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44x21 Regular Horse Barn

starting at $7,050.00

Most affordable metal barn for sheltering your horses, cattle, and farm equipment! This unique looking regular horse barn provides basic protection against the elements and can be customized to fit your storage requirements.

42x21 Regular Roof Barn

starting at $5,825.00

A Regular Roof Barn that is durable and effective yet cost-effective. The partially enclosed main section and the lean-tos offer a protected shelter for equipment storage, feed storage, hay storage, and much more.

44x21 Regular Roof Horse Barn

starting at $5,685.00

Metal barns do not get more affordable than this 44x21 regular horse barn. Easily accessible, this metal barn will provide great protection for your farm vehicles and equipment against the elements.

42x21 Regular Roof Metal Barn

starting at $7,230.00

An inexpensive way of protecting your farm animals, vehicles, and equipment from the elements. This Regular Roof Metal Barn, made with galvanized steel, is extremely durable as well as versatile.

36x26 Regular Roof Metal Barn

starting at $7,520.00

A modern looking shelter for your horses and other farm animals. This 36x26 regular roofed metal barn is affordable, yet is extremely durable and effective. The metal barn is also ideal for the storage of farm vehicles and equipment.

42x26 Standard Barn Structure

starting at $6,850.00

A dependable metal barn that provides essential protection to your farm vehicles and equipment from the rain. More than that, this 42x26 regular horse barn offers incredible versatility within a budget.

42x26 Steel Horse Shelter

starting at $8,545.00

An inexpensive Steel Horse Shelter that is the perfect shelter for your livestock, feed, hay, and more. Durable and convenient to use, this 44x26 metal barn can be customized exactly to your specifications.

44x26 Horse Barn Building

starting at $8,470.00

A spacious 44x26 horse barn that can accommodate your various farm storage needs. The lean-tos have partial coverage for maximum protection, and the main section has gables for easy access to your belongings.

44x26 Horse Barn

starting at $9,040.00

An inexpensive regular horse barn that not only shields your storage from the elements but also provides them security. Durable and convenient to use, this 44x26 metal barn can be customized exactly to your specifications.

36x21 Horse Barn

starting at $4,730.00

Regular metal horse barn with an open design that is durable but also effective. The gables at the ends give more coverage and refine the looks of the barn. Plus, this high-quality 36x21 metal barn is extremely affordable.

42x21 Steel Horse Barn

starting at $6,850.00

This curved roof 42x26 metal barn is a cost-effective shelter. With an open central aisle and enclosed lean-tos, this metal barn offers accessibility, convenience as well as security, all at the same time.

44x31 Metal Horse Barn

starting at $9,600.00

This spacious  42x31 regular metal horse barn has enclosed lean-tos for secure storage while the gabled main section allows for easy movement.

42x21 Continuous Roof Metal Barn

starting at $4,410.00

The perfect protection for your livestock, vehicles, and equipment against the elements. This open Continuous roof metal barn (Seneca barn) features a continuous roof and gabled ends.

42x21 Continuous Roof Steel Barn

starting at $8,120.00

This 42x21 Continuous Roof Steel Barn is aesthetically unique, structurally robust and incredibly effective in keeping the elements out. A safe shelter for your livestock, it is also ideal for housing your farm vehicles, equipment, and much more.

44x21 Metal Seneca Barn

starting at $7,430.00

Continuous Roof Barn Ideal for Equipment Storage, Feed Storage, and more

46x26 Continuous Roof Seneca Barn

starting at $10,415.00

Metal barn that is a perfect blend of strength, aesthetics and affordability! This 46 x 26 continuous roof Seneca barn makes a great shelter for your farm vehicles, equipment, feed storage, and much more!

42x21 Seneca Style Barn (Sloped roof metal storage unit)

starting at $5,500.00

Elegant and super affordable! This continuous roof 42' x 21' metal Seneca style barn is perfect for all of your farm storage needs. Also, it makes a great shelter for your vehicles and other valuables.

44x21 Metal Seneca Barn (Continuous Roof Line Barn)

starting at $7,090.00

44x21 continuous roof metal Seneca barn with strength and style! Protects your livestock from the elements. Also a great option for storing your farm machinery, equipment, vehicles, and much more.

42x26 Carolina Farm Barn

starting at $10,355.00

A classic Carolina metal barn that can be customized to your storage requirements. Perfect shelter for livestock and also provides secure storage for feed storage, farm vehicle, etc.

42x21 Carolina Barn Building

starting at $5,410.00

A-framed Carolina metal barn with vintage style and great durability! Partially enclosed to provide a great protection and easy access to your valuables.

36x31 Steel Farm Building

starting at $9,600.00

Structurally robust and aesthetically refined! A-framed Steel Farm Building makes a great shelter for your farm vehicles, feed storage, equipment, and more. The partial enclosure also allows for easier access.