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18x31 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $3,015.00

This Regular Style Carport is perfect to shelter your camper or travel trailer. It features additional coverage on each side wall and gable ends for maximum shelter and protection.

18x31 Regular Roof RV Carports

starting at $2,515.00

An affordable RV carport that has a regular roof and partially covered sides. The ends are left open to give maximum clearance. The 18' x 31' structure can comfortably shelter your RVs, camper vans, boats, and more.

18×36 Boxed Eave Roof Single Car Carport

starting at $3,275.00

An affordable Regular Roof metal RV carport with dimensions of 18'W x 36'L x 12'H. The carport will provide your RVs, boats, travel trailers, etc. with adequate protection against the elements. It can also shelter your cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

22×36 Regular Roof Double Car Carport

starting at $4,235.00

This Regular Style Carport is perfect to shelter your camper or travel trailer. It features additional coverage on each side wall and gable ends for maximum shelter and protection.

12x36 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $2,865.00

Regular style RV carport that has enough room to shelter your RVs, boats, trailers, camper vans, and so on. The 12' x 36' RV cover has an extended gable and side panels for maximum coverage.

18x26 Regular Double Carport

starting at $2,155.00

A basic regular roof metal carport to give your belongings necessary protection. This 18' x 26' carport can house your cars, pickups, and even your RVs, boats, and more. It has partially covered sides and open ends.

18x41 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $3,405.00

This 18 x 41 RV carport is one of our affordable regular roofed metal buildings. It can shelter your RVs, boats, campervans, etc. from the adverse weather. It has partial coverage on the sides and is open at the ends for maximum clearance.

20x26 Regular Roof Two Car Carport

starting at $2,510.00

This regular roof metal carport is an affordable option for sheltering two cars, trucks, etc. The carport has dimensions of 20'W x 26'L x 10'H. It features partially covered sides. However, the back end is left open for easy access to your belongings.

18x26 Regular Style RV Cover

starting at $1,800.00

An incredibly affordable metal RV carport cover that can protect your RVs, trailer, boats, etc. from the elements. The open sides and ends allow easy access to your belongings.

18x36 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $3,225.00

Regular roofed metal carport with dimensions of 18'W x 36'L x 12'H. Perfect for housing RVs, boats, and other such luxury vehicles. The carport has gables on the ends and side panels on the sides for extra protection.

18x36 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $3,275.00

Perfect for sheltering large luxury vehicles, like your travel trailers, RVs, boats, and more. This regular roofed RV carport features partially covered sides and gabled ends for better protection against the elements.

12x36 Regular Roof RV covers

starting at $2,120.00

RV Covers is great for your Recreational Vehicles. We offer Rent-to-own and financing option. Call today to get a free quote.

12x31 Regular Roof RV Shelter

starting at $2,605.00

This metal RV carport is a great option for people looking to shelter their expensive luxury vehicles within a budget. The partially enclosed sides provide extra coverage for your belognings to protect them against the elements.

12x31 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $3,015.00

This 12'W x 31'L x 10'H metal RV carport is perfect for sheltering your RVs, camper vans, travel trailers, and more. It has fully enclosed sides and back end for maximum coverage, and an open front end for easy accessibility.

18x26 Regular Roof Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $1,890.00

This Regular Style Carport is perfect to shelter your camper or industrial equipment. It features additional coverage on each side wall, extende gable end, and open front end for maximum clearance.

18x26 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $2,110.00

One of our regular style metal RV cover with dimensions of 18'W x 26'L x 9'H. It can effectively shelter your travel trailer, camper vans, and also your cars, pickups, etc. The carport has a gabled front end and partially covered sides. The back end is left open for easy access.

18x36 Regular Roof RV Cover

starting at $2,760.00

This 18x36 Regular Roof RV Cover is one of the best-priced RV covers in our line up. This RV cover can have multiple uses as it can be used not only for sheltering RV's but also boats and many other types of equipment. It features additional coverage on each side wall with open ends for maximum clearance.

Sustained exposure to harsh weather conditions can cause significant damage to your recreational vehicles. Our metal RV carports are great ways of protecting your luxury vehicles from any elemental threats. That way, you do not face any mechanical breakdowns during a road trip or a getaway. If you are looking for an RV shelter that is durable, effective in sheltering your valuables and also wallet-friendly, then one of our Regular metal RV covers might be the ideal option for you.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Regular Metal RV Carport or Regular Roof RV Covers?

Regular metal RV Carport kits are some of the most affordable options for sheltering your recreational vehicles but not every Regular metal RV carport will be perfect for you. There are a few things you should consider before buying regular roof RV covers.

Size and number of the vehicles

The size and number of the recreational vehicles you intend to shelter will determine the dimensions of regular roof RV covers. While considering the dimensions of these types of metal structures, always choose something that is bigger than the minimum size required to park the vehicles. This gives you enough room to move around. In some cases, this will also give you a little bit of space for extra storage.

Weather of your Place

Regular roof RV covers kits are more suited to places with very mild weather conditions throughout the year. It is important to consider the weather of your place when buying a metal RV carport. That way you will ensure that your structure is able to withstand the weather loads. People who live in places that experience heavy snowfall or strong winds on a more regular basis should go for our Vertical metal RV covers.

