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Why choose vertical roof over regular & boxed eave roofs?


You must understand that building a metal structure is a costly affair. If the said metal structure cannot withstand the weather or provide the necessary protection to your vehicles, RVs, barn, workshop or storage, then you practically lose money.

A proper roof structure is essential to ensure that your metal building or carport can withstand the adverse effects of the weather and protect your property all the time.

How can a Metal Roof help?

  • A metal structure is stronger and more durable compared to most other building materials, such as; wood, vinyl, and aluminum.
  • A metal roof can withstand any kind of weather, and wear and tear over a long period of time. It doesn’t only protect your property but also the entire metal structure.
  • A steel/metal built roof is more durable and can specifically be designed to counter the typical climate of your area.

What are your choices for the roof?

The metal structure’s roof largely depends on the climate zone and general weather of your area. However, the styling can render your taste and appeal for a personal touch. Basically, there are 3 different types of roof styling which are uniquely different to each other. But each of these roof styles offers benefits of its own.


Vertical roof style is an A-frame style designed with the roof panels that are laid in a from the top to the eaves of the roof. It works best for the areas which receive heavy snowfall or heavy rain. The vertical panels of the roof allows the water/snow to slide off easily so no residue or debris is accumulated over the time.


Boxed Eave style is also an A-frame style designed with roof panels running horizontally to the side of the structure or building. Unlike Vertical style, this style runs horizontally towards the ground. This type of structure is known to withstand heavy wind and offers better protection. The roof style functions perfectly in areas with moderate weather conditions.


Regular roof style is the most common choice of roof styling for any metal structure. This style can withstand any weather conditions, however, it may not be well suited for harsher weather conditions. This is the most economical roof styling choice. A Regular roof tends to be lighter than Boxed Eave or Vertical roofs.

Why choose Vertical Roof Styling over Regular & Boxed Eave?

  • Unlike Regular and Boxed Eave roofs, Vertical roofs offer more steel framing with a hat channel running the length of the underside of the roof. These hat channels offer extra support to the panels and make the structure stronger.
  • Vertical roof works best for the harsh weathers; heavy rain and heavy snowfall.
  • Vertical roofs are sturdier because they have a welded transition from the roof to the legs of the metal structure. Welded transitions are stronger and more stable than the bent transition. Additionally, the vertical panels also add to the strength of the entire roof.
  • A vertical roof is solely designed with roof panels running with the slope of the roof, allowing water, snow or debris to run off with ease. The dynamic design of the roof helps to displace the debris much more efficiently and prevents accumulation of water, soil or other dust on the roof.
  • A sturdy vertical roof design also helps to get your metal structure certified in the states which require you to get a certification for public safety.

Things to Remember

Certified Roofs

A Roof Certification is basically issued by a Licensed Roofing Contractor to certify that your new metal roof is free of defects and should perform as designed and promised for a certain period of time. However, a Roof Certification may not always guarantee roof warranty for certain conditions.

What is the best Roof Styling for North Carolina?

Out of the five cities in NC; Asheville, Cape Hatteras, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and Wilmington, Wilmington and Cape Hatteras receive the highest amount of rainfall annually, 55 and 56.9 inches respectively, whereas, Asheville receives the highest amount of snowfall annually, 15.6 inches. In most years, NC has been affected by severe weather conditions due to summer thunderstorms inviting hailstorm and harsh wind to the cities. The annual loss to the state was accounted for over $5 million.

For such inevitable weather conditions, a vertical styled roof with stronger beams and thick (12-gauge) frames work best to prevent any future problems.

How weather can affect the metal roof?

Rain and Water: The constant exposure to the rain can cause severe damage to the roof although it is made up of galvanized steel. The paint, top cover, and metal may eventually wear down. However, every certified vertical style roof ensures that it can withstand heavy rain or water for at least 20 years after installation.

Snow: Heavy snowfall can cause many problems in the long run. The melting snow or ice could seep inside the cracks or openings causing damage to the interior. Sustained snow loads can exert massive pressure on the metal building. A thick snow piled up on the roof will increase the weight of the roof panels causing stress to the structure frames. A vertical roof helps to prevent any residue snow or liquid from accumulating on the roof.

Wind: Harsher winds can affect the metal frames and roof structure over the time. It can wipe off the protective layer (zinc) and corrode the steel. Hence, a galvanized and thicker steel is required to withstand wind.

Sun: Direct sunlight causes the biggest damage to any vehicle. The sunlight can deteriorate the paint, top layer and exposed steel of an RV. It can also heat up the inside of the metal structure. A well-ventilated structure and a light-coloured roof can help to prevent any long-term damage from the sunlight.

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