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Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds as motorcycle storage sheds


Motorcycles are high maintenance mode of transportation and, just like your car, require much maintenance to keep them in a working order. Even though motorcycles are generally less used than a car, they are equally susceptible to damage caused by the harsh weather conditions. Motorcycles can easily overheat if they are left exposed to the sun for a considerable period of time during summer and, similarly, during winter months, they are slow to warm up and can be the least efficient if left parked in the open. They are also very prone to human threats, like theft and vandalism. That is why it is important to provide a robust shelter so as to ensure their longevity. Steels sheds and metals sheds, in such cases, make the perfect motorcycle storage sheds since they are durable and structurally very strong.

Why Do Motorcycles Need Storage Sheds?

Aren’t motorcycles storage sheds a bit excessive and expensive to protect your motorbikes? After all, they are just like bicycles and can be parked anywhere. The answer is no. Parking a motorcycle is as difficult a job as parking a car. These motorized machines are not as light as bicycles and can take up a lot of space when parked. Parking a motorcycle inside your house or your garage can be a cause of great inconvenience to you and your family members. If you do not have a dedicated space for parking the motorcycle indoors and you are just cramming it in one corner, then your motorcycle can suffer from a host of problems, from minor scratches and dents to broken glasses and damaged parts.

Parking outside in the open is similarly troublesome. As mentioned, motorcycles are very vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. When left exposed to the scorching sun, a motorcycle can overheat causing problems like the failure of the engine, loss of grip in the tires, fading of the paint, etc. Freezing conditions can also lead to failures of the engine or other parts that can affect the functioning of the motorcycle. Additionally, motorcycles that are not protected with an enclosed cover may serve as an invitation to robbers or vandals.

When motorcycles are sheltered inside motorcycle storage sheds they are secured from the prying eyes of the criminals. With properly insulated motorcycle storage sheds, you can keep your vehicle in functioning condition, no matter what the outside temperature and weather conditions are like. Safeguarding the motorcycles with motorcycle storage sheds means that the vehicle will require less maintenance and fewer repairs which can save you a lot of your hard-earned money. With an enclosed motorcycle cover, you will be able to protect your motorbikes from other damages that are caused due to rust and corrosion. This kind of storage sheds also provide extra storage spaces where you can properly store your bike equipment, accessories, helmets, repair tools, extra set of tires, etc.

Why Use Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds As Motorcycle Storage Sheds?

Even when you decide to shelter your motorcycles in enclosed motorcycle storage sheds, you will still have choices to make for the construction material of such sheds. There are various types of storage sheds available in the market made with various types of materials. Everything from wooden sheds to vinyl sheds to fabric tents is used to park and store motorcycles. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these options as motorcycle storage sheds:

Wooden Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Traditionally wooden sheds have been the choice of the people for any type of storage. That was because there were no other alternatives. Wooden motorcycle storage sheds do provide an all-around protection for the motorcycles. But they require more maintenance efforts, frequent treatment and repainting to protect them against attacks from termites. Wooden motorcycle storage sheds are also more liable to rotting, warping, etc. Not to mention that wooden storage sheds do not come cheap.

Vinyl Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Vinyl sheds are relatively affordable and provide a basic protection for your motorcycle against the elements. But these sheds lack structural strength and robustness. They can be severely damaged and can even fail, when heavy loads, like snow loads, are applied to them. As such, vinyl sheds are not really appropriate in places which face brutal weather conditions on a regular basis.

Fabric Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Fabric tents as motorcycle storage sheds might the cheapest option for sheltering your motorcycle. But the trade-off for the low cost of these cover option is that you will not get a structurally safe shelter for your vehicle. These tent-like structures can blow over at any strong gust of wind and are not able to withstand heavy snowfalls and rainfalls. Additionally, they are also prone to tearing and other damages. Plus, these structures will not give much security to your motorcycle against criminals.

Advantages of Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds as Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Metal sheds and steel sheds are gaining more popularity by the day as motorcycle storage sheds. There are various benefits of using metal sheds and steel sheds to protect your motorbikes. Let us look at some of the benefits that steel sheds and metal sheds offer.

  • Strength and Durability of Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds

Steel sheds and metal sheds are structurally very strong which is mainly because steel has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. These metal sheds can effectively withstand all types of weather conditions, whether it is harsh sunshine or heavy rain. Metal sheds made of galvanized steel are resistant to rust and corrosion. These steel sheds can last more than a couple of decades with the least maintenance and cleaning efforts.

  • Affordability of Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds

While steel sheds are definitely more expensive than fabric covering, they provide much better protection for your vehicle as well. Metal sheds and steel sheds that can be used as motorcycle storage sheds are more affordable than wooden or vinyl sheds. The prefabricated nature of these sheds also means that these structures will cost less during the installation since you do not have to spend much on labor.

  • Low Maintenance Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds

Metal sheds and steel sheds that have been converted to motorcycle storage sheds are very low maintenance. All they require you to do is conduct a thorough cleaning and minor repairs every six to twelve months. They do not require regular treatments or repainting, as is the case of wooden sheds.

  • Security with Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds

A sturdy and structurally robust structure, like a metal shed or a steel shed, will give maximum security for your motorcycle and other equipment against threats like theft and vandalism. The doors and windows of these metal sheds come with lock systems that can keep your vehicle safe and away from the reach of people who want to cause your motorcycle any damage.

  • Customization Options with Steel Sheds and Metal Sheds

The other major benefit of using metal sheds or steel sheds as motorcycle storage sheds is the customizability of these sheds which helps to address the specific and unique requirements of every customer. You can easily modify and change the dimension, the aesthetics as well as the additional features of these storage buildings. The minimum dimension of our smallest metal storage building is 12’w x 21’ lx 6’h. But if these dimensions are not what you require, then you can even place a custom order for the storage shed. We also offer choices for the color combination of the metal building. Extra features with our metal sheds include the addition of openings, like windows and doors.

Do you want to equip your motorcycles with the best defense against the elements as well as human threats, which also fits within your budget? Then our metal sheds and steel sheds are the ideal options. If you are unsure as to which metal shed is best-suited to your motorcycle storage requirements then give us a call. Our customer care representatives will be more than happy to answer your queries and guide you through the entire buying process.

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