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How can you Upgrade the Look of your Metal Carport?


Your metal carport is an affordable and durable means of protecting your cars and other belongings from the elements of nature. They are sturdy enough to withstand any weather conditions. Additionally, they require very little maintenance to have a long lifespan. These metal structures are very flexible with the design. With our steel carports you can achieve the desired aesthetic for the metal carport with the customization options we offer, whether you want a very traditional look or a modern look. The color combination and the roof styles are the two major factors which influence the look of your carport.

However, if you already own a metal carport then and want to spice up its look, then read on. Just because you are bored of the look of your carport or think it has an outdated style, does not mean you have to look for a new carport in the market. There are many things you can do to upgrade the look of your steel carport. You can easily give it the style and aesthetic that you desire.

How to Upgrade The Look of Your Steel Carport?

  • Additional Features for your Metal Carport

If your metal carport is of the ‘Top Only’ category and has only the roof and the metal framing, then considering adding some additional features, like gables, side and end panels. These features provide better shelter for your vehicles and belongings by providing an extra layer of protection. They also give your carport a more refined look by hiding the internal tubing and framework from view.

You can add the gables to the front and the back of the metal carport. Make sure that your carport has enough leg height because providing gables to the ends will decrease the clearance height of the carport.

  • Cleaning, Maintenance, and Paint for your Metal Carport

The simplest way of upgrading the look of your metal car cover is to clean and paint it. Cleaning your metal carport will get rid of all the dirt and filth and make your carport look sleek. We recommend you to clean and maintain your carport regularly, at least once every year, or better yet, every six months. Cleaning a metal car cover is a fairly easy task. All you need is a garden hose, a mild detergent, and a soft nylon brush.

Repairing your metal carport after cleaning it will help to prevent your metal carport from getting damaged and will prevent those unsightly rusting. If the paint of your metal building has faded or looks patchy, it might be time to repaint your carport. Repainting your carport will breathe new life into the aesthetic of your carport.

  • Light Up your Metal Carport

Lighting up your metal carport with light fixtures at night is not only functional but can also help to beautify the look of your carport. The number of lighting fixtures required for your metal carport depends on its dimensions. If you have an open carport, then make sure that protect the lighting fixtures against moisture.

If you want to be more environmentally friendly, then you can have solar powered lighting fixtures for your carport. The added advantage of lighting your metal carport at night is it will discourage thieves and vandals from approaching your vehicles and belongings.

  • Flooring for Metal Carport

To give your carport a better look you can also consider upgrading the floor of the carport. If your carport has a concrete floor then you can provide the floor a concrete polishing for a more refined look. An epoxy floor is another popular option nowadays. With this option, you can get a very neat and stylish floor which is resistant to daily wear and tear and can sustain tire marks or gas and other fluid stains.

  • Add Plants around the Metal Carport

To give your metal carport better aesthetics you can add plants and furnishings to the surroundings. They help to make your metal building look stylish yet natural. Plus, this makeover idea is incredibly inexpensive. Be careful with the vegetation though. Avoid planting vegetation with sharp edges that might come in contact with the metal surface and scratch it. You can add potted plants besides the metal carport to add that splash of green to you metal structure.

Buying Metal Carports from Carport1

Dressing up your metal carport and giving it a style upgrade is neither expensive nor difficult to do. With these upgrading tips, you can give your metal carport an entirely new look and you will be able to enjoy the metal carport again. Carport1 has the some of the highest quality metal buildings out there. Not only do we have metal carports, but we also have metal garages, steel barns, RV covers, etc. to take care of your storage needs. You can put in an order with custom specifications. For more information, contact our customer representatives.

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