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Which Steel Barn fits your Agricultural Storage needs?


People who decide to build a barn do not do it for the same reasons. Even for people who intend to use their farm building for similar purposes, their requirements may be completely different. Some people need an affordable option while others need complete safety for their valuables. It might be somewhat confusing to people as to which barn they should buy for their agricultural storage needs. After all, there are endless options for barns available in the market. These metal barns for sale differ in terms of style, cost, function, and more. When it comes to the construction material, steel barns always come out on top.

Why Steel Barns?

There are many advantages that metal barns have over traditional constructions. These benefits relate to the durability, the customizability, and so on, of steel barns.

  • Structural Strength of Metal Barns for Sale

Steel barns are incredibly strong and durable. What makes these steel barns so structurally robust? Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among the building materials. Galvanized steel structures are also rust-resistant meaning that they will not rust easily when in contact with moisture. Steel barns can withstand weather loads of immense magnitudes without giving way. Even with minimum maintenance, these structures can last for a number of years.

  • Affordability of Metal Barns for Sale

Steel barns are very inexpensive to buy. The fact that the building parts of steel barns are prefabricated and mass-produced in the factories is what makes metal barns for sale so affordable. The prefabricated nature also makes the installation of these structures easy and cost-effective. Moreover, steel barns are inexpensive to maintain since they do not require much upkeep.

  • Customizability of Steel Barns 

Easy customization is another major advantage of our metal barns for sale. These metal barns come with customization options for every feature, from the dimensions to the roof style of the metal farm building. These customization options allow the customers to design their metal barns by themselves so that the steel barn they buy is the steel barn they need.

  • Termite and Fire-Resistant Metal Barns for Sale

Metal barns also provide resistance against other harmful elements that the traditional constructions fail to keep out. One of these harmful elements is termites. Wood barns are very susceptible to termite attacks and require frequent chemical treatments to be termite-resistant. Steel, on the other hand, is termite-resistant by nature. For structures like barns, this property is very important not only for the safety of the structure itself but also for the safety of the stored goods.

Similarly, fire is another element that can cause irreparable damage to the structure, belongings as well as to lives. While not fully fireproof, steel does provide great resistance to any fire hazard. This resistance against fire can massively reduce the damage caused by a fire.

Steel Barns on the Basis of Roof Styles

At Carport1, you can find three different types of metal barns for sale based on the roof style. Every style has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

  • Regular Horse Barn

This type of steel barn comes with a regular roof style for the central aisle and the lean-tos as well. Regular roof style is characterized by the bent-edged roofline. It also consists of horizontal roof panels. The obvious benefit of these steel barns is their affordability. Regular horse barns also do a decent job of protecting your livestock and other belongings from the elements.

The negative with these steel barns is that the regular roof style might clash with the look of a traditional house. The horizontal metal panels also require more maintenance than vertical panels. That is because horizontally oriented panels tend to accumulate water and debris along their ridges.

  • Carolina Barns

Carolina barns feature an A-framed roof structure for the main aisle and the lean-tos. The roof panels can be either horizontally or vertically oriented. The A-framed roof style blends in easily with the architectural style of a traditional house. The other benefit of Carolina steel barns is that they are structurally much stronger than regular barns. This structural strength comes from the added structural elements, like side eave trims, and in case of vertical Carolina barns, hat channels and ridge cap. From moderate to extreme weather conditions, Carolina barns do an excellent job of protecting your livestock and other valuables from elemental damage.

As for the negatives, any type of Carolina barn costs more than the regular horse barns. As with the horse barns, horizontal roof panels accumulate more debris and water along the corrugation. Hence, the horizontal Carolina barns may require regular cleaning.

  • Seneca Barns

Just like Carolina barns, Seneca barns also come with A-framed roof structure. But Seneca barns have a very distinctive look when compared to Carolina barns. In Seneca barns, the drop-off from the main aisle to the lean-tos is not visible from the exterior resulting in a continuous roof line. The style of Seneca barns is such that even though it is very unique, it blends in nicely with the style of the traditional house. The roof panels of these barns can also be either horizontally or vertically oriented.

The negatives of Seneca barns are very similar to the Carolina barns. Seneca barns are more expensive than regular horse barns and the horizontal roof panels need more regular cleaning.

Steel Barns on The Basis of Coverage

  • Open Steel Barns

Open barns come with only the roof structure and the metal framework. The sides and end of these barns are completely open. This type of barns can perform effectively in areas that face very mild weather condition all throughout the year. For belongings that would need easier access, like your farming vehicles, these barns are the perfect options. You can also use open barns for sheltering livestock from the sun and occasional showers. Open barns are available in all three roof styles.

Affordability, again, is the main benefit of open barns. Open barns are inexpensive because they require fewer structural components. However, these barns are not very effective in areas which face frequent adverse weather conditions. The protection these barns can impart to the stored goods is also limited.

  • Partially Enclosed Steel Barns

Partially enclosed barns come with more coverage than the open barns. When you buy from Carport1, you have full control over the coverage fo your metal barn. You can choose to partially enclose either or both the lean-tos and the main aisle. The partial coverage is achieved by adding gables, side panels or the end panels to the steel barn. Partially enclosed barns make the perfect shelter for livestock since they allow ample air circulation inside the building but also keep the elements out. Partially enclosed barns is also a good choice for hay storage. These barns offer better protection against the elements than open structures.

Partially enclosed barns are slightly more expensive when compared to open barns. The increase in cost very much depends on how many additional features you choose to add.

  • Fully Enclosed Steel Barns

Fully enclosed barns, as the name suggests, are completely covered with the metal panels on all sides. These barns offer complete protection against the elements and also keep your belongings safe from thieves and vandals. Fully enclosed steel barns also come with the options of openings, like the roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and the windows. If you would rather install an opening of your own design, then you can install just the opening frame-outs. At Carport1, you get to choose where and how many openings you want to add to your steel barn. These barns are ideal for storing belongings that require maximum protection, like your expensive farming equipment, vehicles, crops, and other produce, etc.

The only downside of a fully enclosed steel barn is its cost. These barns are the most expensive options for all the three roof styles. The rise in cost is due to all the additional features that go into the construction of this type of barn.

Metal Barns for Sale at Carport1

At Carport1, we have got steel barns for all farming storage requirements. Whether you need an affordable steel barn that complements the style of your traditional house or you need something that is unique-looking but provides absolute protection for your belongings and livestock, we have got you covered. If you need further information on any of the steel barns or any of our other products, visit our website. Or, better yet, just give us a call. We will be more than happy to help.

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