Metal Utility Carports

24×31 VERTICAL ROOF SINGLE CAR UTILITY-GRGVR-061 Free Delivery & Installation $7404
22×31 BOXED-EAVE ROOF DOUBLE CAR UTILITY-GRGBE-006 Free Delivery & Installation $7000
22×31 BOXED-EAVE ROOF SINGLE CAR UTILITY-GRGBE-009 Free Delivery & Installation $6560
20×21 BOXED-EAVE ROOF ONE CAR UTILITY-GRGBE-016 Free Delivery & Installation $5020

A utility or combo carport is a unique design that combines a carport and an enclosed storage area in one unit. The utility carport can be supplied with a span width from 12’ to 30’ wide. The enclosed section can be specified at any length but the most popular units feature a 5’ to 10’ deep storage room. Access to the enclosed section can be designed as a small garage door or a walk-in door. It is recommended to have a minimum length of 20’ for the open carport in order to accommodate the length of most vehicles.

The enclosed area can be used as a storage area or a workshop. There are numerous applications shown on our gallery page, which you can browse in order to find the design the best suits your requirements. As with all our base units, there are a wide variety of features and options that can be added according to preference and budget. These includes:

• Side panels
• Gables (on both front and/or back ends)
• Partially or fully enclosed ends
• Personnel doors
• Roll-up garage doors

Please call one of our trained customer service representatives who will assist you further for carport prices or email us with your query.