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Metal Barn

Metal Barns

Carport 1 is the best metal building dealer with the most experience in America. With some of the most experienced specialists in the industry, we will make your purchase simple and hassle free. With the best price and expertise that this Metal building industry has to offer we will save both your money and time. Carport 1 has hundreds of options to upgrade through which you can tailor make your metal building as you require.

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Metal Barns

People who are in the agricultural business and who raise cattle or horses in their day to day lives will know how important a good living environment is for the well-being of their animals. Metal Barns are popular among farmers. It is not just because barns provide habitable spaces for their livestock, but also that these structures can also give supplementary storage spaces.

Having extra storages within a barn come in handy to store the feeds of the livestock, crop and produce, hay, light, and heavy farming equipment, etc.

Traditionally, barns were made of timber as timber was easily available for the construction. Also, it was light and you could span greater distance with timber than with other building materials. Additionally, there were no practical alternatives to wooden pole barn which would eliminate all the faults.

However, the advent of steel buildings in the construction industry has meant people now have a better substitute for those timber barns. Our steel barns offer all the advantages of wood, affordability, lightness as well as aesthetics, and more.

What wooden barns fail to provide is durability, the flexibility of design, fire-resistance and low-maintenance; and this is exactly what these steel barns take care of. Our steel barns are far superior to the traditional barns in providing the necessary protection required to shelter your animals and belongings.

Steel barns are also structurally strong enough to withstand sustained weather abuse.

Buying Metal Barn

Metal barn structure is used for housing horses, livestock or storage for farm crops and hay. Wood was preferred earlier to construct barns due to their various properties like:

No Foundation: With wooden barns, you can save the cost of a foundation/building foundation. Also, it can easily be installed on any surface.

Site Adaptability: Wooden barns easily adapt the site, you don’t need a flat surface and it can be installed at a non-prime location as well.

But due to various disadvantages of wooden pole barns, it’s a secondary option.

Fire: Wood barns are prompt to catch fire, which is a threat to all your horses and livestock.

Pole Displacement: Pole barns often face pole displacement issues & thus need regular maintenance, which eventually increases the overall maintenance cost.

Insects Attack: Insects can attack wood easily, the threat of termites, bacteria, and fungus is very common with wooden pole barns.

Swell: Wood reacts with the weather conditions, it gets swelled in rain and winter easily due to dew and moisture.

Where metal barns are a great alternative option because

  • Metal Don’t Catch Fire
  • Doesn’t Features Pole
  • Metal Don’t Get Attacked by Insects
  • And Metal Don’t Swell and Shrink

Benefits of Metal Barns for Your Agricultural Storage?

The price of our Metal Barns for sale is comparatively lower than a wooden barn; it needs less care, maintenance, and upkeep, and are proven to last longer than wooden barns. Nowadays, metal is the most preferred building material because of its durability, cost-efficiency, and longevity.

It also can withstand extreme weather condition such as snow, heavy rainfall and strong winds. Even regarding the aesthetics, metal barns are easily customized as per your preferences.

Some of the advantages of metal barns are:  expandable as per the future requirements, installation is faster, expansion is cost efficient as compared to wooden pole barns.

Why Metal Barns for sale from Carport1?

Buying metal barns for sale from Carport1 comes with many advantages. The primary benefits are the high quality of the products and the affordable metal barn prices. We use industry-grade galvanized steel for our metal farm buildings. So, these barns can protect your livestock and farm equipment for decades and they require minimal maintenance. But buying from Carport1 is more than the products.

Here is a list of some of the many reasons why you should purchase metal barns for sale from Carport1:

  • Inventory with hundreds of metal barn building options
  • Customizable dimensions and style of the barns
  • Products backed up with various warranties
  • Customizable extra features
  • Great customer services
  • Free delivery and installation in our Service Area

Creative Uses of Metal Barn

Protection of livestock and agricultural produce are the primary functions of barns; the versatility of the building and the flexibility in designing these structures make them ideal for various other uses.

Every aspect of the metal barn is completely customizable so that you can design it according to your needs. You can use the metal barns for everything from offices to workshops to garages. Some people have gone so far as to convert their barns into completely livable spaces often called Barndominiums.

With metal barns, partitioning and using various portions of barns for completely different purposes is pretty simple. Need an office with your metal barn? Just enclose the lean-tos and convert it into a comfortable home office or even a workshop.

The metal barns that we have on sale will provide your animals and belongings all-around protection from the elements as well as human threats. However, you do not have to limit the use of our metal barns to just agricultural purposes.

You can be very creative with your imagination when it comes to the application of these steel barns. Whatever the use or whatever your requirements are, we have a metal barn that is perfect for you.

Metal Barns Types by Carport1

Based on features and building quality, there are three types of metal barns for sale that Carport1 offers.

Regular Horse Metal Barns:
A Regular barn or horse barns are traditional or basic barn structures built in galvanized steel. These barns are ideal for those who are looking for less expensive but robust buildings. And for the record, these barns feature a horizontal style of roofs.

Carolina Metal Barns:
Carolina barns feature A-frame roof styles which make them different from regular horse barns. It not just gives the barns tremendous strength but also reduce all your cleaning efforts with vertical roofs.

Seneca Metal Barns:
These barns are not center raised, but just like Carolina metal barns, they feature A-framed roofs.

Metal Barn Specifications

When people purchase metal barns from us, everyone comes with unique requirements and different things he or she wants.

While presenting a standard design is easier, we know it does nothing to address the needs of the customer. We believe that our customers should not have to compromise their convenience when investing their money on our products.

That is why, at Carport1, we offer metal barns for sale that are fully customizable. When we say customizable, we mean you can modify each and every aspect of the metal barns as per your needs i.e. everything from dimension to the color to additional features.

