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Why are Steel Commercial buildings better than concrete buildings?


In recent years, the construction industry has had a massive makeover. Now, we can see skyscrapers literally reaching for the sky. Sometimes the complex facades of the buildings just leave us speechless. Maybe you have seen the Walt Disney Concert Halland wondered how it could have been built. No more is the change more apparent than in the commercial sector. Commercial buildings have grown with the demands of business owners. The two most popular choices are steel commercial buildings and concrete buildings.

Steel construction, as well as concrete construction, have come a long way in the past century. More and more people are warming up to these type of constructions.

But which one is better? Well, steel commercial buildings offer many benefits that concrete buildings do not. Today, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of both these structures. You can then decide whether steel commercial buildings are actually better than concrete buildings or not.

The Strength of Steel Commerical Buildings vs. Concrete Buildings

Commercial buildings do not just have to fight the weather elements. They also need to handle massive loads inside the building as well.

Steel is a very tough and structurally stable construction material. You will not see steel buildings collapse during a snowstorm. Steel is as strong in resisting compressive forces as it is in resisting tensile forces. And that makes these buildings perfect for commercial use.

Concrete buildings, on the other hand, have very high compressive strength but lack of tensile resistance. Hence, concrete alone cannot really handle most weather loads. You will have to reinforce it with steel for better structural stability. But why buy a reinforced concrete building when you can get a stronger steel building at a much cheaper price?

Steel Commercial Building Prices vs. Concrete Building Prices

Since steel is a recyclable material and is made from previously recycled steel, steel buildings are much cheaper. Furthermore, factories mostly prefabricate the parts of steel buildings. Mass production reduces the manufacturing cost of steel commercial buildings. Similarly, the labor cost of steel commercial buildings is less because not much work needs to be done on site. All those steel building kits need is assembly.

The actual price of steel fluctuates depending on a number of factors. However, we can assure you that the cost of steel still remains lower than that of concrete.

Concrete is more expensive than steel. And concrete buildings construction need more time and labor than steel buildings.

The smaller of our buildings, double wide garages and steel barns, that you can use for commercial use can be installed in a matter of a couple of days. Even bigger buildings, like triple wide garages and workshop buildings, we can build within a week. You cannot say the same about concrete buildings, can you?

Maintenance for Steel vs. Concrete Commercial Buildings

There is no contest between steel and concrete when it comes to maintenance.

Steel commercial buildings require very low maintenance. If you use high-quality metal that has been properly treated, steel buildings will last for years with minimal maintenance. This is definitely a huge advantage when you own a commercial building. You would not want to spend more time caring for the building than your business, would you?

Concrete buildings, on the other hand, are very high-maintenance. They need regular repainting and repairs. These buildings are also very vulnerable to cracking, curling, blistering, and more.

Steel Commercial Building Design vs. Concrete Building Design

Here too, steel commercial buildings are far better than concrete buildings. Steel gives more freedom over the design of the structure. With a top metal building supplier, like Carport1, you can customize your steel building as per your requirement.

Commercial buildings need optimum use of spaces. You cannot waste even an inch of the floor. That is where the clear-spanning ability of steel shows its superiority. With these building, you can utilize each nook and corner of the building. Unlike concrete buildings, which need intermediate support, you do not have to limit yourself with walls and columns.

Plus, steel buildings are better looking than concrete buildings.

Sustainability of Steel VS Concrete Commercial Buildings

Steel is the most recycled material. Prefab steel buildings are made from recycled steel and are further recycled after their service. Steel is also most suited for other environmentally friendly technologies like insulation, solar energy, rainwater harvesting.

All these sustainability benefits of steel structure can be more beneficial to a commercial building. It will reduce the energy cost of the building, increase the efficiency of the employees as well as stand your company apart from your competitors as a more socially and environmentally responsible business.

But are concrete buildings not environmentally-friendly? Well, no.

Concrete is not recycled as much as steel which means more energy is spent on the extraction of raw materials. And the production of cement for concrete is very harmful to the environment.

Buy Steel Commercial Buildings from Carport1

Above, we have discussed how steel commercial buildings are far better than concrete buildings. But not all metal buildings are the same. You can only enjoy these benefits with a high-quality metal building.

Carport1 is your one-stop destination for all things metal buildings. Our inventory has hundreds of steel building models that are perfect for commercial use. If you are not happy with any of the features then you can easily change it. Whether you need a workshop building or an equipment storage building, we have got it all.

When you buy from us, we want you to have to best experience. Our team is always at your disposal. If you want to discuss your options for steel commercial buildings, then give us a call at 1-877-242-0393 or contact us.

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