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2 Car Metal Garage and 3 Car Metal Garage


The benefit of purchasing a metal garage from Carport1 is that you are offered a wide range of options which you can use to customize your building however you want. These options allow you to control various aspects of the metal garage including its dimensions, its aesthetics as well as the additional features. Whatever your storage or parking requirements are, Carport1 can manufacture a metal garage that is best-suited for and address all your needs. Even though people have different requirements and we receive unique orders throughout the day, there are certain products that our customers seem to gravitate to. Case in point, our 2 car garage, and 3 car garage are some of the most popular metal garages that we sell.

As the name suggests a 2 car garage is spacious enough to park 2 cars and a 3 car garage is spacious enough to park 3. But even when we have categorized the building as such, we do not limit the choices of our customers to a few standard building models. You can modify and change the metal garage sizes, the colors of the building, the roof style or any other extra features that go into the design of the garage.

These garages come with all the advantages of steel; its durability, its structural strength as well as its flexibility in use. Not only can you use these garages to shelter your vehicles but you can also use them for a number of other applications. Our 2 car metal garage and 3 car metal garage can be easily converted into an art studio, a personal office or a workshop. You can even use these metal garages as media/ entertainment rooms or he/she sheds if you need somewhere you can have some fun or a quiet place to relax. People have even used their metal garages as yoga/ gym rooms or turned it into a kids’ playhouse.

2 Car Garage Sizes and 3 Car Garage Sizes

Even though we have some standard widths and lengths for our 2 car garage sizes and 3 car garage sizes, these dimensions are not set in stone. There are a number of other factors that can come into play when it comes to deciding the size of metal garages, for example, the entry point of your metal garage etc. In any case, we recommend that our customers get a metal garage that is slightly bigger than their absolute requirements. This gives the garage owners a little bit of extra room to move around. The extra space can come in handy to store some car supplies or repair tools.

2 car garage sizes

As a general guideline, the standard widths of our 2 car garage range 20’-24’ while the standard length is 21’ which can comfortably accommodate the length of a medium sized car. However, these dimensions are applicable only if your metal garage has a front or back entry. If you plan to install a side-entry 2 car metal garage then the dimensions are reversed. The length of the metal garage has to accommodate the widths of the 2 cars parked inside it. Hence, in this case, the standard widths we offer become 20’-24’ while the width, which has to accommodate the length of the vehicle, becomes 21’. Similarly, the minimum height that we recommend for our 2 car garage is 7’. But this height depends on the size the openings you are planning to install with these garages.

3 car garage sizes

Similar to 2 car metal garage, our 3 car garage sizes also depend on the entry point of the garage. For front or back- entry 3 car metal garage, the standard widths range 26’-30’. The standard length is still 21’, same as a 2 car metal garage since this dimension only has to accommodate the length of the vehicle which does not change whether you park the vehicle in a 2 car metal garage or a 3 car metal garage. For side-entry units, the lengths and widths are reversed whereby the standard lengths range 26’-30’ and the standard width is 21’. A leg height of 7’ is a minimum for any metal garage. This is enough to accommodate our walk-in doors and the smallest of our roll-up garage doors while also giving room for the opening headers.

Colors for 2 Car Metal Garage and 3 Car Metal Garage

We offer color options with all of our metal structures so that our customers can have better control over the aesthetics of the building. This is no different for our 2 car metal garage and 3 car metal garage. There are 15 options that form our color catalog from which you can choose the desired color combination by picking shades for the roof panels, the wall panels, and the trims.

Roof Style for 2 Car Metal Garage and 3 Car Metal Garage

The three roof style options are also provided with our 2 car metal garage and 3 car metal garage. These three roof styles include the affordable and slightly unconventional-looking regular roof metal garages, the reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing boxed eave roof style, and the vertical roof style, which provides great looks and also great protection but is more expensive than the other styles. All of these roof styles do not function the same. The regular roof metal garages are more suited to mild weather conditions whereas a vertical garage can withstand any brutal weather elements, be it heavy rainfall or strong winds. Boxed eave metal garages are suitable in areas which face moderate conditions with occasional rainfall or any other adverse weather.

Extra Features for 2 Car Metal Garage and 3 Car Metal Garage

We offer options for openings as additional features for all of our enclosed metal buildings, including the 2 car metal garage and 3 car metal garage. However, these are standard openings that we offer with all of our metal structures and cannot be modified. If you want to install an opening of your own design or dimensions then you can choose to install an opening frame-out instead. This way, you can add your custom opening at any later date. All of the windows that we offer are 30” x 30” single pane and the walk-in doors are 36” x 80”. For roll-up garage doors, there are more choices; the smallest of the garage doors is 6’ x 6’ while the biggest is 12’ x 12’.

Carpor1, through many years of experience, has become a leading provider of metal buildings in the nation. We provide high-quality metal garages that have been engineered to provide maximum protection and security to your vehicles. Not only that, you can custom-design your metal garage to suit your specific requirements with all the options that we offer. Contact us online today or call us and order the 2 car garage or 3 car garage of your choice.

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