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2 Car Garages | Double Car Metal Carport Garages

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30x46 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage
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2 Car Garages For Sale

Double car garages are known for their multi-use purpose and versatility. These structures can be used to shelter your vehicles and supplement your storage needs.

Our metal buildings can even serve as a residential room, home theater, or patio. The usability of our double car metal carport garages is endless.

Carport1 offers the best color combinations, roof styles, and upgrades to customize your metal structure the way you want it.

Sizes, Roof Styles, and Structural Upgrades

Like all of our metal buildings, our double car structures are easy to customize. If our standard size building isn’t enough space for you, we can increase the dimensions to fit your needs.

The double car metal garage dimensions can be tailored to the exact measurements you need. The steel structure’s height can range from 7’ to 20’, which is taller than your average metal carport. Additionally, width ranges from 20’ to 24’ and the length of the garage starts at 21’ and increases every 5’.

When you select the roof style for your carport, consider your budget, weather conditions, and size of your structure.

Our 2 car buildings have three roof styles to choose from. The vertical roof is an A-frame design, which is best for locations that experience extreme weather.

The boxed eave roof style features an aesthetically pleasing A-frame design with horizontal panels.

Regular roof carports are the most affordable roof. They are perfect for locations with mild weather conditions year-round.

For additional stability, upgrade your steel building with stronger gauge framing and sheeting. We also offer optional walk-in entry doors, windows, frame-outs, lean-tos, and roll-up garage doors.

Buying From Carport1

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