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Pre-construction Checklist for Metal Storage Buildings


Metal storage buildings construction is not just about installation on-site. There are many things you need to do even before the parts arrive at your doorsteps. Proper planning for a metal building will ensure that the installation runs as smoothly as possible and within the schedule. A properly planned metal building will also result in fewer mistakes happening on site. This way you will save time as well as money.

There are a few main things that you should take care of during the pre-construction phase of the metal building. Below is a checklist of things that we think you should give thought and time to before building metal storage buildings.

#1 Understanding Your Needs

This might seem a bit obvious but is the most important step of the entire process. If you do not have a clear idea of your requirements, then you will not be able to purchase the best product for you.

Understanding how much space you require for your storage, what style you want, and so on, will help you determine the features better. For example, if you just need parking space of a car or pickup, you can opt for our single car metal carports or single car metal garages. But for commercial storage, you will need large steel buildings, like our extra wide carports or triple wide garages. What you need may depend on many factors; how you intend to use the structure, the weather of your place, and much more.

It will be a waste of your money if you do not buy a metal building that addresses all of your requirement. Take your time to properly access what you need out of a metal building. It will make the selection process of the metal storage buildings a lot easier.

#2 Selecting Metal Storage Buildings

Placing an order for metal storage buildings is a very simple and easy process in itself. However, there are a lot of other things that go into the order than just paying for it.

If you know exactly what you want out of your metal building, then you can start looking for the product. Look through various manufacturers and dealers to see if any of them provide the product and services that you will like.

We, at Carport1, have years of experience in the steel building construction industry. Our inventory contains a wide variety of metal storage buildings. So, no matter what you want, whether a metal barn, a garage, or a workshop building, we have got it all. Not only do we provide you with products, but we also offer customization options with all of our metal storage buildings. So, you only end up with a product that is tailor-made to your requirements. Though we offer the best prices for metal buildings, the quality of our products is never in question.

You can compare the products and services of various dealers and manufacturers to see if you are actually getting the best deal or not. You will also have to take into consideration your budget when you are looking for the ideal steel building.

#3 Contact Your Local Building Authority Before Ordering

It is important that you contact the building authority in your area. From them, you can get information about all local laws and permit requirements before you place an order.

This way you can ensure that the product you have selected will not violate any rules. It will be hard to change the steel building once you place an order. It will be even harder after you begin the installation. When you contact the local authority, you can also ask them about the legalities of installing a steel building in your area, what types of certifications and permits you require, what building codes you need to follow, etc.

#4 Placing an Order

Once you are familiar with the building process and the local building laws, you can proceed to place the order. If you are confused about any of the product details or any of the services, you can contact our team. Our customer service will be more than happy to give you all the information that you need.

Ordering metal storage buildings is a very straight-forward process. Most of the dealers and manufacturers of steel building have online services nowadays. You can place an order through the comfort of your own home. After you pay whatever amount is necessary to start your order, the people from the dealer will contact you to schedule your delivery.

#5 Building Permits and Certifications for the Steel Building

This is one of the responsibilities of the customer. Most of the companies will not hold the responsibility of knowing your local laws and obtaining building permits for metal storage buildings on your behalf.

The local authorities might ask for the certification documents or drawings for the building permits. In some cases, you might have to incur some fees for obtaining the permits. You can contact the company from where you are purchasing the steel building for those certifications and documents. Following these legal rules and obtaining permits is of utmost importance for your safety.

#6 Site Preparation for Metal Storage Buildings

Once the legalities are sorted out and before the steel building parts arrive on-site, you can begin to get the construction site ready for the delivery and installation.

If you are not experienced in building construction or would not like to be bothered with the building process, you can hire a local contractor to take care of the site preparation. There are two main things you need to consider for the site preparation. The first is that ground, where you intend to install the steel building, needs to be properly leveled. The second is that any obstruction or debris should be removed from the site. You might also want to get professional help to install the utility lines for your metal storage buildings.

All these pre-construction processes should be undertaken so that your steel building construction goes according to the plan and without any difficulty.

When you make a purchase from Carport1 for a steel building, you get a high-quality product that exactly suits your requirements. Our team is also dedicated to providing you with great services. The sales representatives will guide you through the entire buying process. They will also provide you with any information that you require for getting the best steel building for your needs.

Our experienced installation crews are skilled and precise with the construction of steel buildings and will build your metal building so that it lasts for a number of years. So contact us and get your metal storage buildings today.

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