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Landscaping your Metal Garage or Metal Shed


Metal garages and metal shed take care of all your storage problems and are functional as well as affordable. They provide shelter for your belongings and valuables and protect them against the elements as well as human dangers like theft and vandalism. With all the available customization options you can purchase a metal garage/ shed as per your needs and which suits your style too. You can get the aesthetic for the metal structure so as to match the style of your home and property.

However, construction of a metal building can only take you so far. It can give you the perfect look for your metal garage or metal shed but you will still have to put in some effort if you want your metal structure to fit in with the surrounding. The appropriate landscaping around your metal building can do just that.

Benefits of Landscaping Your Metal Garage of Metal Shed

  • The appropriate landscape for the metal structure can help the building blend in with the surroundings. This gives your property a more uniform and harmonized look.
  • To increase the curb appeal of your metal building and elevate the aesthetic of your metal garage or metal shed.
  • The right choice of landscape according to the place can increase the efficiency of your metal building. It can also create a shade to shelter your metal building from adverse weather conditions.
  • Landscaping a metal garage or metal shed can soften the appearance of metal buildings add visual interest to the exterior of those structures.

5 Tips for Landscaping Your Metal Garage or Metal Shed

Below we have listed some tips to add landscaping elements around your metal garages or metal sheds.

  1. Add pathways and driveways to the metal garage or metal sheds. These landscape additions are not only for the aesthetics but also very functional. They allow easy access to the metal building in any season without you or your vehicles getting wet and dirty. It also invites the user into the building. Hardscaping the walkways or driveways can even help with drainage of water away from the metal garage or building. While creating these landscaping features, make sure that the hardscape is durable enough to support daily wear and tear caused by movement of people and vehicles. You can use concrete, brick or stones for creating these hardscapes. Also, check that the path is wide enough to accommodate your vehicles.
  2. Adding landscaping materials like gravel or even grass around the base of the building will help the metal garage/ metal shed avoid getting stains from splashes of mud when it rains. This tip is especially useful for people who choose not to install gutters and downspouts with their metal building. This way, you can ensure the longevity of the metal panels and protect their looks.
  3. Installing lighting fixtures along the driveway or the walkway can help you use the building at any time of the day and night. The style of the lighting fixtures can be made to match the style of the metal garage or shed. Adding light to and around the metal building will add beauty and mood to the building, especially at night.
  4. Vegetation around the metal garage or the metal shed is the most effective and cost-efficient method of landscaping. The choices and options for planting around your metal building are endless. You can add flowers beds or potted plant at the entrance, in front of and around the metal structure for pops of color. You can add shrubs and bushes for a more natural feel.

Trees can also increase the efficiency of your metal building. If you live in a hot climate, then trees provide shade for your metal building during summer to help you minimize the cooling load of the building. You can add deciduous trees to the surrounding if you live in a mixed climate so that the trees provide shade during summer but shed their leaves during winter to let the sunrays into the building. Trees, shrubs and other plantations can also add to the privacy of the building and help with noise control into and out of the metal garage or the metal shed.

  1. You can add seating and other landscape accessories around the building to blend the look of your metal garage/ metal shed with the look of your backyard or property. Landscape accessories may include birdbaths, sculptures or even fountains. Adding signs to the metal building is also a method of creating visual interest. It is easy to go overboard with these items though. Adding just one or two items is enough to break up the monotony of the exterior of a metal building.

Landscaping a metal garage or a metal shed is one of the most overlooked aspects of its construction. Most of the people feel the construction of a metal garage/shed finishes after the assembly. As a result, minimal effort is put into landscaping which makes the building stick out like a sore thumb. No wonder metal buildings have a reputation for being very industrial-looking and lacking character. The right type of landscape for your metal building not only serves to add beauty and soften its appearance but also increases its effectiveness and its durability.

Our metal garages and sheds can be customized as per your requirements and you can give the metal structure that matches the style of your home which makes the landscaping of the building easier. Browse through the numerous options for metal buildings to solve all your storage headaches. Carport1 metal buildings are made with the highest quality galvanized steel and will last a long time.

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