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Garden Sheds Storage Ideas


Garden sheds make great additions to any property. They offer storage area for your lawn equipment, utility tools, and more. A good garden shed will protect your valuables from the adverse weather.

There are many types of garden sheds available in the market, everything from vinyl sheds to metal sheds. We have already discussed why metal sheds are so effective against all weather.

What makes a good garden shed? More than looking beautiful, though that certainly helps, garden sheds should be functional. Above all, they should make your storage easier.

But the common complaint among people is how much mess there is inside their shed. Maybe that is your problem too. You too might constantly be tripping over your garden hose. Maybe you spend the whole afternoon looking for that shovel when you should have been planting the new flowers you got.

Do not worry. Carport1 has compiled a list of some of the best garden shed storage ideas to clear up that mess.

Storage Ideas for Metal Garden Sheds

#1 Managing Your Long-Handled Tools

The best way to organize your shovels, spades, hoes, etc. is to keep them upright. Garden tool racks are perfect for the purpose. If you want something affordable, you can look into garden tool hangers. You can find a cheap one on Amazon or at the nearest  Home Depot.

If you want to go cheaper, you can always make your own too. Garbage cans or baskets will serve the purpose just as well.

#2 Keeping Smaller Tools in Place

Smaller tools, like your pruners, weeders, scissors, towels, etc. have the unique ability to get lost exactly when you need them. The best way to make sure that does not happen is to invest in pegboards. That way you can have your tools right in front of your eyes.

You can also hang them just like you long-handled tools. Hangers are cheap, and they get the job done.

Another great way to store small metal tools is by fixing them to a magnetic tool holder.

#3 Storage Shelves and Cabinets

Storage shelves and cabinets are a must-have for any shed. They can help will all types of storage. Whether it is for your flowering pots, watering cans or power tools, racks are perfect.

What we recommend is that you go for open shelves. They are cheaper than closed ones. Plus, they will make finding the needed items easier.

#4 Mount the Wheelbarrows

Without support, wheelbarrows tend to topple over. So, the best way to store these items is to mount them on the wall. Another advantage of mounting the wheelbarrows is that it frees up floor space.

You can use basic hooks for the purpose. If you want to make your life even easier, why not buy racks for your wheelbarrows too?

#5 Jars, Crates, and Containers for Bits and Bobs

There are many reasons why you should not be leaving nails, and screws lying about. They are incredibly hard to find once you lose them. Plus, they can cause accidents. There is no better option of storing them than keeping them in jars, containers, etc. You can even label the containers if they are not transparent.

Another great storage idea for garden sheds are the wooden crates. They are cheap and versatile. You can use them for stashing away spare tools, flashlights, gloves, basically everything. Plus, these carts can give a very rustic touch to your garden sheds.

#6 Answer for Your Water Hose Situation

Water hoses are probably the most essential element needed for gardening. But they are a real pain to store. An excellent solution for storing water hoses are the reel carts. You can find many types of reel carts in the market.

However, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on reel carts, you can also hang those hoses and pipes from hooks on the walls. This method also works wonders for storing wires, strings, and other ropey components in garden sheds.

Tips and Tricks for Garden Shed Storage

Besides these storage ideas, we also have some cool tips and tricks to help you tidy up your garden shed.

Leave the Floor Alone

Making a mess on the floor is bad for many reasons. It makes moving around the garden shed more difficult. It can cause accidents. Plus, the shed generally looks disorganized if you have things lying around.

So, do not leave your tools or pots on the ground. Hang them, put them on a shelf, whatever you do, do not cover up the floor.

Make a Potting Station

Potting plants is a messy process indeed. We understand why people would want to do the potting outside. But then, you would have to take out everything, your pots, tools, plants. Plus, the weather can get nasty at any time.

It would definitely be much easier to do it inside. But the soil gets everywhere. That is why we suggest that you have a potting station. It does not require much.

A potting table or bench that is easy to clean would be perfect. You can make do with any old bench lying around the house. If you are buying a new one, make sure that it is of appropriate height so that you can work efficiently.

Storage for Smaller Sheds

Do not worry if you are tight on space and have a smaller shed. Utilize all the space available. Fix hangers and hooks to the behind of a door and hang your tools there.

Instead of longer shelves, invest in taller shelves. Vertical storage is the perfect solution for smaller garden shelves. You can even buy those shelves that hang from the ceilings. Here is one perfect example.

The Perfect Garden Shed

Before sorting out your storage, you will need to have a good garden shed in the first place. Carport1 has a wide range of metal garages and utility carports that can make the ideal shed for anyone who is into gardening.

But what makes our metal garages, and carports, such great options? Firstly, they are incredibly durable and can last for decades with minimum maintenance. Secondly, they can give your belongings and tools maximum protection against the elements.

Plus, these metal buildings come at a fraction of the cost of the traditional wooden sheds. And that is not taking into account the high maintenance cost of those sheds.

No matter what size or style you want for your garden shed, we can make it for you. So, you can call our customer service representatives at 888-330-6341 today to discuss your options.

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