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What are the Features for Vertical Roof Metal Carports?

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Vertical Roof Carports

The Pros:

The A-Frame style looks much better than the regular style roof and the panels on the roof are vertical as compared to the boxed eave’s same A-frame design with horizontal panels. The weld transition from the roof to the legs or post is much stronger than a bend transition. The unit does have a nice eave side overhang and the tubing under the overhang is covered by a deeper vertical roof eave trim, giving it a very nice finished appearance. The unit utilizes hat channel that is needed to support the roof panels with the vertical orientation, and ridge cap is used to cover the seams where the vertical panels meet at the apex of the roof. There is more material used in the vertical roof carport as opposed to the other two roof styles.

The Cons:

The price of this unit is more than the other two units. It utilizes more material but it is the best roofing system that you can own in our line of carports and garages. If you need a carport or garage that will last for years, nearly maintenance free, this is the roof system that you want.

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