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Custom Metal Carports and Custom Metal Carport Kits for sale


For most Americans, their beloved cars and vehicles are among the costliest of investments they will make during their lifetime. Hence, protecting those investments against all forces, natural or artificial, is of great importance. Car covers and carport kits are great ways of sheltering your vehicles. In recent years, metal carports have been the choice for homeowners when it comes to protecting their valuables. But what has led to the rapid rise in popularity of steel carports? Certainly, the affordable and long lasting aspects of the metal carport are the obvious advantages of owning one. However, custom metal carport kits for sale that are available in the market also seem to be a major point of attraction.

Why Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale?

What benefits do you gain by purchasing custom metal carport kits for sale? Why not buy any standard factory product instead? You might be asking yourself those very questions. Let us discuss some of the advantages of our custom metal carports and custom metal carport kits for sale.

Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale as per your requirements

The great advantage, for the customers, that comes from buying metal carport kits for sale may be the ability to change and modify the design of the carport as per their requirements. A metal carport that is smaller than what you need, will not take care of your storage. Similarly, one that does not fit for the weather conditions of the place you live, will not provide optimum protection to your vehicles. As a result, the structures themselves will require much maintenance and repairs. In addition, your vehicles and belongings will also need more upkeep. With custom metal carport kits, you can design the metal carport with the dimensions that you require. You can also pick the colors, roof style, and additional features of your choice.

Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale at Carport1 Are Affordable

Since we offer our custom metal carport kits for sale, they are available at the most affordable price in the market. The economy of these custom metal carport kits is due to the fact that steel itself is a very affordable construction material. These carports are prefabricated and mass-produced in the factories. Hence, the manufacturers are able to provide the carport kits at a relatively reasonable price. Additionally, because Carport1 is such a trusted and experienced dealer, we are able to negotiate the competitive prices for these metal carports for our customers.

Strength and Durability of Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

The structural strength of our custom metal carport kits for sale is a result of us using high-quality galvanized steel for the manufacture of the carport kits. Galvanization and other protective treatment for the steel components protect our steel carports from corrosion. These metal carport kits are almost impervious to moisture and will remain rust-free for a number of years. Our custom metal carport kits can effectively sustain pressure from any adverse weather elements since they are, almost in all cases, designed with the climatic conditions of the place in mind. Moreover, our custom metal carports can also put up with daily use without showing major signs of wear and tear. With minimum maintenance efforts, these carport kits are sure to last, at the least, for a couple of decades.

Flexibility of Our Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

Another benefit of purchasing custom metal carport kits for sale is the flexibility that these metal structures offer. Whether you need a metal carport just as a car cover for your vehicles or as shade for holding social gathering and picnics or as a sheltered workshop, our custom metal carport kits are the perfect options. As our metal carport kits are fully customizable, you can purchase a carport kit as per the space requirements of your intended use. You do not have to limit your carport kit to just protecting your vehicles from the elements.

What Can You Customize With Our Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale?

When we say that we provide custom metal carport kits for sale, we are not saying that for the sake of it. We do not limit the customization options to a single feature. With custom metal carport kits for sale from Carport1, you will get full control over every aspect of your metal carport.

Dimensions of Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

  • Length: The length of our metal carport kits start at a minimum of 21’ and increase with 5’ increments. This means that you can purchase our metal carport kits in lengths of 21’, 26’, 31’, and so on.
  • Width: The minimum width of our metal carport kits is 12’. Our larger metal carports or extra wide carports come with a width ranging from 40’ – 60’.
  • Height: For the height of our metal carport kits, the minimum is 6’. After that, the height increases in 1’ increments. Give proper consideration to the height if you are to enclose it later on.
  • You can also place a custom order with your own dimensions if these specifications do not meet your requirements.

Roof Style of Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

Color Options for Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

  • 15 options for the color combination of your metal carport kit are available. You can achieve the desired color combination for your metal carport by choosing the color of the roof panels, the wall panels, and the trims.

Additional Features for Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

  • Extra features for our carport kits include the addition of gables and side panels. These options increase the coverage of your carport and also the level of protection that your belongings receive.

Material Options for Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

  • 14-gauge and 12-gauge steel frames available for all of our metal carport kits. 14-gauge steel tube framing is the default option for our carports which you can upgrade to 12-gauge. Almost all of the certified units come with 12-gauge framing, which has more thickness and structural strength than 14-gauge framing.
  • Metal sheets for our custom metal carport kits for sale are available in 29-gauge and 26-gauge. Again, 29-gauge is the default option which can be upgraded.

Carport Anchors for Custom Metal Carport Kits for Sale

  • We offer 4 options for the anchors with our custom metal carport kits for sale depending on the installation surface and certification.
  • Rebar anchors are used for ground/ asphalt installations for non-certified units.
  • Mobile home anchors are used for ground/ asphalt installations for certified units.
  • Concrete or wedge anchors are used for units that are installed over concrete surfaces.
  • Lag bolts are used for units installed over wooden surfaces even though these installations are never certified.

Buy Custom Metal Carports for Sale from Carport1

No matter what your requirements are, finding the perfect metal carport kit, to address all of your, needs has never been easier. With custom metal carport kits for sale at Carport1, you can get exactly what you need and at the most competitive price. Contact our customer service representatives to customize the metal carport kit of your liking. You can also get an instant quote for your metal carport kit by using our online services or calling us.

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