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March 8, 2019, 12:42 a.m.

Clear span metal buildings - add more value

Clear Span Metal Carport
Clear Span Metal Carport

Sometimes posts and support columns stand are a nuisance when it comes to outdoor metal buildings. They are helpful in that they provide support to the entire structure but if you require seamless maneuverability across the building for your operations, then the support beams and posts would greatly hinder your movement. You will have to walk long distances to reach for something that is just a few meters away and this could negatively impact your business operations. Clear span buildings are built purely of a rigid steel frame and a roof cover and no support columns, such structures feature lots of interior space and a high clearance. You, therefore, have all the space you need to go about your business uninterrupted. Proper structuring and engineering go into the design of these clear span metal buildings so as to make them as self-supporting as possible.

Application of Clear Span Metal Buildings

Clear span buildings can be used for any purpose that requires lots of free space. Their scope cuts across home and commercial use and this makes them prime investments for either of these establishments. Here are some of the applications of clear span buildings:

1. Commercial uses of Clear Span Buildings

Clear span buildings have a lot of industrial and commercial use such as:

  1. Equipment shelter for industries.

Large scale businesses can use clear span metal buildings to store all their equipment. Since the structures are open with no partitioning and support columns, storing and retrieving equipment is easy and this helps business save on time.
Businesses with large fleets of cars can use the clear span buildings for vehicle accommodation and as such, they serve as clear span car ports. They not only keep them safe from burglars but also protect them from the harmful effects of exposure to harsh weather elements such as rain and snow.

  1. Commercial warehouses.

Commercial enterprises can use clear span buildings as warehouses for their stock. Since the structures are open and without support columns, businesses have a lot more space to keep their stock. Stock taking is simplified as well since the workers can easily walk through the structure when taking stock.

  1. Aircraft shades.

Clear span metal buildings can be used to accommodate aircrafts by both commercial and private aircraft owners. They shelter the planes from harmful weather conditions and provide a safe environment for the maintenance crew to work on the aircraft.

2. Clear Span Buildings for Farm and Sport Facility

Clear span buildings have other benefits that are not commercial in nature such as:

  1. Farm buildings.

They can serve as agricultural buildings for equipment and produce storage. Farm animals can also use the clear span buildings to shelter from rain and excessive sunshine. Carport1 has clear span buildings in different sizes. Call us today and order your agricultural clear span building.

  1. Sporting facilities.

Clear span buildings can be used for sports as well. They can be used as horse riding arenas and as sporting fields for games such as football and baseball.

  1. Public gathering auditoriums

Churches and schools can use clear span buildings as auditoriums. The open nature of these buildings allows you to accommodate as many people as possible.
With all these uses it is now evident that a clear span building greatly improves the worth and value of homes and commercial setups.

Buying Clear Span Buildings

Clear span buildings are beneficial to homes and commercial premises in many more ways than one. The advantages of these buildings over other types of structures include:

  1. Seamless maneuverability

The absence of supporting columns makes movement within the structure very easy.

  1. More space for storage

Clear span buildings prioritize space within the structure for storage and other beneficial purposes. At Carport1 we understand that you require as much space as possible for your home and industrial use. Contact us today and order a clear span building of your choice.

  1. Added flexibility.

Clear span metal buildings are flexible when compared to other outdoor structures. You can easily modify them into other buildings when the need arises. If the structure is a rental commercial building, new tenants can easily modify them to suit their business operations.

  1. Increased durability,

The material used to make the side frames and trusses is steel, which is one of the strongest material in the world. The side frames are galvanized as well making them resistant to rust. They are, therefore, able to serve you for a very long time without bending, cracking or catching rust. Call our offices and order your rust-resistant clear span carport.

  1. Saves on costs.

Since there are no support beams installed in the structure, clear span metal buildings consume less material than those have columns. This goes a long way to saving the cost of acquiring the materials and this greatly reduces the amount required to put up clear span buildings.

Clear Span Metal Buildings Components

Clear span buildings comprise of a steel frame and a roofing cover to shade the items accommodated underneath from rain and other harmful weather elements. You can, however, have your clear span metal building modified to your specific requirements. If want side panels installed on the structures, we at Carport1 will gladly do that for you.
Call our offices today and our representatives will gladly guide you through the entire process. Once you make your order, our builders will erect the structure at our depot and then ship it to your premises for installation free of charge. Our clear span building prices are also very cheap and this has made owning clear span building very easy for home and commercial enterprises. We cover all our metal buildings with extensive warranties that cover rust and other craftsmanship issues.

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