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About Carolina Carports

Carolina Carports, Inc. is the United States largest manufacturer of metal carports, metal garages, barns, and other steel buildings. Carolina Carports has been in business since 1997 and now provides more metal carports and garages to more than 80,000 customers annually.

The company has 7 manufacturing locations strategically located throughout the US to provide installations in 28 states. Those manufacturing locations are located in Dobson, North Carolina, Colquitt, Georgia, Elysburg, Pennsylvania, Etna Green, Indiana, Brounough, Missouri, Belmont, Mississippi, and Emory Texas. Unlike many of the manufacturers, Carolina Carports owns each and every one of its locations. While other carport companies lease their properties, it’s evident to those that know Carolina’s principals that they are committed long-term to provide carports, garages, barns, and other steel-frame metal buildings to customers and to provide steady employment for their employees.

Carolina Carports manufactures high quality, tubular steel frame carports, RV carports and covers, boat shelters, and other types of metal carport canopies. The company also manufactures enclosed metal garages, metal workshops, metal storage sheds, and many other types of enclosed metal buildings. The company in recent years has expanded its product lines to include horse barns, feed storage barns, agricultural barns, and many other types of metal barn buildings. Currently, the company manufactures clear-span units up to 40′ wide and any length that you need.

The manufacturer offers two primary product classification which is the engineer-certified units and also the non-certified units for areas that do not have wind and snow load requirements. Carolina Carports has three primary roof systems that it utilizes for its metal carports, garages, and barns. They are a regular roof, the boxed-eave roof, and the vertical roof. For more information about the company’s carport roof systems, visit our roof systems page.

Carolina Carports Metal Buildings: Carolina Carports, Carolina Barns, Metal Garages and Commercial Buildings

Carolina Carports, Inc. offers thousands of building models to choose from for your metal building. These models include everything; small metal carports that can house a single vehicle, wide-spanning metal commercial buildings to accommodate any business, metal garages for residential use, and so on. There are four major categories of pre-fabricated metal buildings that are manufactured by Carolina Carports:

1) Standard Buildings 12’ – 24’

The metal storage buildings that fall under this category have the standard width ranging from 12’ to 24’. Metal carports and metal RV carports that are included in ‘Standard Building’ category can be open, with only the metal roof and the metal framing. Enclosing the carports or the RV carports with gables at both ends as well as side panels also gives more coverage to the metal building thus, increasing the effectiveness of the structure and refining its look. This category also consists of fully enclosed metal structures like metal garages, which offer better protection against the elements.
These standard metal storage buildings are more suitable for residential uses which do not have large space requirements. Carolina Carport offers three choices for the roof style of these metal buildings: Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical.

2) Barn Buildings

There are three basic types of metal barn buildings that Carolina Carports offers: Regular Horse Barn, Carolina Barn, and the Seneca Barn. All these three barns vary in terms of their price, their functionality as well as their style. The lean-tos of the barn buildings offer ample storage spaces and are completely customizable to fit your needs. Structurally sturdy and durable, these barns can be used for most of the agricultural applications. Barn buildings that Carolina Carports manufacture are perfect for sheltering your livestock and storing equipment, farm machinery, feed or any produce.

3) Certified Triples 26’ – 30’

The certified triples include all the buildings that have a standard width from 26’ to 30’. These metal storage buildings are versatile and are spacious enough to accommodate a number of applications. Certification with these metal structures means that they are designed to withstand the particular weather and seismic loads of that particular place. Like the standard buildings, certified triples metal buildings also include the open and partially enclosed metal carports as well as the completely enclosed metal garages.

4) Certified Commercials 40’ – 50’ – 60’

These certified metal buildings have the standard width of 40’, 50’ and 60’ and are specially designed for commercial ventures. The clear- spanning interiors of these metal buildings provide an open, uninterrupted and flexible space for any commercial or non-commercial activity. Commercial metal buildings are also provided with certification to ensure that they do not fail under snow and wind loads of that place. These buildings can be used as industrial warehouses, storage units, retail shops, and so on. All three widths come with the three roof style options. You can choose to install an open or partially enclosed metal building with less coverage but better accessibility and affordability. Or you can go with the fully enclosed commercial metal building that gives better protection to your belongings against natural and human threats but may cost you more than the less enclosed alternatives.

Our Relation with Carolina Carports Inc.

Carport1 is an authorized agent for Carolina Carports, Inc. and for two other companies. In the 28 states that Carolina Carports serves, all of the units provided by Carport1 are exclusively those manufactured by Carolina because of the quality, price, and excellent working relationship that our company has with the manufacturer. Carport1’s General Manager, Tim Dowell, has worked for three large metal carport and garage manufacturers, including Carolina, during his career in this line of products and according to him,

Carolina Carports provides the best quality metal carports and garages at the lowest possible price. That’s what we want for our customers.

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Carolina Carports : Quality Customer Service & Trust

Carolina Carports, Incorporated’s corporate offices and largest of the seven manufacturing facilities are located in Dobson, North Carolina. At the North Carolina location, the company has a state-of-the-art tube mill that mills raw steel in flat-stock, forms it into a tube, and then galvanizes the tube after the seams are welded. The other two US carport manufacturers that have their own tube mill use pre-galvanized tube, which means the weld seam is visible and the galvanization process is inferior as compared to galvanizing the tube after it is welded. The welding process itself weakens the rust resistance properties on each side of the weld seam.

