Triple Carports

40×30 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT Free Delivery & Installation $30709
40×32 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-003 Free Delivery & Installation $17352
40×28 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-004 Free Delivery & Installation $15563
30×41 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-042 Free Delivery & Installation $12400
30×26 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE STEEL CARPORT-CPTVR-040 Free Delivery & Installation $11210
30×41 BOXED EAVE ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTBE-011 Free Delivery & Installation $10555

What are the Uses for Triple Carports and 3-Car Metal Car Ports?

Triple carports are specified with a width of 26′ to 30′ and can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Storage for up to 3 cars (preferably use a width > 28’ for this purposes)
  • Wide beam boat storage
  • Travel trailer storage
  • RV storage
  • Motorhome storage

These carports are well suited for large RV’s as the extra width enables easy maneuverability into and out of the unit. Many owners also prefer to keep the slide-outs on their motorhomes open when in storage and this can also easily be accomplished with these larger units.

What are some of the Features and Options for Triple Carports and 3-Car Metal Car Ports?

There are multiple features available for the triple carport range. The following options are available to be added to the basic structure:

  • Side panels
  • Gables (on both front and/or backends)
  • Partially or fully enclosed ends
  • Personnel doors
  • Roll-up garage doors

One of the popular modifications is known as the utility carport. This unit has a 5’ or longer section of the rear of the carport structure enclosed completely into a storage building. The design is highly versatile and has proven to be very useful to many clients. In the gallery of images, you will find many of the options in graphics display to help you design the metal carport that meets your specific needs.

Why Should You Buy Triple Carports and 3-Car Car Ports from Carport1?

There are three principles that drive the service that Carport1 offers to our clients. Firstly, our goal is to offer you an outstanding customer service. Our approach is to listen to your requirements and then make recommendations that will help you achieve your objectives. Secondly, we offer an outstanding product. Quality is very important to us, and we are committed to ensuring that we deliver a product to you that meets your needs, is appealing to look at and is structurally sound. Thirdly, our prices are economical. Our advice is directed towards making sure you get what you need without adding unnecessary extras.

We aim to give you an enjoyable buying experience from beginning to end, whether you are speaking to one of our staff or engaging with us via the web. Order online or call us and we will do our very best to assist you in selecting an affordable, quality metal triple carport.