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24x31 Regular Roof 2 Car Carport

Regular Roof Metal Carports

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If you are looking for a cost-effective shelter that does a good job of providing protection to your cars and other belongings against the elements then look no further than our Regular metal carports for sale. The characteristic feature of these metal carports is their curved roofline which offers a very distinctive look. That roofline is achieved by bending the roof bows into shape instead of welding them to the legs of the metal carport as is done in A-framed roofs.

While the low prices are the main advantages of a regular carport, they are not the only advantage. Regular style metal carports are versatile enough to accommodate a number of applications. Whether you need a protective cover for your car, a shaded space to host your family gathering or just an open shelter for your gardening equipment, a regular roof metal carport does it all. Pavilion regular metal carport, with the Dutch frame-outs, can be the perfect centerpiece for your backyard. If you require enclosed carport space or a metal shed with your carport then you can go for our utility carports. These metal carports are the perfect combination of parking and storage spaces.

Features of Regular Metal Carports for Sale

Roof Style of Regular Car ports:

A regular metal carport contains a roof structure that has rounded edges. The shape is due to the bending the bows of the roof. Metal sheets on the roof of these metal carports are in horizontal orientation. That means the roof panels run from the front end of the building to the back end.

Size of Regular Carports:

Dimensions of all our metal carports, including regular carports, are completely customizable. We do have some standard carport models that are readily available in our stock. However, you can modify the size of these carports to fit your requirements.

The width of Regular Metal Carports

The width of these metal carports starts at a minimum of 12’. If you are in need of a more spacious carport which can house a number of vehicles, then our double-wide carports, triple carports, and 40’ wide carports might be ideal for you.

Length of Regular Metal Carports

As for the length of the regular metal carport, the minimum is 21’. If the carport is longer than 36’, we will have to splice the horizontal panels which might give way to roof leaks. Hence, for metal carports that are more than 36’ in length, we recommend upgrading to a vertical roof.

Height of Regular Metal Carports

Similarly, standard leg height of a regular metal carport starts at 6’. If these dimensions do not satisfy your storage requirements, then you can even place an order with your custom dimensions.

Color Options for Regular Carports:

As with any of our metal buildings, we offer a selection of 15 shades for the color of the regular metal carports. You can select the desired color combination for the metal sheets, the roof panels, and the trims. The ideal color combination can help to greatly enhance the aesthetics of your metal carport.

Additional Features for Regular Carports:

Regular style metal carports can be purchased as roof-only, with just the metal framework and the roof structure. But if you want to improve the effectiveness of the carport and strengthen the protection of your belongings then you can opt to install the various additional features that come with our regular carports. These features include the addition of gables at the front and back end of the metal structure as well as the addition of side and end panels. Not only do the extra features add to the structural integrity of the metal carport but also refine its look.

The strength of the Materials:

Steel gauge is the measure of the thickness of steel elements and sheets. The more the steel gauge, the thinner the steel component and the less strength it has.

Our standard regular metal carports come with a 14-gauge steel tube framing.

For added strength, these metal carports can be upgraded to have a 12-gauge framing. Similarly, we use 29-gauge metal sheets for our standard regular roof carports but with an option of upgrading to 26-gauge.

Anchoring and Bracing for Regular Carports:

Anchors secure your metal carport to the ground so as to reduce the movement of the carport in cases of high winds, storms, etc. The type of anchor for your regular metal carport depends on the surface over which you intend to install your metal carport.

For non-certified units, we use rebars for anchoring carports to dirt or asphalt surfaces. Whereas, for certified units, mobile home anchors are used. Similarly, for concrete surfaces wedge anchors/concrete anchors are used. We also install a regular carport over wooden foundation with the help of lag bolts but these units cannot be certified.

Bracing functions to fix the roof structure to the legs of the carport so as to increase the structural integrity of the entire structure. Most of our non-certified regular metal carports for sale come with four corner braces. For certified units or to strengthen the metal carport, you can choose to add braces on every leg.

Pros of Regular Metal Carports

  • The absence of structural elements like the ridge cap, side eave trims as well as the hat channels lower the material cost that goes into building a metal carport. Hence, regular metal carports are some of the most economical products that we offer.
  • A regular carport does a decent job of protecting your vehicles and belongings. You can reinforce the defense against the elements by the addition of features like gables and side panels.

Cons of Regular Metal Carports

  • The horizontal roof panels of regular metal carports accumulate water and other debris in their ridges. Long-standing moisture can cause premature rusting on the steel components of the carport. Hence, for regular metal carports, you will need to regularly maintain and clean the roof panels to get rid of that moisture and debris.
  • The curved roofline of a regular metal carport may clash with the architectural style of a traditional sloped-roof house.

We offer high-quality regular metal carports at the most competitive carport prices in the market. Whatever your parking or storage needs are, we have got the perfect carport for you. Carport1 offers a wide range of customization options with each of our regular metal carport so that you get to design your metal carport yourself. If you want something more robust or with a more traditional look, then you might be interested in our Boxed Eave metal carports and Vertical metal carports.

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