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Steel Buildings home design ideas


With the steel buildings from Carport1, you can let your creative juices flow. No matter what design you want for your home, we can make it for you. You just need to order.

That is the beauty of having residential metal buildings. You can mold them the way you like. Most of the metal building suppliers will offer many options which will give you greater freedom over the design of your home.

Here we will discuss some design ideas that can improve the function and look of your steel building home.

#1 Add Lean-tos for Porch or Verandah

If you are like us, you probably enjoy sitting outdoors for family lunches, dinners or for entertaining guests. But the weather can get in your way sometimes. Porches and verandahs are great for those purposes. They offer sheltered spaces where you will be protected from the harsh sun or a heavy downpour.

But how do you get those spaces with a residential metal building? Well, the cheapest and most effective solution is adding a lean-to. Below is the perfect example of how you can use a lean-to as a porch or verandah.

#2 Add a Splash of Color

If you want your home to look beautiful, and we don’t see why you would not, select a good color combination. As simple as that sounds, the perfect color combination can really add to the aesthetics of your building. Create a color palette for your steel building home. You can go for a neutral look with colors like beige, sandstone, grey, and more. Alternatively, try something fun and go for more bold colors like barn red, green, blue, etc.

Having troubles deciding the shades for your home? Take inspiration from the surroundings. You can select a color scheme that matches or contrasts your existing property. Look to nature and select colors that complement the landscape.

Carport1 has 15 different color options from which you can choose the ones you like. You can choose a monochromatic theme or choose different colors for the walls, roofs, and the trims. As an added bonus, we also provide the option of wainscot (dual tone color combo). Below was an example.

#3 Frame-outs For Windows and Doors of Your Design

Windows and doors are vital to home design. They serve many functions like lighting and ventilating the building. They are also very important to create visual interest for your home.

The metal garage doors and windows that we offer are functional. They look pretty decent. But we also understand that they might not be to everyone’s’ taste; they might not even be the size you want; you might want to install one of your own designs.

So, what is the solution? Frame-outs, of course. Here you can see how a custom-designed opening can add to the look of a metal building.

#4 Selecting the Roof Style for Your Steel Building Homes

It may seem like a trivial matter. But they matter a lot actually. Roof style of steel building homes dictates their rigidity. And it is also important for the overall style of the building.

If you are gunning for that traditional-home look, then you cannot go wrong with our A-framed roof style (whether it is boxed eave or vertical). Vertical roofs should be the go-to choice for people living in areas which experience heavy rainfall and snow. The panels on this roof style can drain away water and debris pretty easily. Especially for large structures, like residential metal buildings, the strong vertical roof style is a must.

#5 Insulation

Insulation is such an overlooked aspect of steel building homes design. Outside beauty should not be the only thing that matters, people. You should also make sure that the building shines from within.

So, how do you do it? Invest in a good insulation system. Insulation keeps the temperature of residential metal buildings under control. So, your home will remain cool during summers and warm during winters. Insulation also helps prevent condensation. Condensation inside steel building homes can cause premature rusting of the steel components. Another thing that insulation helps with is noise control.

All of these advantages, and it does not even cost much. There are various options available in the market. You can easily find the one that fits within your budget.

Hopefully, after reading this blog you will be inspired to build your dream home with steel. If you want the best metal building in the market, then Carport1 is the ultimate one-stop destination. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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