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Most Famous All Steel Buildings in the World


Steel is gaining massive popularity in the building industry. Engineers love building with steel. But why would that be? Well, it is not just a single reason. The first would definitely be financial benefits. All steel buildings are cheaper than concrete or other traditional constructions. Whether you are building the tallest tower or the smallest garage, steel will cost you less.

Another reason would be the sheer strength of steel. Without steel, you would not see Burj Khalifa standing, would you? Steel buildings have made the work of engineers and architects so much easier. Concrete and timber structures just cannot compare to all steel buildings.

Additionally, steel offers flexibility. It can span larger distances without needing any support. You would not be able to build massive auditoriums, halls, sporting facilities with traditional materials.

Most Famous All Steel Buildings in the World

Steel constructions are no longer limited to small, residential building designs. Ever since engineers and architects recognized the strength of steel for building purposes, steel skyscrapers have been getting taller and taller. Not just skyscrapers though, the malleability of steel means that designers are now able to create structures that were, to this time, unimaginable.

Renowned contemporary architects like Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid have all made use of the advantages of steel to create buildings that are simply awe-inspiring.

We felt that including steel-framed buildings or reinforced concrete buildings would be something like cheating. That is why, for the purpose of fairness, we have only picked all steel buildings. The exterior claddings of these picks are also of steel.

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall – Frank Gehry

The most outrageous thing you will see in downtown LA and that is saying something. Walt Disney Concert Hall is the masterpiece of Frank Gehry. The architect is known to design buildings that are out of this world.

The undulating exterior façade of the concert hall is what makes the architecture so extraordinarily stunning. Stainless steel was chosen over concrete for the cladding. The architect saw that steel sheets were more malleable and could be shaped into more flowing curves.

Gehry has also made full use of steel in the interiors of the hall. A steel truss tops off the clear-spanning hall.

Think about it. Could this building be possible with anything other than steel?

  • Jay Pritzker Pavilion – Frank Gehry  

Staying with Frank Gehry for the moment, we are discussing one of the most famous landmarks of Chicago. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion shows how much creative one can be with while building with steel.

The Pavilion is in Chicago’s Millennium Park and hosts a number of musical performances from around the world. The stage of the pavilion is clad in curving and angular steel panels. These panels connect to crisscrossing steel trellis that forms a dome-shaped space.

These steel trellises create an outdoor-indoor environment. So, even if you are an audience sitting on the lawn, you will feel like you are part of the performance. Another genius of these trellises is that they provide structure to support the sound system.

Again, with this structure, Gehry manages to show how flexible steel is for designing buildings.

  • Beijing National Stadium – Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron

You have probably heard about ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium. It was the talk of the town during the 2008 Olympics. And rightfully so. If you think about Olympic stadiums or any stadium for that matter, this probably is the first one to pop on in your head.

The nest-like architecture of the exterior uses steel frames to create a kind of pervious external façade of the stadium. The steel lattices were initially designed to blend the retractable roof structure and hide it from view.

Later the roof was removed. However, the nest- like exterior was retained because it gave the stadium a distinctive look. Even though the internal stadium structure is made of concrete, the use of steel on the exterior of the structure is what makes the stadium so popular.

This structure is proof that steel does not always mean ‘industrial-looking’ building. It can create organic shaped structures with very unique and distinctive looks.

  • Investcorp Building- Zaha Hadid

Say what you want about Hadid’s building, they are definitely interesting. You cannot fault her for taking risks.

The Investcorp Building, Middle East Centre is located inside the premises of Oxford University, UK and was designed by the late Zaha Hadid.

The clear stainless steel façade of the structure helps to blend building with its surrounding by giving off soft reflections of the natural light. The use of steel also gives a very modern look to the structure which stands from traditional Oxford buildings.


If you want to see a perfect combination of function and form, then look no further than BMW Welt.

This brand-experience-and-delivery structure was commissioned to be built in Munich Germany besides the BMW headquarters.

The exterior of the building has two distinct sections; the glass hall and the double spiral cone. This building utilizes steel as the framing structure as well as a support to complement the glass façade. The sculptural steel roof, made of steel trusses produces an uninterrupted interior space. If you see it from outside, it appears like a floating cloud.

The steel roof also supports solar panels, which make the facility more sustainable. The bold design of the double spiral cone provides a cutting-edge look to the entire structure.

Buy All Steel Buildings from Carport1

What these all steel buildings showcase is the strength and the flexibility of steel. Steel buildings do not have to lack personality. They can look beautiful.

Carport1 has a range of metal buildings that you can customize as per your requirements. We give our customers complete freedom over the design of the building. Even though we do not have multi-story towers or concert halls on offer, we do have metal carports, steel garages, and barns, that you can convert into a masterpiece of your own.

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