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Oct. 7, 2018, 6:05 p.m.

Portable Carports: Fabric/Canvas Carport Covers VS Metal Carport Covers

Carport1 boxed eave carport
Carport1 boxed eave carport

On the basis of use and popularity, portable carports have two broad categories; the fabric or canvas cover carports and the metal cover carports. Both of these types of carports usually have a metal framework.

Fabric or canvas carports are more like seasonal structures. The sheeting for these types of car covers is usually made of polyester, polyethylene or vinyl-like material. Some might say these carport covers provide a better sense of portability since you can move them around quickly. 

Metal carport covers, on the other hand, are more permanent structures.Carport1 builds its steel carports to last for many decades. It is more difficult to disassemble a metal carport. However, you can deconstruct bolted carports or carports constructed with couplers or sleeves in a matter of hours. So, you can easily transport it to a different site where you can assemble it again.

Comparison of Features of Portable Carports

The strength of Fabric / Canvas Carports vs. Metal Carport Covers

Fabric or canvas covers, as portable carports, are flimsy and lack structural strength. They cannot withstand a significant amount of rainfall or winds. So much so that, there is a real possibility that your fabric carport will topple over with a slight gust of wind. These are much more of a shading device for your vehicles. You cannot really use these carports in places which face harsh weather conditions.

Meanwhile, metal carport covers, like the ones we supply at Carport1, we make with the highest quality galvanized steel. They have more structural integrity and we engineer them to resist the harshest weather conditions. You can be sure that your metal carport will remain standing even in a storm.

Also, due to this lack of strength, fabric carports cannot span large distances. These carports can only cover one or two vehicles at a time. Metal carports, on the other hand, can span great widths without intermediate support. Our inventory has a huge collection of triple-wide carports, extra wide carports, and 40′ wide carports that can shelter multiple vehicles.

The durability of Fabric / Canvas Carports vs. Metal Carport Covers

Since fabric carports are built to last only a season or two, it will be unfair to judge their durability against metal carports. Fabric or canvas carport covers are more liable to tearing and ripping. The color of these covers fades away quickly. You cannot expect them to last for more than a year or two. 

Metal carports have a much longer lifespan than fabric carports. These metal structures can take a beating for an extended period without any wear or tear. Also, they require less maintenance compared to fabric carport covers. 

Portability of Fabric / Canvas Carports vs. Metal Carport Covers 

Yes, definitely fabric covers offer better portability than metal carport covers. You can easily deconstruct fabric carport covers and transport them to other sites. The same is not the case for metal carports. The downside of portability is the structural strength of these portable carports. They are not adequately anchored to the ground like metal carports are. That is why fabric carports are more vulnerable to changing weather conditions.

Cost of Fabric / Canvas Carports vs. Metal Carport Covers 

The chief advantage of fabric carport kits over the metal carport kits is the initial cost of these structures. Fabric or canvas carport covers are generally cheaper than metal carports to purchase. But, at Carport1, we do have some of the cheapest metal carports in the industry. Our regular roofed carports are incredibly affordable to buy. You can also reduce the cost of your metal carport by customizing the features. That way you can get the perfect metal carport that fits inside your budget as well.

However, the financial benefits of metal carports are apparent in the long run. Fabric requires more maintenance than metal. With fabric carports, you will spend a lot of your hard-earned money on the maintenance of the carport. Hence with metal carport covers, you can reap the rewards of your investment for years.

The Final Verdict: Fabric / Canvas Carports vs. Metal Carport Covers

Ultimately though it’s all about providing the best protection for your vehicles or belongings and metal carport covers are the clear winner in that sense. Fabric carports are only beneficial if you are looking for portable carports to just shade your vehicles. They do not provide much protection to your cars, pickups, in other situations. And you cannot expect them to last for more than a few months.

Metal carport covers do a better job of protecting your possessions against the elements, be it sunshine, rain or wind. They are structurally stronger, more durable and lower maintenance.

And if you purchase a metal carport cover from a trusted dealer like Carport1, you get the added advantage of being able to customize your metal carport covers to fit your requirements and your desired style.  

Take a look at our huge selection of stock Metal Carports or place an order for a metal carport kit with a custom design to provide your vehicles with necessary protection against the elements of nature. If you have any queries regarding any of our products, then do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer care representatives are more than happy to help you through the entire process.

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