.

Options with Metal Barndominiums

As mentioned above, a barndominium does not have to be devoid of all the luxury that a traditional home has, just because it is a metal building. Along with living quarters, you can incorporate various other spaces too, as per your requirements. You can have shops, garages, workshops, and your home office within your barndominiums. Barndominiums can be fixed with any utility lines that you require for your use and your work. These utilities include electricity, plumbing, communication lines, etc.

We have seen barndominiums with every luxury item, from wood paneling on your floor to air conditioning to sound systems, etc. However, if your goal is to be as cost-effective as possible with your metal structure, then be minimalist with the construction. Only the basic necessities for the barndominium will also be enough. Remember that the more expensive items you add, the more it will cost you to build the structure. A complex the design can also increase the overall cost of your barndominium.

Converting a Metal Building to a Barndominium

Converting a metal building to a barndominium is more like interior remodeling of the building. Below are the things you can do to make your barndominiums more comfortable.

Utility Lines, Insulation and Openings

You can begin the conversion by supplying all the necessary utility lines to the building. A barndominium will also need the right type of insulation to maintain the required level of thermal comfort. Insulation will also help prevent the problem of condensation. Add an appropriate number of openings, like windows and doors, if the structure does not already have that. You should think carefully about where you want to place these openings too.

Planning and Separating the Space

At this stage, you should give proper attention to the design of the spaces and what kind of floor plan you would like to have. Because metal building can span large lengths without intermediate support, you can choose to have an open floor plan with flexible and versatile spaces. But if you want privacy and separation within the building you can also install partition walls. By partitioning your prefab metal buildings you can get a separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Flooring and Wall Finishes

The flooring of the building is another factor you will have to consider. Concrete floors are the most durable and affordable option. But you can also go with hardwood floors, floor tiles, carpets, and rugs, depending on the style you want. For wall finishes, dry walls are very suitable for metal building construction. You can give any color and texture to these drywalls by applying paint or wallpaper, etc.


After the framework of the building is complete, you can proceed to add furniture to your barndominiums. Fitting countertops and appliances in the kitchen, fixing sanitary fixtures in the bathrooms, installing a lighting system and fixtures throughout the barndominium are all part of the process. Having cabinets and shelving units inside the building will help you organize your storage. For people who have limited space or compact barndominiums, multi-purpose furniture is are great options. They will help you to utilize the available space.

With this latest trend of barndominiums, metal buildings have further showcased their range of versatility. Barndominiums are great options for people who want affordable, durable and low- maintenance living spaces. You get greater freedom in the design and customization of the interior spaces than traditional construction. Carport1 offers you many options for metal buildings which you can customize to build your own barndominium. Contact us today and talk with our experts to get the barndominium of your dream.

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