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Enclosing All Steel Carports


All steel carports are usually open structures. They come with only the roof structure and the metal framework. However, you can also provide partial coverage to the carports with side and end panels, and even the gables. People generally purchase metal garages if they want a complete enclosure.

But what if you had bought a metal carport but now need a more secure, garage-like storage area? Do not worry. You do not have to demolish your completely all steel carport to get a metal garage. Metal carports can be easily turned into an enclosed garage, a metal shed or a metal barn with a little bit of modification. But converting a metal carport into these structures might require foresight at the time of purchase.

Why Enclose Your All Steel Carports?

There are many advantages of all steel carports. They are incredibly affordable and provide easy access to your vehicles and belongings. They also do a decent job of protecting your cars from the elements.

However, sometimes when you are storing costly vehicles or equipment, the security of those valuables becomes more important than access. In those cases, a metal garage or an enclosed metal barn is much more useful.

It would have been more convenient for you to have bought metal garages in the first place. But that does not mean that if you have a metal carport, you have to throw it away and buy a steel garage.  Instead, you can convert the carport into a garage. Here are some of the advantages of enclosing all steel carports:

  • You get secure enclosed space for the storage of your expensive vehicles and equipment.
  • The enclosed carport will protect your valuables against the elements, and also thieves, vandals, etc.
  • It is more affordable than buying an entirely new structure.
  • It also takes less time to enclose a carport than to install a new garage or barn.

Metal carports can be easily modified because the basic metal framework of the carport is similar to the basic frame of a garage or a barn. You can add side and end panels or lean-tos to the metal carport to convert it into other metal structures. Enclosing a metal carport thus can give you extra safe space for the protection of your belongings. You can also use this enclosed carport as your office or workshop. Converting a metal carport into a metal barn will help provide a shelter for your animals. It will also serve as the perfect metal farm building for the storage of hay, crops, and farm equipment.

Enclosing a Metal Carport into a Metal Garage/ Metal Shed

Modification of a metal carport from Carport1 into a metal garage is incredibly simple. You will have to have purchased a metal carport with enough leg height, to begin with though. Openings for garages need headers to be installed, and headers require some height. If you have purchased a carport with insufficient leg height, it will be difficult to install headers for the openings. In cases of garage doors, it will also be difficult to install the barrel of the roll-up door.

If you have sufficient leg height of the carport, then you can proceed to fix side and end panels to the metal carport. The side and end walls can be customized with openings like the windows, walk-in doors or roll-up garage doors. You can also leave frame-outs to have openings of your own installed with the garage. A fully enclosed garage will also require some form of insulation inside to maintain an optimum temperature. Insulation will also prevent any moisture damage inside the building due to condensation. For a garage or a shed, you might also want to equip the metal structure with the necessary utility lines. You can use your enclosed carport space even as an office or a workshop.

Converting a Metal Carport into a Metal Barn

If you want to shelter your horse, your pets or any other animals under your metal carport, then you can convert the carport into a metal barn. Similar to a metal garage, you will need to have a little bit of foresight at the time of purchase. You should not buy all steel carports with insufficient leg height. For a metal barn, you will need to partially or fully enclose the meal carport, according to your preference, with side panels and end panels. If fully enclosed, customize the carport with openings like walk-in doors, garage door or windows. You should also insulate the converted metal barn for thermal comfort.

If you need extra spaces for storage of the feed of the animals or for storing tools and machinery, consider adding a lean-to to all steel carports. You can enclose the lean-tos partially or completely too or leave it open. Lean-tos generally have a shorter leg height than the main structure. So, if you have a metal carport with a small leg height already, you should know that your lean-tos will be even shorter.

Converting All Steel Carports to Utility Carports

If you just want a storage space with your open metal carport or need extra enclosed space to accommodate other additional vehicles, then you can also consider converting your metal carport into a utility carport. You can have a metal shed, with the same width and height as the metal carport, added to the carport to have some utility/ storage space with your metal carport structure.

Buy All Steel Carports from Carport1

It is more efficient and easier to have purchased a metal structure that serves specific purposes to fulfill your requirements to start with. But it would be wasteful to completely take down a metal carport if you can salvage something out of it. Enclosing a metal carport and converting it into a garage or a shed is relatively easy and is much more cost-effective then erecting a new structure.

If you had your metal carport purchased from Carport1, then you can contact our customer care service to discuss your options on modifying all steel carports. You can also take a look at our line up of metal garages and barns if you want to purchase one. Our products are completely customizable as per your requirements. Contact us and order your all steel metal buildings today.

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