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Choosing the Perfect Steel Storage Building for your Backyard


If you have decided that steel storage buildings are the ideal addition for your property, then the next step is to choose the right product. However, choosing the perfect metal building for your backyard is not that simple. There are many factors and things that you should consider before actually placing an order. These things include site conditions, your budget, the style you want for the metal buildings.

Lack of forethought while purchasing steel storage buildings can lead to numerous problems in the long run. The metal shed might be too small for your needs or too big for your backyard. It might turn out that a particular shed style is not suited to the weather conditions of the place you live in. In the end, the metal storage buildings will end up requiring more maintenance than their worth. You might even have to abandon your investment because the structure failed completely.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Steel Storage Buildings

To make the process easier for our customers, we have compiled a list of things that we think people should consider before buying a metal shed or a metal storage building.

  • Site Conditions of your Backyard

Site conditions are very important to consider if you want the best steel buildings and structures. The dimension of the available space or the size of your plot will determine the size of steel storage buildings. We have enclosed metal sheds that start at a minimum dimension of 12’w x 21’l x 6’h. You can also place a custom order with your own sizes when you buy from Carport1.

As for the site, choose somewhere that does not have a huge slope gradient. That way you do not have to spend a lot on leveling the site. An unleveled site will cause structural instability in a metal storage building. We do not install our steel buildings and structures in sloppy areas.

Also, choose a site that can easily drain out water. Steel storage buildings that are built over sites where water can accumulate can be damaged prematurely through corrosion.

Another thing to keep in mind is the building orientation. If you live in hot climatic regions, you will want to place a number of windows along the direction of predominant winds. If you live in places which face harsh, cold climatic conditions, then you might want to buy a building with its longer side facing toward the sun. Also, in these cases, you might want to put fewer openings on the northern face of the building.

  • Local Weather Conditions

Weather conditions should also be taken into account if you want steel buildings and structures to function effectively. A weather responsive building will also last for a longer period of time. For places which face harsh weather conditions regularly, a certified metal shed is our recommended option. However, you can also choose the vertical roof style and, possibly, extra braces and anchors for that added strength. For mild weather conditions, you can opt for a regular roof steel storage buildings.

  • What are Your Requirements?

Your actual requirements determine the size and style of the steel storage buildings. If you want a small metal shed to store some of your garden equipment, then you can purchase some of our smaller metal building. Small metal buildings at Carport1 include our 1 car metal garages anddouble car metal garages. However, if you need a spacious metal shed for your workshop or home office then we also have triple-wide metal garages. On the other hand, we also accept and build custom orders.

Remember that the size of a metal storage building can make a huge difference in the cost of that building. Also, additional features, like the number and type of openings, etc. are also dependent on the intended use. We suggest that you take your future needs into account when purchasing a metal building. Our professional opinion is that it is better to buy a metal shed that is slightly bigger than what you absolutely require, just to be on the safe side.

  • What’s Your Budget?

How much you can and are willing to spend on steel storage buildings will also dictate their type and design. If you are looking to stay within a tight budget, then you can look at some of our regular roofed metal sheds.

Additional features that we offer with our metal sheds, while do increase the effectiveness of the building, can significantly hike up its price as well.

The next thing you can do to decrease the cost of your metal shed is to purchase a metal shed kit and assemble it yourself. This will reduce the installation cost of the building. However, if you are an inexperienced builder or if the building is too big, then it much more convenient and safer to just have professionals set up the metal shed.

Design Perfect Steel Storage Buildings for Your Backyard

When you buy steel buildings and structures from Carport1, you do not have to be limited to some standard building models. We know all of our customers have very different and unique requirements. That is why we offer customization options with all of our metal buildings. Hence, you are in complete control of the design of your steel storage buildings.

  • Size of the Metal Shed or Metal Storage Building

You can pick one of our metal sheds that are readily available from our stock supply with a standard dimension. You can also modify the length, the width or the height of these buildings to get something that fits in with your storage requirements. If none of the options are exactly what you are looking for then you can even make a custom order.

  • Roof Style of the Metal Shed or Metal Storage Building

We offer three roof styles with all of our metal buildings; regular, boxed eave and the vertical roof style. If you are looking for an inexpensive metal shed and do not mind an unconventional look for the structure, then you can choose a Regular metal shed. If you want a metal shed that does not compromise the look of your traditional house and is also reasonably priced then you can choose one of our Boxed Eave metal sheds. For absolute protection for your belongings, our vertical metal sheds are the ideal choices. But these metal buildings are also more expensive than the other roof styles.

  • Colors of Your Metal Shed or Metal Storage Building

The color combination for a metal storage building can determine the look of your entire property. If you want the metal shed to blend in with the surroundings then you can pick a more muted color combination with neutral tones. If you want your metal shed to stand out then you can go with a bold color combination.

  • Additional Features for your Metal Shed or Metal Storage Building

The additional features include the addition of openings, like walk-in doors, garage doors, and windows. The placement and number of these openings is entirely your decision. These types of opening fixtures increase the convenience of the metal storage building. They are also the source of light and air into the building. Installing doors and windows will help prevent the problem of condensation. Therefore, you can say that they are responsible for stretching the life of steel buildings and structures.

Buy Steel Storage Buildings from Carport1

Whatever your storage requirements are, you can be sure that Carport1 has got the perfect metal storage building for your backyard. We offer our metal storage buildings with a wide range of customization options so that the design of the metal shed is entirely in your hands. Browse our website for details on the products. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our customer service representatives to purchase the metal shed that you like.

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