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Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds for All Weather Conditions


With extreme weather conditions on the rise lately, having a building that can withstand these adverse elemental conditions effectively has become crucial. It is necessary for the well-being of the people living inside the building and the protection of their belongings. The primary reason people decide to purchase metal storage buildings is to shelter their valuables from these threats. How effectively these buildings can withstand the adverse weather condition depends on a number of factors. High-quality metal storage sheds with the appropriate design can resist most of the weather conditions without any difficulty.

Why Protect Your Belongings From the Weather?

Before going any further, let us first discuss why it is important to protect your belongings. Some of the reasons are quite obvious. Rain and snow can severely damage most of your valuables. These include your electrical and mechanical pieces of machinery, your vehicles, paper works, and documents, etc.

Similarly, a hailstorm can break or deform your vehicles and other equipment too. The sun may seem harmless. However, keeping anything exposed to the sun for a long period of time can cause overheating problems for machinery. In addition, it also reduces the machine’s efficiency, causes discoloration of your belongings, etc.

All these direct and indirect damages that your vehicles and machinery suffer can be very troublesome. Fixing frequent engine problem for your vehicles, repainting your valuables time and again, repairing broken parts, and so on, can quickly hike up the maintenance cost of your belongings. Moreover, it also drastically reduces their longevity. Hence, with a good storage shelter, you can give your belongings the necessary protection against the elements.

What makes Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds So Effective against All Weather Conditions?

Metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds are the perfect shelters for your belongings. They keep your valuables protected from the brutal weather conditions, be it heavy rainfall, strong winds or harsh UV exposure. But what makes these metal buildings so effective against all kind of weather conditions?

Rust-resistant Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds

Most people, when they think of metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds, think that these buildings perform badly against the elements since steel is prone to rust.

It may be true that steel, by itself, has a tendency to corrode at a rapid rate when it is exposed to moisture. However, that is not the case for all metal buildings. At Carport1, we manufacture our metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds with highest-quality galvanized steel. This means that the components of our metal buildings are coated with a layer of zinc which forms a barrier between the atmosphere and the base metal. Thus, it protects the steel building from corrosion. Even when this coating is damaged, it will continue to protect the steel by sacrificing itself.

Structural Strength of Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds

Steel is one of the strongest construction materials available in the market at the moment. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio when we compare it to other building materials. This means that steel buildings can withstand immense loads without failing. The structural strength of metal buildings is especially important if you live in places with heavy rainfalls, snowfalls, and strong winds. Metal buildings can perform extremely well even in brutal weather conditions including hailstorms, small hurricanes, etc.

Protection for Your Belongings with Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds

When you store your belongings inside metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds you do not have to worry about the weather causing them damage. The metal buildings keep your valuables dry, even when it is extremely wet outside. When you store your stuff inside a wooden building, it can rot very easily. That is because timber structures cannot successfully keep the moisture out.

Metal storage buildings also make excellent shades. They can effectively screen your belongings from the harmful sun exposure.

Improving the Performance of Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds Against All Weather Conditions

While metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds perform extremely well against all types of weather in comparison to other building materials, there are measures that you can undertake to improve this performance and increase its effectiveness. Below we have listed some of those measures.

  • Selecting the Appropriate Roof Style

There are three roof style options we offer with most of our metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds; regular roof style, boxed eave roof style, and vertical roof style.

Not all of these roof styles are suitable for all weather conditions. In places which face mild weather conditions and where rainfalls, snowfalls, and strong winds are rare, there a regular roofed metal building can perform as well as any other roof style.

For moderate weather conditions with occasional heavy rains or strong winds, we recommend the boxed eave roof style.

Whereas, if you live in places which face extreme weather conditions on a regular basis you will have to purchase a metal storage building with vertical roof style. The added structural elements, like hat channels and eave trims, provide the necessary structural strength to vertical metal buildings.

  • Upgrading the Metal Storage Buildings with 12- gauge Steel Framework

By default, most of our metal storage sheds come with a 14- gauge steel tube framing. To improve the structural strength of the metal building and increase its resistance to various weather loads, you can upgrade your metal building to have a 12-gauge steel framework. Steel gauge is the measure of the thickness of steel tubes. 12-gauge steel framework has a greater thickness. It also has greater structural integrity than 14-gauge framing.

In addition, you can also upgrade the sheets of the metal building, from 29-gauge metal sheets to 26-gauge metal sheets.

  • Insulating Your Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds

While galvanized steel buildings are incredibly resistant to rust, exposure to condensation and moisture in other forms for a long period of time can still cause damage to the metal building. You can prevent the formation of condensation inside the building by installing a suitable type of insulation system. Getting rid of condensation inside the building is not only important for the longevity of the metal storage building, but it is also important for the long life of your belongings.

Also, insulating your metal storage buildings will help maintain an optimum temperature inside the building. Hence, if you want to protect your valuables from extreme temperature fluctuations, it would be wise to invest in a well-insulated metal building.

  • Certifying Your Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds

Certified metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds are pre-engineered to withstand certain snow loads, seismic loads, etc. of a particular place. we do this to ensure that your metal building has enough structural strength to resist the weather of your place.

In most cases, certified units come with 12-gauge steel tube framing, additional braces, and bows as well as appropriate anchors. With certified units, you can be safe in the knowledge that your structure will not collapse while facing adverse elements.

Carport1 for the Best Metal Storage Buildings and Metal Storage Sheds

Whatever the weather condition of your place, Carport1 has the ideal metal storage buildings and metal storage sheds for you. Browse through our online catalog of metal buildings for detailed specification on every product. Contact us or leave us a message if you have any queries or are unsure of which metal building will suit the elements of your place. Our customer care representatives are here to give your guidance through the entire buying process.

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