Limited Warranty and Service

As a trusted source for metal buildings, Carport1 prides itself on providing high-quality products and great customer service and support. The materials used in the manufacture of our metal buildings undergo rigorous and numerous quality tests. Our installation team, considered to be the finest in the industry, is made up of engineers and workers who are properly trained and highly skilled in what they do. We are not just claiming the superiority of our products for the sake of it, however. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we back each of our products with certain warranties.

If you find any faults with the product itself or its installation, then you can contact our customer service to lodge your complaint. After that, you will be notified to send in pictures of the faulty parts and any other documents that may be required. Your claim will then be reviewed by our experts. If they deem your claims to be valid and covered by our warranties, then we will repair/ replace the faulty parts or find appropriate alternatives to those problems, at no additional cost.

Below is a list of the all the warranties that we provide with the purchase of our metal buildings.

20-year rust through warranty on both the 12-gauge and 14-gauge tubular frames

Carport1 will cover any rust-related damage to the tubular frames of your metal building with our 20-year rust through warranty. This is applicable to both the 12-gauge frames and the 14-gauge frames, assuming that the frames receive normal care and maintenance. You should read the user manual and the warranty manual for complete information on what constitutes of normal care and maintenance for the tubular frames of our metal buildings.

1-year workmanship warranty

Any workmanship errors and issues with the construction of your metal building are covered by our 1-year workmanship warranty. We follow industry standards to determine the quality of workmanship for any installation. This warranty is valid for 365 days from the date of installation. However, defects that arise due to the failure of the customer to provide a perfectly leveled site, at the time of installation, will not be covered.

Limited lifetime warranty for certified vertical roof style buildings

10-year limited warranty for the sheeting and trim

We will provide appropriate compensations to our customers if the product they purchased from Carport1 develops damages to the sheeting and trims. These damages include chipping, cracking or peeling of paint. The 10-year warranty is valid for 10 years from the time of purchase of the product.

For obvious reason, we will not be able to cover physical damages to the metal building that are caused by natural disasters, fires, or anything that is not within our control. Please keep the work orders, invoices and other documents that we provide, safe and secure. You might be required to present these documents to claim any warranty. For complete information on the warranties and their validity for your specific product, consult the warranty card that we provide to you at the time of purchase.

Carport1 is always committed to making sure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services. Through these warranties, we want to show you that we actually stand by our products and hope to gain your trust. If you have any queries or require further information on these warranties, feel free to contact our customer care service.

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