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Benefits of Clear Span Steel Metal Buildings


With the construction of buildings getting more and more expensive per day, people want to make maximum utilization of space inside a building. Each square inch of the interior floor unused equates to money wasted. However, with traditional construction materials, like wood and concrete, the desired use of internal space becomes difficult. The planning of internal spaces for traditional construction depends upon the framing of the building. These conventional materials are weak in tensile strength. Hence, they cannot span large distances without supports in the middle, be it columns or walls. This has always created headaches for architects and designers. They do not have freedom planning the building as they see fit because a wall or a column comes in the way. That is where clear span metal buildings come in.

With the advent of steel buildings this difficulty of architects and designers, to a great extent, has been solved. Clear span metal buildings allow the designers, as well as the users of the building, freedom to use the space as per their requirements. Before going any further, let us first understand what these buildings actually are.

Clear Span Steel Metal Buildings

Clear span buildings are those buildings which do not have any internal support. These structures require no additional support or bracing in the middle of the structure to support the roof system. Clear span buildings have free uninterrupted interior space which you can use for a variety of purposes.

Steel, as a construction material, is as strong in tensile stress as it is in compressive stress. That is why clear span buildings are usually made of steel. It can span longer lengths without intermediate columns and walls. There are various benefits of having clear span metal buildings. Some activities require clear span buildings for their functioning, like an indoor sports arena. In these cases, the internal support might obstruct the activity or disturb viewing sightlines. Mostly, it is desirable to have clear span buildings because they offer flexible and maximum use of the building interior.

There are two types of clear span metal buildings available in the market depending on the size. Usually, structures widths between 12 feet to 30 feet use single span metal building, like our single and double car carports. The wider the building gets the bigger and heavier the support framing has to be made, to support the entire building. Steel can span large distances this way.

After a certain width, however, heavy frames become uneconomical. That is when you can have multi-span steel metal buildings. They are like multiple single span metal building that we join end-to-end.  They have a limited number of supporting columns or other elements in the middle. Large buildings like warehouses, breweries or any other manufacturing plants, which require large uninterrupted spaces but can make do with few columns in the middle, use multi-span steel buildings.

Benefits of Clear Span Metal Buildings

There are various benefits of using a clear span steel metal building depending on how you intend to use the structure.

  • Flexible Internal Space with Clean Span Metal Building

The main advantage of clear spanning ability of steel metal building is that you get flexible interior space. These buildings are the ideal option if you want single large uninterrupted interior space, like for gymnasium, indoor sports arena or maybe a simple hall. You can also partition the space as per your requirements, for example, if you want office space, workshop space, utility and storage space in the same building. With steel clear span buildings you get to partition the space as per your requirements without being constrained by supporting columns and walls.

  • Clear-span Steel Metal Buildings Give Maximum Utilization of Space

Space, in some senses now, means money. Rentable spaces are so expensive and so in-demand that you do not want to waste any interior space within your building. Clear span steel metal buildings give you the maximum utilization of space. You do not waste space on additional columns and walls.

Also, you do not have to give up any space to accommodate your use. With traditional constructions, if the rooms were too big or too small for any activity then you had to settle for that space since there were columns and walls in the way. But with clear span steel metal buildings, you can create partitions for spaces according to your needs. You can make the sizes of the rooms correspond to the requirements of the activity. This way clear span steel metal buildings give you optimum use of interior space.

  • Versatile Spaces with Clear Span Metal Buildings

Since clear span steel buildings have large uninterrupted spaces, these spaces can be used for any purpose. Just because you do not need the building for its original use, does not mean you have to discard or destroy it. Clear span metal buildings are spacious enough to accommodate any user. Whether you want to use the building for warehousing purposes, or as a garage, or as a workshop, the possibilities with clear span metal buildings are endless.

  • Clear-span Steel Metal Buildings are Durable and Structurally Stable

To span larger dimensions, a structure needs to be structurally stable. Fortunately, steel provides structural stability to the clear span buildings. These structures can withstand enormous elemental pressure. Clear span metal buildings are resistant to all kind of weather conditions, from heavy rain to strong winds. This type of buildings is also durable enough to endure sustained, heavy loads without showing any signs of wear and tear. This is an important quality for storage or warehousing structures.

Buy Clear-Span Metal Buildings from Carport1

Clear span steel metal buildings are very profitable no matter what you intend to use the building for. They offer more versatile and flexible spaces inside the building giving you optimum use of the interiors.

At Carport1, you can order a clear span steel metal building with a custom dimension as per your requirements. We have a wide range of customizable options with which you can personalize these clear span metal buildings to suit your needs. If you require open storage structures of large dimensions, then our triple wide carports or extra wide carports may interest you. For larger steel buildings that are enclosed, we have our custom metal buildings, workshop buildings, and our triple wide garages. Be sure to contact our customer service to order your steel metal building today.

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