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What is the Size of a Standard Garage?


The beauty of steel garages is that you can fit them to your exact requirements. If you have a small family or you’re a single parent or just someone living alone, a small shelter that can fit in a single-vehicle would suffice. So, you wouldn’t need to buy something large and expensive. A one-car garage is all that you need. Our single car metal garages are some of the most popular products in our inventory. But people do have confusions about their dimensions and features. So let us dig deeper about the “standard one car garage size” and other specifications.

One Car Garage Sizes and Dimensions

The ideal metal garage size depends on the space requirements of the owner. One size that is perfect for someone may not be perfect for another. And so is the case with one car garage size. There is not one standard one car metal garage size. That being said, we can give you some ranges. In America, compact cars start with dimensions of 5′ in width, 14′ in length, and 4′ in height. Meanwhile, vans and pickups can be as large as 7’W x 19’L x 6’H. But a shelter for your vehicle should not just have space for its parking. It should also give you enough room to easily move around. Keeping that in mind, the smallest of our one-car garage size comes at 12’W x 21’L x 7’H. This one-car garage size can comfortably house one vehicle at a time. If you are intending to just park your car, then the width of your one car garage does not need to be more than 18′. A 20′ wide garage is what we consider to be a double car metal garage. For sure, if you want some extra storage space, you should purchase a larger one-car garage. This storage space, you can use it to keep your automobile accessories, repair tools, and more. While buying garages, customers mostly make the mistake of considering just the length and breadth of the garage because those dimensions give the total floor area. But you should also be careful about its height. Only a garage with suitable leg height will accommodate openings, like garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows. That is why metal garage for sale at Carport1 have at least 7′ of height.

Why One Car Garage?

By now, you probably know all the benefits of our metal garages. Steel is the strongest material to build with. So, you can be sure that the metal garages will protect your vehicles and equipment from the most adverse of the conditions. And it is not just that these garages shield your belongings from the elements, but they also save your valuables from the vandals and thieves. Steel garages are long-lasting and incredibly low-maintenance. Once bought, a metal garage from Carport1 will last you decades. And furthermore, they are versatile as well. A one-car garage has space to park a single vehicle, whether a car, pickup or SUV. Sometimes, this type of steel garages may also have an additional storage area. Of course, if you have multiple vehicles that need shelter, then you are better off buying our double or triple wide metal garages. One car garages are incredibly affordable. They are some of the more inexpensive products that we have for sale. Additionally, these steel garages are versatile structures that you can use for several purposes.

Uses of One Car Garage

As mentioned, our single car garages are multi-functional structures. So, you can use them as more than just car shelters. Here are some of the common uses of our one-car garages.

  • Outdoor storage shelters or backyard sheds
  • Artist’s studio or workshop
  • Home office
  • Metal RV covers or boat covers
  • Shelter for your pets
  • Media Room or entertainment room
  • Man cave/ She shed
  • Library
  • Exercise/ Gym room
  • Guest Room/ Living Area, and much much more.

Other Features of One Car Garage

Dimensions of our steel garages are not the only features that you can customize. We give you complete freedom over the design of your steel garage. So, you can choose the features as per your requirements.

Roof Style

We have three roof style available for our single wide garages. The regular roofed garages are perfect for areas with mild weather conditions. The curve edged roofline gives the garage modern aesthetics. Our boxed eave garages have the traditional A-framed roof and horizontal roof panels. They are well-suited to moderate weather conditions. However, best of all is a vertical garage, which comes with A-framed roof but with vertical metal panels. They are a bit more pricey than the other two options but are well worth your investment as they can handle any type of weather condition.

Additional Features

Additional features for our steel garages include walk-in doors, garage doors, windows, etc. For access into the garage and your convenience, these features are crucial. The placement and the numbering of the openings are the choices of the customers. We fix standard doors and windows to our garage. Frame-outs are the perfect alternatives if you want to install doors and windows of your design later.

Color Options

Our one-car metal garages come with 15 different color options. From these options, you can choose the shades you like for the roof, the walls, and the trims of your garage. There is also an additional wainscot option, which will give you a two-tone color combo. Besides these features, we also allow some structural upgrades. With our metal garages, you get options for choosing the gauge of the tubular frames, anchors, braces, etc. Metal garages are ideal for all types of storage. And they give your belongings utmost security. But if you want something even more affordable, why not take a look at our steel carports? We have hundreds of metal carports and metal garages in our online shop. So, do not forget to browse through them all before you make your final decision. You can contact our customer service representatives today and discuss the prices and your financial options.

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