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Metal carports free or included delivery and installation: your choices (2 of 2)


Metal carports with free delivery and installation will be the final installment of our three-part series regarding the choices that US consumers have. Previously, we covered two other choices for consumers: DIY Kits and Carport Kits with Installation Charges.

  • Carport Kits with Installation Charges

While it is stated that the delivery and installation is free, it’s actually built into the price of the unit. Both materials and labor prices are combined and are not separated individually. Most consumers want to know what the ‘out-the-door’ or ‘turn-key’ price is and this is the most popular choice among consumers.

The terms and conditions in order for carports with free installation and free delivery are that your site must be level. What this means is that the site needs to be totally ready when installation crew arrives. The labor time that is designated to these types of installations are fixed, much like it would be in a production environment where an industrial engineer has determined the time and the value to a particular task or group of tasks. Most manufacturing companies have studied the labor time in order to know what their labor costs are. The same is true in the tubular steel frame building business.

By the same token, the same applies to obstructions when it comes to installation. As long and there are no obstructions on the installation site, no labor fee is charged. If the site has an obstruction, it makes the installation process much more difficult and the crew is going to require that the consumer pay for the added labor to install the unit over the obstruction. For example, a crew may arrive on site to install an RV cover. When the crew arrives, the RV may be on the installation site and the consumer may not want to move the RV. In that case, the crew would have to install the unit over the RV. It would require additional time to square up the unit. Likewise, it would require additional time to work around the unit and certainly, the installation crew would have to be more careful when erecting the framing components and applying the steel panels to the structure so as not to damage the RV or other obstruction.When it comes to carports and garages with free installation, the labor amount paid on a unit is fixed. The installation crew is paid based on the standard allowed time it normally takes to install the unit. If that crew arrives on site and the site is out of level, he may have to dig down a few inches in order to get the building level. That labor is not built into to the building price so naturally, that crew is will want to get paid for that and since that it is the consumer’s responsibility to have the site ready when the crew arrives, the consumer would be the one to pay for that additional labor

Having addressed free delivery and installation for consumers selecting this choice, we will cover how the order process works for metal carports that offer free delivery and installation.The consumer pays a good faith deposit in order to get their order started, usually 10-15%. The carport manufacturer has in their inventory, all of the standard sizes of building frames and sheeting pre-cut for units up to 24’ wide. These units are modular and most all components are ready to assemble on site. You might ask, “Why does it take 2-6 weeks to get my unit if it’s just a matter of pulling those items out of inventory?” Good question so please read on!

If your unit is a standard size and is 24’ wide or narrower, the manufacturer pulls your order or unit into a batched load. A batched load for the installer is usually 2-8 carports or garages and those units will be delivered in a specific area or region. This batching process is done so that the crew’s route is efficient, keeping fuel and freight costs lower, and ultimately your carport cost lower. An installation crew can normally transport and install $10,000 to $12,000 in metal carports and garages in a single load. Unless your unit’s value is more than this amount, the crew will have unit(s) other than your building on their trailer. For most areas in a crew’s region, it takes 2-6 weeks to have enough orders in the region. At that point, product can be delivered and installed.

For carports with free delivery and installation, the installation crew will arrive at the job site with the components to build your building. The materials will be unloaded and the crew will check the site for level and then begin construction. For metal carports that are 12’ wide to 24’ wide and 21’ to 26’ long, the installation process generally takes no more than one to two hours due to the nature of the modular building components and the experience of the crew.

Once the building is finished, the consumer pays the balance of the order and then enjoys their new metal carport or garage! The process is an easy one and installation is fast. The ease of ordering a metal carport or garage, the low price compared to conventional construction, the quick and easy installation process, the quality of the product, all make choosing carports with free delivery and installation the most popular choice among consumers in the United States.For metal garages of the same size range, construction usually takes four to six hours. You can view a garage installation on our site that took about 5 hours to complete, start to finish! Installation time varies on larger installations but it is much faster than conventionally constructed buildings.

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