Carport1’s metal barns are ideal for multi-purpose farm storage. Some common uses of our steel barns are for equipment storage, farm buildings, farm storage sheds, hay storage sheds, feed storage buildings, and general storage sheds.

Our affordable metal barns also replace post-frame barns or pole barns due to reduced construction time. Also, our steel barns aren’t just used for storage! We offer steel buildings that are commonly used for livestock shelters and metal horse barns too. What’s more? They can be customized with horse stalls or livestock pens as well.

Like our metal carports, steel garages, and custom workshops, our metal barns are built by the largest metal carport and steel garage company in the US. The manufacturer has more than 14 years of experience in manufacturing steel buildings, and they produce the best quality materials.

Just so you know, the installation crews are also well-trained and take pride in their work, giving you a quality steel barn that is built to last.

48×36 STORAGE BUILDING Free Delivery & Installation $20895
44×41 METAL STORAGE BARN BUILDING-BRNRC-022 Free Delivery & Installation $19875
44×41 METAL FARM BUILDING-BRNRC-012 Free Delivery & Installation $18875
42×41 METAL STORAGE BUILDING-BRNRC-026 Free Delivery & Installation $17400
48×31 METAL STORAGE BUILDING-BRNRC-010 Free Delivery & Installation $16550
52x41 Steel Storage Building Free Delivery & Installation $16435


Metal Horse Barns

We offer a variety of styles of barns from clear-span steel building used as storage to structures used as metal horse barns. We have three primary forms for barns, two of which are raised center aisle barns and one is a continuous slope barn. If you’re interested, visit our barn photo gallery to view the differences in each style of the metal horse barns.

Furthermore, we offer our high-quality sectional steel horse barns with widths up to 54’ wide. Also, most of our top quality metal horse barns are built on site in a matter of a few hours. So, the best quality materials are used to construct our storage buildings; most of those materials are fabricated by the manufacturer, by the way.

Metal Barns and Storage Buildings

Our metal barns and storage buildings can be used for many applications. However, most of our customers have purchased our products to provide shelter for livestock or as run-in sheds.

Moreover, others utilize our products for equipment storage, farm, and garden fertilizer storage, and other general storage needs. So, if this interests you, call us today, and we’ll be glad to assist you in selecting your metal barns or storage buildings.

Everything about Metal Barns

A Metal Barn is a secure structure that is primarily used to store farm equipment, fodder, and livestock. Also, the worth and value of a farm increase significantly with a barn installed within your compound. So, adding it might make you more money if you decide to sell the property one day.

Additionally, it ensures that costly farm equipment and valuable animal fodder is kept/stored in a secure environment away from harsh weather conditions. It offers protection to your machine from vandalism, and other damaging effects such as falling hazards and this saves you the expense of unnecessary replacements and repairs.

To let you know, barns were traditionally made of wood, but with advancement in technology and the adoption of innovative building practices, that is not the case anymore. Metal is now the preferred material for barns with its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions ensuring stability, durability, and longevity.

Designed with the latest technology, the steel barns we build require minimal upkeep and maintenance allowing you to concentrate on more productive tasks and assignments.

Call us now and choose from a set of different metal barns for sale.

Metal Barns Features

A metal barn consists of a central building and lean-tos all of which can be customized to your preference. At Carport1, our customized barns are made of high-quality steel for added strength and stability.

Exterior specifications of Barns

There are different carport designs for you to choose from such as an entirely open structure with the center building and the lean-to open. Another model has the center building secured with walls and the lean-to open.

The barn can also feature both the center and lean-to closed as well as a design with the center building and the lean-to open. Our building experts are skilled craftsmen and can build all these designs to your specification.

The lean-to side structures are usually 12 feet wide, but we can also customize it to your required width. The width of the center building can be 12’, 18’, 20’, 22’ or 24’. The length of the structure varies from 21 feet to 41 feet long. Some designs are 26’, 31’ and 36’ long.

There are different window and door design options for you to choose from as well. Also, for your info, the roofing options are varied, and there are different barn color options for you to consider too.

Interior specifications of Barns

Depending on the type of barn you want to install, the interior design of it varies. It can be modified and partitioned to create space for your horse or dairy cows as well as a separate section for equipment and repairs. Moreover, if you want an office built within the barn, our building experts will gladly do that for you too.

Metal Barns Applications

Other than serving as a storage area for farm equipment and fodder, barns are versatile structures that can be used for the following purposes:

As a convenient shelter for farm animals

You can use barns to house farm animals such as horses and cows. Horses, in particular, can benefit from open structures that allow them unrestricted access and exit from the barns. It is particularly helpful when the owner is not around, and the weather gets chilly.

Horses can quickly get into the barn and shelter themselves from rain and snow. Horse owners can benefit from the variety of horse barns stocked at Carport1 and provide adequate shelter to their horses.

Barns used to house dairy cattle including milking cows and heifers should be built with a large resting area and an adjusted alley for placing cow feed.


Parking area for your vehicle and RV

Barns provide ample shelter for cars and RV. It protects them from the harsh elements of hailstorms, snow, and rain. This way they are less likely to rust as a result of continually being rained on. It protects your investment. Open barns are particularly convenient for homeowners who want easy access to their vehicles.

Storage for your boat

Store your boat in the barn when it’s not in use. It keeps it in good condition and ready for the next fishing or sailing trip.

Metal Barns | Horse Barns | Farm Barns

Carport1 strives to deliver industry-best practices when it comes to metal construction. Our team of professional builders and experts are available to help you build the best barn for your home.

We provide on-site installation services to ensure proper installation services in line with industry and state requirements. Proper installation ensures that the barns get to serve you for a long time without getting damaged.

With our affordable rates, flexible payment options, structured product, and craft warranties, we aim to make it as easy as possible for homeowners to build barns. So, design your barn and contact us for an instant quote.

Nonetheless, we can build different types of metal barns such as farm barns, horse barns, Carolina barns, and Seneca barns. Also, they can all be customized to your desired measurements.

A barn is one of the valuable farm structures that you can build on your farm, and this necessitates having the best experts build the best barn for you. So, Carport1 are the best experts, and our commitment is to help you make the best barn for your farm.

Build a barn today, and secure the equipment, fodder, and vehicles on your farm.

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