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Prefab Metal Carports and Carport Designs


Prefab metal carports have, of late, been gaining much popularity among homeowners. The flexibility, durability, and affordability that a metal carport grants are some of the numerous benefits that make it such a valuable addition to any property. The prefabricated nature of metal carports means that we can easily assemble them on-site. What’s more, it takes less than a couple of days for us to install one.

The prefab metal carports that we offer at Carport1 are all of high- strength, galvanized metal. Galvanized steel will remain rust-free for years. We even back up our claims with various warranties against rust. Whether you want to simply protect your vehicles from the elements or you want open storage for equipment and tools, these steel carports are perfect for you. You can also use these metal structures as shades for holding social gatherings. These prefab metal carports also make the perfect workshop space.

Why Prefab Metal Carports?

Metal as a building material for a carport has many advantages over the more traditional materials like wood, treated fabric, and polycarbonate or fiberglass. Carport1 provides you with steel carports that have higher structural strength than the above-mentioned materials. They are also more durable. Our metal buildings also require less maintenance.

The other great thing about our steel carports is that they offer better resistance to fire hazards. Additionally, they are also immune to molds or fungus.

For the more environmentally conscious among us, prefab metal carports make more sense as metal is recyclable and produces less chemical toxins during manufacturing and use.

Prefab Metal Carports: A wise investment?

You might view a metal carport as simply a structure that protects your belongings against the harsh elements of nature. However, there are many other reasons why steel carports make such great investments.

First of all, they provide shelter for some of your most expensive possessions, like your car or your SUV. They can also house your luxury vehicles, RVs, travel trailers, and more. If these vehicles and equipment are well-protected against the weather, then they will require less maintenance. Hence, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.

Secondly, installing a metal carport is the easiest way to significantly hike up the value of your property. This is especially true if your building does not already have a built-in garage. If you plan to sell your property in the near future, then metal carports are inexpensive additions that can make your property more desirable for potential buyers.

Quality of materials used and the workmanship of the metal carports will decide the worth of those carports. That is why purchasing one of Carport1’s high-quality prefab metal carports is a surefire way to increase the value of your real estate.

Steel Carport Designs

We offer a variety of standard metal carports in different styles. We also have a wide range of additional features that can better the design of the steel carports. However, the steel carport designs will ultimately depend upon the requirements of the homeowners and the intended use.

We, at Carport1, understand that all of our customers have unique parking and storage needs. That is why we offer customization options. This way, you have complete control over the design of every aspect of your metal carport.

Factors to Consider for Steel Carport Designs

Size of Prefab Metal Garages

The first and foremost point of consideration for carport designs is the sizes of the prefab metal carports. This includes deciding the length, width, and height of the metal carport. The size of the metal carport is entirely dependent on how you intend to use the carport.

For a single car, you can choose a relatively small-sized metal carport like our single car carport. Whereas, if you intend to use the metal carport for multiple vehicles, you might want something with greater dimensions, like our triple wide and extra wide carports.

Roofing Style of Prefab Metal Carports

The next factor to consider for steel carports design is the roofing style. You can choose the Regular metal carports for affordability. The curved edges of the carports provide very unique and modern aesthetics.

You can choose Boxed Eave metal carports for higher structural strength and better looks. The A-framed design of these prefab metal carports can easily blend in with the architectural style of traditional houses.

For the best protection of your belongings, durability, low maintenance efforts and refined aesthetics, you can choose the Vertical metal carports. These carports also provide great aesthetics.

Colors of the Prefab Metal Carports

We offer our customers a selection of 15 colors. From these colors, you can decide the combination of colors for the trim, the side and end panels as well as the roof panels to get the desired aesthetics of the metal carports. For the vertical walls, we also have an extra option of a wainscot. Wainscot is a two-color combination.

Additional Features for Prefab Metal Carports

You can decide the size, the roofing style, the color of the metal carport and leave it at that. This way, you will have metal carports that offer fundamental protection to your belongings and make beautiful additions to your property.

However, if you want your carport to look a little bit extra, then you can choose to add the additional features. These features include gables, side panels, end panels, frame-outs, and more. Gables and panels, while increasing the coverage of prefab metal carports, can also refine their looks.

Buy Prefab Metal Carports from Carport1

No matter what your storage requirements are, Carport1 has got the perfect metal carport for you. We have metal carports of varying dimensions, colors, etc. in our large inventory. So, take a look.

If any of the features are not exactly as per your liking, then you can easily modify them. We have many customization options with which you can mold your carport to the desired design. Our online website also has information on all of our products, including our metal garages, barns, etc. If you have any confusion about any of the features or options, then feel free to contact us.

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