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How to design your own Metal Barn?


Rarely do we get customers who have the same storage requirements. Whether they are buying a metal carport or a garage, the specifications always vary. It is no different for our metal barns either. People use our barns for different purposes. And most of the time the style and look they want for the steel barn is also completely different. You also have to take into account the site conditions too.

Most of the metal building suppliers in the market today have some standard models that they sell to all of their customers. They know that the product they are selling does not fit the customer’s storage needs, but they sell it anyways.

Carport1 is different. We understand that building a metal barn is not a ‘one size fits all’scenario. And that is why we give our customers complete freedom over their metal barn designs. We have many different customization options with which you can tailor you steel barn as per your need.

It is essential to understand what these options are before you place an order. Some options will be friendlier to your wallet. Meanwhile, some options are better suited to your area’s weather. You will have to find the perfect balance to get a product that is durable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing the type of Metal Barns

We have three different types of metal barn kits available for you to choose from. All of these come in different style and with distinct advantages. Let us look at them in detail.

Regular Horse Metal Barns

Our Regular  barns come with regular bent roofs and horizontal panels. The major advantage of these structures is that they are some of the cheapest metal barns on offer. Plus, they do a decent job of protecting your belongings.

Carolina Metal Barns

The Carolina barns come with an A- framed roof structure. You can purchase them with either horizontal or vertical roof paneling. While a little bit pricier than the horse barns, these structures do offer better resistance against the elements. They are more durable and require less maintenance. If you want that classic barn aesthetics, then you cannot go wrong with a Carolina barn.

Seneca Metal Barns

These are also A-framed structures. But unlike Carolina barns, Seneca barns have continuous rooflines, and the drop-off from the central aisle to the lean-tos is not visible from the outside. These steel barns are also incredibly durable and low-maintenance.

Customizing the Size of Your Metal Barn

We do have some stock-supply barn building kits with standard dimensions. These we can make readily available. But, the nicest perk of buying from Carport is that you can also place an order with dimensions of your own.

Our size options are incredibly flexible in that you can choose a specific length, width, and height from the available options.

When considering the height of the metal barns, you should take into account that our barns have a fixed drop-off from the central aisle to the lean-tos. This drop-off depends on the type of barn you purchase. And also, if you are planning to enclose the lean-tos or the central aisle you should buy a metal barn with sufficient leg height for walk-in doors or other openings.

Choosing the Color of your Metal Barn kit

The look of your metal barn can be greatly enhanced by the right color combination choice. We offer a selection of 15 colors from which you can pick a color combination to suit your taste and the aesthetic of your property. You can choose colors for the panels, roof, as well as side and end panels, and you can also select the color of the trims.

Enclosing a Metal Barn

How much coverage should you have on a barn? Well, it depends. How much are you willing to spend? Do you prefer to keep your belongings absolutely safe or more accessible?

When you purchase a metal barn kit from Carport1, you have an option of deciding on how much enclosure you want for your barn. You can get a barn that is completely open or one that is completely enclosed. You can even get one with just one or both of the lean-tos covered.

Accessorizing your Metal Barn

Accessorizing your steel barns with the right features can improve the performance of the building and add to your convenience.

For open metal barns, you can choose to install gables for a more polished aesthetic. You can also add side panels to the barn either in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Covering up your metal barns will mean you will need to install opening. We have walk-in doors, roll-up garage doors and windows you can choose from whose number and placement is entirely determined by your order. You can also opt to have frame-outs should you decide that you want to install your openings.

Buy Steel Barns from Carport1

At Carport1, we offer you these choices so that when you invest in our metal barn kits, you get the maximum payback. These available options will help you purchase the ideal product that is custom-made as per your requirements.

If you are unsure what suits you or are in confusion about the options, feel free to contact any one of our customer representatives who are always at your service. They will provide you necessary guidance to help you purchase a product that is perfect for you.

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