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What are the benefits of having a Steel Carport over Aluminum Carport?


Every car owner knows how much damage the elements can cause when you leave your vehicles out in the open. Carports or car covers are very effective in protecting your beloved vehicles from the weather conditions. Plus, they are very affordable to purchase and easy to maintain. Carports are not just for housing your cars, though. They make great outdoor storage shelters, equipment sheds, and more. We have already established that whatever the use, metal carports are far superior to any other traditional construction. However, not all metal carports are the same. Let us take a look at two of the more popular types of metal carports; a steel carport and an aluminum carport.

Even though at first glance steel and aluminum might look similar, they are two different metals. As such, they have completely different properties and they behave differently under various conditions. Aluminum structures and steel structures both have their pros and cons. One is applicable for certain purposes while the other is useful for others. Today, we will discuss the benefits of having a steel carport over an aluminum carport.

Benefits of Having a Steel Carport over Aluminum Carport

A steel carport is stronger than an aluminum carport.

A metal carport is a structure that shelters your vehicles and other belongings from the outdoor elements. That is why any good metal carport has to be strong enough to withstand the adverse climatic conditions of your place. In that case, a steel carport is far superior to an aluminum carport.

It is true that aluminum is more lightweight than steel. That is why aluminum components are used in aircraft and other such equipment that need to be light. However, aluminum is not really strong. At least, it is not as strong as steel. An aluminum carport cannot resist the same amount of weather loads as a steel carport. Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among the building materials available. No matter what the weather conditions, you can be sure that a steel carport will remain standing.

A steel carport is more durable than an aluminum carport.

Since aluminum carports do not really have much structural strength, they do not last for a long period of time. Under heavy snow or strong wind loads, there is a real chance that an aluminum carport will fail.

Additionally, because of the lightweight nature of the aluminum, an aluminum carport does not have much structural stability either. An aluminum carport will perform badly in cases of hurricanes, storms, and so on. Therefore, aluminum carports are not recommended in areas that face more brutal weather conditions.

The other disadvantage of an aluminum carport is that is is very prone to denting. Even with the slightest of pressure, you can cause dents in an aluminum sheet.

On the other hand, steel is very strong and durable. They perform exceptionally in adverse weather conditions. The corrugations on the metal sheets and the structural framework of our steel carports can handle heavy weather loads without any damage. This structural strength is what allows a steel carport to be so durable. With the least maintenance efforts, a steel carport can last for generations.

A steel carport is less expensive than an aluminum carport.

When it comes to comparing the price of steel carports and aluminum carports, a steel carport is far less expensive than an aluminum carport. Steel metal carports cost less at the time of purchase. It is mainly because the extraction of raw materials for the manufacture of steel carports costs less than that of aluminum. But, the financial benefits of steel carports are more evident in the long run.

Steel carports do not require frequent and regular upkeep. This means that you will save money that you might otherwise have spent on the maintenance of the carport. More than that, steel carports are long-lasting. You will not have to keep replacing the carport every few years.

Yes, an aluminum carport does not corrode easily and thus, it might seem that it does not need much maintenance. But these metal structures are so susceptible to denting and other damages that you will end up having to repair the carport every so often. In worst cases, you might even have to replace the entire carport after only a few years of use.

Another thing to consider is that aluminum carports will be exponentially pricier with every increase in size. Since aluminum does not have much strength, it requires more material to span large distances. If you are looking to shelter two or more vehicles, with double, triple or extra wide metal carports, aluminum carports will be significantly more expensive than steel carports.

Buy Steel Carport and Metal Buildings from Carport1

When all things considered, a steel carport always comes out on top of an aluminum carport. If you want to buy the best steel carports in the market, then Carpor1 is the supplier for you. We have hundreds and hundreds of metal carport models to satisfy all of your storage needs. More than that, you can customize the metal carport as per your needs. We have options for the size, the color, the roof style, and the additional features of your metal carport.

And if you live in areas with extreme weather, you can choose to certify your metal carport. Our experts engineer our certified units to withstand the weather loads of specific places. For people who want more coverage for their metal structures, we also have metal garages, barns, and custom metal buildings.

For more information on our products, feel free to contact our customer care representatives. They are at your disposal 24/7.

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