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Metal barns or wood barns


Building a barn increases the value of your farm. You get a secure place to store farm equipment and machinery as well as animal feed such as hay. Barns can also be customized to accommodate farm animals such as horses and cows and to provide a safe working area away from the harsh elements of direct sunlight and rain. All these make a barn one of the prime buildings that you can have erected on your farm. This, therefore, calls for proper consideration when designing your barn so as to ensure that the structure that you erect is a beautiful piece that will serve you effectively for a very long time. One such key consideration is the type of material used to construct the barn.

Getting A Barn Installed

Barns are typically made of either wood or metal material. Barns made of wood are usually referred to as pole barns and are constructed by having a couple of wooden poles buried in the ground to serve as columns for walls and to support the roof. The walls of the barns are then fixed onto the poles using screws or nails and a roof is attached to the structure.

Metal barns are constructed by having several metal pieces, steel is the preferred metal for building barns, anchored on a concrete foundation. The walls, side panels and doors are also made of steel and the result is usually a sturdy structure that is able to withstand harsh elements of weather such as strong wind and hailstorms.

Why Metal Barns

Simplicity in construction and installation of Metal Barns

Not so long ago, pole barns were the most preferred barn structures for most farms but that is not the case anymore. Constructing metal barns was viewed as a labor-intensive exercise that involved cutting through thick metal pieces when shaping and re-sizing your barn. However, with advancement in technology you can now design your barn and at the comfort of your home and have the fabricated design delivered to your farm for installation. This reduces the time needed to construct a barn and families can have barns in their desired dimensions and measurements in a day or two.

At Carport1 we have skilled builders and construction experts that make it easy for families to own metal barns. Contact us at your convenience and our representatives will guide you through the entire process.

Metal Barn Prices

The cost of building a wood barn is actually cheaper than constructing a metal barn. The raw material wood is cheaper and readily accessible than steel and this reduces the initial cost of constructing a wooden barn. However, when the cost complexities are spread over a period of time, metal barns emerge as the cost-effective option. This is because wood barns require a lot of maintenance and this raises the cost of having a wood barn. Wood barns are prone to attacks by termites, rotting, molding and cracking and as a barn owner you will be required to replace or repair different sections of the barn, at a substantial cost of course. Metal barns, on the other hand, require minimal maintenance once installed. Having a metal barn, therefore, makes financial sense and in these tough economic times, anything that helps you save money is a big plus.

You may be wondering what the cost of a metal barn is. Well, metal barn prices vary depending on the design and size. A regular-sized open barn would cost anything in the range of $1000 – $2000. Complex designs and large models would cost upwards of $5000.

At Caroprt1 we offer our clients flexible payment options. We intend to make it as easy as possible for farm owners to build barns. Call us today at 1-877-242-0393 for an instant quote and let our experts build the best barn for your home

Metal barns are much more durable than wood barns and this makes metal barns viable investments for home. In fact, metal barns can be considered as permanent structures while that is not the case with wood barns.

Prefabricated metal barn structures are able to withstand harsh elements such as rain, snow and strong wind while wood barn structures break and decay when they are rained on for a while.

Safety is another consideration farm owners have to think about when installing barns on their farms. Both wood and metal barns offer adequate protection to your farm equipment and fodder but metal barns come with the added benefit of being fire resistant. The wood structures would serve as fuel in the event of a fire and this could lead to a bigger loss as a result of fire damage.

Best Metal Barns

It is now clear why you should erect a metal barn as opposed to wood barns. At Carport1 we have excellent metal barns designed by our competent team of building experts. We stock different types of metal barns at the best prices such as:

Horse barns in different styles and sizes. The center can be anywhere from 12 feet up to 30 feet wide. The lean to side units are usually 12 feet wide.

Carolina barns of different designs with the center raised for adequate storage of farm equipment and fodder. The back unit is usually closed for adequate protection. The center building can be as long as 30 feet wide and the lean-tos are usually 12 feet wide.

Seneca barns that are fully enclosed to provide adequate storage. They can be designed to your liking and specific requirements.

The roofing styles vary and you can choose the color that you like. Contact us today and color your barn the right way.

We have developed a culture of excellence and professionalism and our barns are designed in line with industry requirements and regulations. With Carport1 as your building partner, your dream barn is just a call away. Call us today and order the barn of your dreams.

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