Metal Barn Sizes

We have hundreds of options for a metal barn readily available in our stock supply. You can adjust the dimensions of these metal barns for sale, including the size of the lean-to. It’s done to make sure your metal barn is neither too big nor too small for your requirements. You can even order a metal barn with your own custom dimensions.

Metal Barn Material Thickness (Gauge)

The steel framing of the structure is made with 14-gauge galvanized steel tubing; the metal panels are made with 29- gauge galvanized steel sheets.

This type of framing is structurally strong enough to resist immense loads and can handle most of the weather conditions. However, if you live in an area where extreme weather is frequent or if you just want extra safety for your metal structure then you can add structural strength to the metal barn by upgrading the framing with 12-gauge steel tubes.

Metal Barn Roof Styles

When it comes to the roof styles, metal barns have more options than any of our other products. The horse barn comes with the regular roof style which means the central aisle, as well as the lean-to, has curved roof-line.

The roofs of our Carolina barns consist of A-framed structure and offered with horizontal as well as vertical roofing panels. Seneca barns also have A-framed roofs and the option of vertical and horizontal panels but, unlike Carolina barns, these barns have a continuous roof-line and the drop-off from the central aisle to the lean-to is not visible from the exterior.

Metal Barn Color Choices

While the traditional red color for a barn is not a bad look at all, the aesthetics of your metal barn should not be limited to a single color. Hence, we offer you a selection of 15 colors from which you can choose a color combination of your own. You can pick the color for the roof panels, the side and end panels as well as the trims.

Carport1 Colors
Note that colors may vary from one computer monitor to another & availability may vary by state.

Additional Features for Metal Barn

When it comes to our metal barns, we offer additional features like gables, side panels, and end panels. We offer those so that our customers get to decide the amount of coverage for their metal barn. For enclosed metal barns, we also offer options for the openings including roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows. 

Order Your Metal Barn

  • I have found the ideal metal barn for me. How do I place an order now?

Ordering a metal barn for sale from Carport1 is pretty simple and easy. If you have found the metal barn of your choice and customized it to your exact requirements, then you can proceed to actually purchase it.

To start your order, you will have to make certain amounts of down payment which depend on the price of your metal barn. If your metal barn costs less than $1500, the down payment is just 10% of the total cost.

It is 12% of the total cost if the structure costs $1500-$4000. Anything more than $4000, you will have to pay 15% of the total cost.

Making a payment through VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal will start your order earlier than payment through checks. This is because checks need 5-10 business days to be cleared. Only after that does the order start. You can also send in your purchased orders to us for approval.

Installation of the Metal Barn

  • What are the things I need to prepare for my metal barn before the construction starts?

After you have placed an order and before the installation crew arrives for the construction, the only thing you will need to do is prepare your site. Installation of the metal barn will require a level piece of land.

The crew will not be able to install the barn on a site that has a level difference of more than 3”. Unlevelled land causes the structure to be unstable as a result of which the barn may lean-to one side.

Enclosed structures built on the unlevelled ground will develop cracks and leaks and you might have difficulty opening and closing the doors and windows.

It is better to level the ground, clear off any obstruction or debris before the arrival of the parts so that the construction crew can start their work as early as possible.

With Carport1, you will get free delivery and installation of your metal barns if you live within our service area. You just have to make sure that the site is level and clear.

Metal Barn Prices

Carport1 has been providing metal barns for sale and other equipment storage buildings for decades now. This experience allows us to better negotiate with metal building suppliers on behalf of our customers. Hence, we are able to offer some of the best metal building prices in the industry. The highest quality products coupled with the cheapest prices, what more could you ask for?

It is not just that we have the cheapest metal barns for sale, we also have a wide range of options. Our inventory has hundreds of metal barn models that can take care of all storage needs. Hence, you can easily find the barn that suits your requirements and also fits inside your budget.

Features to Choose for the Best Metal Barn Prices

Of course, there are many factors that affect the price of a metal barn.

Dimensions: The bigger the size of a metal barn, the more its manufacturing cost. So, technically a smaller barn will cost the least. But a barn that is too small for your needs will end up costing you in the long run. It will not protect your belongings and is just more inconvenient to use. So, we always recommend sizing up than what you need. That way, you will not have to replace the barn every few years.

Barn Style: If you are looking for the most affordable option, then regular metal barns should be your go-to choice. The next best option is the A-framed roof with the horizontal metal panels. However, these options will only perform effectively in areas with mild to moderate weather conditions. In regions that face heavy precipitation, it will be more cost-effective to go for the vertical roofs.

Extra Features: You can also reduce the cost of the barn by decreasing its coverage. For example, a partially open metal barn will cost less than a completely enclosed one. That being said, the fully enclosed barn will provide better protection to your farm storage too.

Ultimately, it is not just the initial cost of the barn building that makes up the best metal barn prices. You will have to think about the long-term cost as well. With the metal barns from Carport1, you can reap its financial benefits now and in the future. These barns are incredibly affordable to buy. Our barns are also customizable. So, you can easily modify one to fit your needs. They are also durable and low-maintenance. All of these benefits combined is why we claim to have the best barn prices.

Customer Experience

Over the years, we worked continuously to improve the quality of our products as well as our services. When a customer buys a product from Carport1, we make sure that the customer has a great experience in every step of the process, from selecting the product to using and maintaining it.

We have a team of customer care representatives at your service to answer any queries that you might have or to give you general guidance on finding the right product. You can also contact anyone from the team if you have any suggestions or recommendations for us.

Our online service is the main tool in helping us reach out to our customers. We have tried to make it informative and interactive so that our customers can be well-informed about the products before making a purchase.

Features like the component visualizer and the color planner will help our customers to get a better picture of what the product will look like before they actually spend their money on it.

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