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Storage Sheds and Storage Buildings: Metal Sheds VS. Vinyl Sheds


Storage sheds make great additions to any backyard. These storage buildings give you space to stash away your belongings. Plus, you do not have to worry about the weather causing any damage to your belongings. Whether it is your garden equipment, old kitchen appliances, unwanted clothes that you want to store, storage sheds are just the buildings that you will want to install in your property. Storage sheds also make great workshops where you can enjoy your hobby.  These type of storage buildings do not take much space and are very easy to build. There are various types of storage buildings available in the market; timber sheds, metal sheds, vinyl sheds, and more.

Why Should You Add Storage Sheds and Storage Buildings To Your Property?

There are various benefits of adding storage sheds and storage buildings to your property. They give you extra space to store your valuables. In addition, the flexibility of these buildings also allows you to use them for a number of other applications. Below are some of the ways you can use a storage shed creatively for purposes other than storage.

  • Home office
  • Auto repair workshop
  • Game/ Media room
  • Animal shelter
  • A personal library
  • Gym/ Yoga room
  • Art studio
  • Workshop for your hobbies
  • Personal retreat to read your books or listen to music
  • Collectors’ room
  • Kid’s playhouse, etc.

Most of the storage sheds, of the past and even now, are wooden sheds. Timber was the construction material of choice because it was more affordable than other materials. It was also readily available. But as people came to realize the various weaknesses of wooden sheds, they began to look for alternatives. They wanted construction materials that were structurally stronger, durable and low maintenance. Today we will look at the characteristics of two types of storage buildings which have been gaining massive popularity among homeowners: metal sheds and vinyl sheds.

Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds: Which is stronger?

When it comes to the sheer structural strength, the clear winner is metal sheds. Metal storage sheds have a high strength-to-weight ratio. That is what makes them capable of withstanding immense loads and high pressures. Vinyl sheds cannot support extra loads. They are especially unsuitable in places which face brutal weather conditions on a more regular basis. Metal storage sheds, on the other hand, can weather extreme elements of nature without much problem. Heavy snowfall to strong winds, metal sheds can withstand them all. You can further increase this resistance against adverse climate by choosing the vertical roof style.

Cost of Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds

Finding cheap products for both of these types of storage buildings and storage sheds is easy. However, on average, vinyl sheds that can offer good protection for your belongings against the elements are more expensive than metal sheds that do the same. Besides the initial cost of these storage buildings, the maintenance costs are about the same since both of these buildings require very low maintenance to be in good working order.

Durability of Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds: Which storage shed lasts longer? 

Since metal storage sheds are able to withstand harsher elements, they are suitable in pretty much all weather conditions. Meanwhile, a vinyl shed does not have the same structural robustness and integrity as metal sheds. As mentioned, they cannot resist heavy weather loads. Hence, vinyl storage sheds might be somewhat durable in areas which have very mild weather throughout the year and where heavy rainfalls and snowfalls are very rare. On the other hand, metal sheds are durable in all types of conditions. Our metal buildings even come with warranties to ensure that they stand the test of time.

Safety of Storage Buildings: Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds

If you are purchasing a storage shed to give the best protection to your belongings against natural threats, like snowfalls, strong winds, etc., then metal sheds are the way to go. They also save your valuables from theft and vandalism. The metal structures are sturdier than vinyl sheds. The doors and windows of these metal storage sheds are reinforced with lock systems that offer better defense against criminals. When it comes to termite attacks and pests infestations, both of these storage sheds provide maximum resistance.

Environmental Friendliness: Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds

This is pretty straightforward. Metal sheds are not only more environmentally friendly than vinyl sheds but they are greener than most of the other construction materials out there. Metal sheds are made out of metal parts that have been manufactured from recycled steel. Even after you are done with the product, you won’t be wasting any resource since these storage buildings will be directly recycled to produce raw materials for another metal building, equipment, or anything else.

While on the other hand, vinyl sheds are basically made out of modified plastic. If you are a person who values sustainability and who wants to be environmentally friendly in everything you do, then vinyl sheds are definitely not for you. Vinyl sheds will need centuries to decompose. They are not easily recyclable. Plus, they lose structural strength when they are recycled. Manufacture of vinyl storage buildings will consume a lot of energy as well as resources and also will release poisonous and harmful toxins in the environment.

Aesthetics of Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds: How good can they look?

Both of these storage sheds do not give a particularly traditional look. With both of these sheds, you will get customization options which can give you better control over the exterior appearance of the storage building. Metal sheds, especially the A-framed metal storage sheds, will give a look that matches the style of a traditional house. The metal storage sheds give a more robust look than the very flimsy look of vinyl storage sheds.

Final Judgement Metal Sheds vs. Vinyl Sheds

There are many aspects where metal sheds and vinyl sheds are rather similar, like the speedy installation of both these storage buildings, the customizability of various features, including sizes, colors, etc. of these buildings. But there are other aspects where metal sheds are clearly superior. Metal sheds are stronger and more durable than vinyl sheds and also offer better protection for your valuables against all threats. Metal storage sheds are more affordable than vinyl sheds and are also more environmentally friendly than them.

But not all metal sheds are the same. Do not waste your money on buying low-quality metal sheds from the market. These will deteriorate pretty early and will be more of a hassle to keep than their worth. Buy metal sheds or metal storage buildings from Carport1 and enjoy high-quality metal buildings that are engineered to last for years and years. Contact us today and order your prefab metal shed.

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