Carolina Carports’ tube for the carport and garage framing is superior. The company has made investments in both machines and technology to provide the best products.

Carolina Carports, Inc. also roll-forms all of the sheet metal panels and forms the trim on each and every unit that they install. This allows this fine company to control the quality of the components in every product that is installed. The company uses painted 20-year steel coils to form the 29 gauge and 26 gauge steel panels that are used for all of the structures exterior steel panels. The painted coil has one coat of primer and two coats of paint to ensure a long panel life. The company always stocks inventory for all of the 13 colors that it offers.

The contractors that install for Carolina Carports, Inc. are required to have insurance that covers them while they are on your property. While some won’t bring this to the customer’s attention, we feel that our customers should be aware that all construction can be risky and accidents, while rare, can happen. With Carolina Carports installations, you have peace of mind while workers are on your property with well-insured contractors.

  • Free Delivery & Installations

    Get your Carport or any building delivered and installed without any cost at your site. We offer FREE Delivery and Installation on all the products.

  • Customizations

    We offer customization options for most of the elements such as size, roof, panels, gauge, doors, windows, certifications and colors etc for all types of products including Carports, Garages, Barns, RV Covers, Workshops etc.

  • Round The Clock Support

    Contact our expert representative anytime to design and build your dream metal
    building. You can contact us directly at 855-299-4285 or write to us from our website -www.localhost/carport1

Not only are the contractor’s insured, they are required to undergo training to install the product at least twice per year. That training ensures consistency across all of Carolina Carports’ products. Each crew has a quality and installation manual with guidelines on how to install everything from carports to garages, to barns, and other types of metal buildings. The company tracks customer complaints on the quality of workmanship and that record is publicly posted in the conference rooms where each installer is paid. Every installer’s name is on a complaint board and the number of complaints is posted next to their name. Everyone in the company and every installer sees each of the other installers complain about history. No one wants a complaint next to their name. This peer-to-peer incentive helps keep workmanship at an extremely high level. Those Carolina Carports installers with zero or the fewest complaints are rewarded at the end of every year. While no organization and no human being are perfect, Carolina Carports strives to be the best in the business. With the volume of installations at 80,000 customers served annually, the percentage of quality and workmanship complaints is less than one half of one percent!

Carolina Carports, like automobile companies, has a dealer network in the states that it serves. It does not sell direct to the public but instead utilizes that dealer network to serve its customers. That dealer network is the best, well-trained carport and garage dealer network in the nation. The company has more business development representatives than any other company for the area that it serves. Those business development representatives visit each dealer several times each year to provide additional product training and information to that authorized dealer so that they can better inform customers. Armed with the best information, those customers can make the best buying decision possible.

At Carport1, helping customers select the right carport or garage is our only business. We are confident that we are the most knowledgeable of all of Carolina Carports dealers. The purpose is that statement is not to boast nor brag, it so that we can better serve you. We don’t offer any other product line or service like most of the other dealers in the network. This is all we that we do:

We do our best to help customers that have a storage need by informing the customer of all of the options so that they the best buying decision possible with respect to carports, garages, barns, and other steel buildings. We are here to serve our customers.

Carolina Carports : Services & Value

  • 10,000+ Products

    We offer a wide variety of metal carports, garages, RV shelters, utility storage buildings, barns, farm buildings and more, with tons of options.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    Investing in the Quality Carports of Carport 1 will provide you with the best value to money, return on your investment and a beautiful yet robust shelter for your belongings.

  • Integrity

    We never sacrifice our integrity at any point in the building process. We educate customers about the buildings and respect their choices by providing the best storage solutions.

There are many times that we have lost a sale to a competitor because that competitor beat us on price. The primary reason that competitor beat us on price is they short-changed the customer by not recommending options that they really need. We’ve seen competitors sell buildings that didn’t have the adequate anchoring or bracing that was needed in order to provide the lowest price. They may not inform a customer that a certified building is required if a building permit is required. While not informing the customer that those items are needed or should be added to their unit certainly keeps the price low and the sale is made, it isn’t helping the customer to the fullest extent. Often times, the customer has already made their buying decision and then as to come back to buy the additional components. We believe in doing it right the first time, even if it means losing a sale.

There are some online dealers that are nothing than a ‘boiler room’ to generate revenue. Their sales representatives are not well-trained and they lack the knowledge to provide remarkable service. Carport1 doesn’t put a person on the phone with a customer until they go through an extensive training program so that they can inform the customer of options and of possible conflicts when choosing a product. Our goal is that the customer is confident in our ability to offer the right Carolina Carports product that is best suited for their need. This works for both our customer and the manufacturer in that it resolves construction and building problems before they have the opportunity to develop!

Now that you know the products and the values of Carolina Carports and Carport1, we would hope that you would look no further for your metal carport or garage. We would love the opportunity to gain your trust and your business by serving you.