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Build Safe and Durable Steel Barns


Steel barns are characteristically built to last for a very long time. These barns have the structural strength and longevity that other constructions cannot rival. Metal barns maintain their durability and strength for decades if you design, build, and maintain them properly in the first place. Fortunately for steel barns, it does not take much effort and time to do just that.

Things like site selection and preparation, local building codes, etc. should be a priority if you want to have safe steel barns. Not only that. But with a little bit of forethought and planning, you can ensure that your metal building functions effectively. A properly designed metal barn building will also give your livestock and belongings maximum protection.

Things to Consider for Building Safe and Durable Steel Barns

Site Selection for Steel Barns

Construction of a structurally durable metal barn starts with selecting the proper site. Here are some of the things you should consider for site selection of a metal barn.

  • As we know, moisture, in any form, is the main weakness of metal buildings. So, select a site that will drain easily and fast after a shower or cleaning. Avoid areas where water tends to pool or accumulate since that will cause the steel components to develop rust.
  • You should also build the steel barn on a level piece of land that is on higher ground than the surrounding. That way water will not collect around the metal building.

Site Preparation for Steel Barns

Laying a foundation or base with materials that can help avoid moisture around the base of the barn will also help to keep it safe. You can have a concrete or asphalt base for this very purpose.

The foundation also depends on the type of soil you are building your metal barn on. For harder soil, you can have asphalt or gravel foundation. But in areas where the soil is very loose, you probably should have a concrete foundation.

Designing Your Metal Barns to Suit the Weather Conditions

When purchasing a metal barn, we emphasize the importance of customizing the barn not only according to your requirements but also according to your local weather. Here are some tips to help you design your steel barn to suit the weather conditions of your place.

  • Selecting the right roof style is the first thing you can do to ensure that your steel barn will be durable. Vertical roof Carolina or Seneca metal barns are the safest because of the sheer strength and safety of the structure. These barns will protect your belongings for the longest time.
  • Upgrade your metal barns with 12-gauge steel tube framing which have more thickness than 14-gauge. This will provide extra strength to your metal structure. It will also increase the resistance of the steel barns against the elements.
  • Anchoring the metal barn with the right type of metal barn anchors will secure the metal structure to the ground surface. This way, it does not topple over or have any movements when there are strong winds or during a storm. This is important especially because metal barns are more lightweight than other construction materials.
  • You can also design your metal building with extra accessories like downspouts and gutters which will help to channel moisture away from your steel barn. Energy efficient openings and other metal building components are can also reduce the negative impact of the elements on your building. While these accessories might be costly upfront, they are more than their worth in the long run.

Local Building Codes and Steel Barns

Contact your local building department to find out if your metal barn needs to have certification or any other building permits for the construction. This is important not only from a legal point of view. These local codes and building laws have been put in place so that your metal structure stands up to the weather condition of your place.

Certification for a metal barn means that we design your buildings to withstand the snow or wind loads of your place. Even if your local laws do not require you to have certification, it is better to invest in certified buildings. It will help to increase the structural safety of your steel barn.

Securing Your Steel Barns

Putting efforts into undertaking security measures for your steel barn will help to protect your metal barn as well as your belonging and livestock inside the building from criminals and thieves. You can install an alarm system or any surveillance equipment to keep an eye on your valuables. Fire is a very different type of security threat. Even though steel structures are fire resistant, they are not completely fireproof. Installing fire alarms and keeping fire safety equipment within reach in case of fire breakout will help to better prepare you for these types of risks.

Vegetation is another way of creating a barrier between your steel barn and the damaging elements of the outside environment. You can create a barrier of evergreen vegetation along the face of the building that receives the strongest winds. Vegetation will also shade your metal barn from harsh sun exposure. Tree cover along the roof line will act to break the force of rainfall or hail that may damage the roof of the steel barn.

Additionally, vegetation gives your metal barn more privacy. They will keep your barn shielded from prying eyes of wrongdoers.

Buy Safe Steel Barns from Carport1

We hope that the above tips and measures will help you to construct safe and durable steel barns. But for these safety and security measure to work properly, you will have to purchase a high quality, durable and structurally strong metal structure in the first place.

Carport1 offers you hundreds of options for a structurally robust metal barn that can stand the test of time. We have metal barns of various styles and dimensions. Additionally, you can customize these metal barns as per your requirements. If you want to take a look at our inventory, browse through our website. Better yet, contact us and order your metal barn today.

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