Additional Features and Cost

Regular roof RV carports kits are very cost-efficient. However, there are additional features which you can purchase with these RV covers. These features can drive up the cost of these carports. Sometimes, they may be necessary to provide sufficient protection for your vehicles. In other cases, you may opt for them for aesthetics of the RV cover. But if you have a limited budget, then you can choose to go with our basic roof-only regular roof RV covers.

Features and Specifications for Regular Metal RV Carports or Regular Roof RV Covers

The metal RV cover kits that we can make readily available to our customers come in some standard size and models. But you can modify the features of these regular roof RV covers to suit your needs. If, however, you are unable to find something that matches your needs, then feel free to place a custom order.

Size of Regular Metal RV Carports

We do not limit our regular roof RV covers to just a single or few standard dimensions because we know one size of RV cover cannot fit all the requirements of our customers.

Length of Metal RV Covers

RVs, motorhomes and other luxury vehicles have varied, and often great, lengths depending on the type, the manufacturer, etc. of the vehicle. To ensure that the metal RV cover provides optimum coverage, we offer our regular RV covers with a minimum of 21’ length with 5’ increments so that the available lengths are 21’, 26’, 31’, 36’, and so on.

The width of Metal RV Covers

When it comes to the width of the metal RV cover, we have regular metal RV carport kits that have widths varying from 12’ to 40’. The minimum width is spacious enough to accommodate and shelter a single luxury vehicle.

The height of Metal RV Covers

Height is another important factor for choosing your Regular metal RV carport. Sometimes more than the height of the RV should be taken into account when considering the height of the RV cover. Any rooftop antennas or AC vents may require additional height. We offer varying options for the height of the regular metal RV cover starting from 10’ and with 1’ increments.

Roof Style of Regular Metal RV Carports

These metal buildings have horizontal panels. The panels run along the length of the carport and are supported on a number of curve-edged bows. This forms the roof structure of a regular metal RV carport. The rounded roofline is obtained by bending the bows of the metal RV shelter. That is different from the welded transition of the A-framed structures.

Color options for Regular Metal RV Carports

The curb appeal of a building is very much dependent on the color combination of the structure. So, to satisfy the unique visual requirements of all of our customers, we offer 15 color choices. From these colors, you can choose the colors for the roof panels, the side panels, the end panels as well as the trims for the desired color combination.

Additional Features for Regular Metal RV Carports

You can achieve basic protection for your recreational vehicles with a roof-only RV cover if the weather remains fairly mild all through the year. The obvious advantage of these RV covers is their low-cost.

However, these regular metal RV covers are not ideal for all weather conditions. If you want to improve the protection for your luxury vehicles, you can choose to add the extra features. These features include the addition of gables, side panels as well as the end panels and can help to increase the coverage. Besides bettering the performance, these features also refine the aesthetics of the metal RV covers.

Structural Specifications of Regular Metal RV Carports and Metal RV Covers

Material Gauge

Steel gauge is the unit that measures the thickness of steel components. Lower steel gauge metal parts have a higher thickness and also greater structural strength. The frames of our regular metal RV carports are made with 14-gauge. They come with an option to upgrade with 12-gauge tubes. This is true for all of our non-certified structures. Almost all of our certified regular metal RV covers come with 12-gauge framing.

Corrugated metal sheets, that we use on the walls and the roofs of our non-certified regular metal RV carports, come in 29-gauge. You can upgrade your carport with thicker metal sheets that are of 26-gauge. All of the steel components that we use for our Steel RV covers are made of galvanized steel which makes them resistant to damage through rust.


If your regular metal RV cover is not secured to the ground with anchors then there is every possibility that the metal structure will blow over by strong winds or move under small seismic loads.

Anchors fix the metal RV covers to the ground surface and ensure that they remain stable under all circumstances. We provide different types of anchors for metal RV cover kits installations over various surfaces.

Rebar anchors: Dirt/asphalt surfaces; non-certified units.

Mobile home anchors: Dirt/asphalt surfaces; certified units

Concrete/ Wedge anchors: Concrete surface

Lag Bolts: Wooden surfaces, no certifications with installations over wooden surfaces.


Braces are the metal components that secure the roof of the regular metal RV cover to the legs or posts. These elements preserve the structural integrity of the RV cover. Hence, the structure will not fail under great load conditions. Our certified units have been engineered with the required number of braces as per the weather of the place where it is to be installed. Non-certified regular metal RV cover kits come with 4 corner braces. We offer the option of increasing this number at an additional cost if you want to increase the structural support for the structure.

Pros of Regular Metal RV Covers

  • The affordability of regular metal RV covers is the major advantage of purchasing these units.
  • With regular metal RV carports from Carport1, you can modify all the features of the metal structure to fit your RV parking and storage requirements.
  • These RV covers provide basic protection for your luxury vehicles against the elements. You can also choose to install additional features with your regular metal RV cover to increase the level of protection.

Cons of Regular Metal RV Covers

  • Regular metal RV carports need higher maintenance than the vertical roofed RV carports. They require frequent cleaning to get rid of the snow, water, and debris that stand on the ridges of the horizontal panels. Moreover, long exposure to the moisture can damage the protective covering of the steel parts and lead to premature rusting.
  • The protection offered by Regular metal RV covers is basic. Additionally, they are not very well-suited in places with harsh weather conditions.

Whether you are buying a metal boat carport or a motorhome carport, you can be sure that when you make a purchase from Carport1, you are getting the most competitive price in the market. All of our regular metal RV carports are manufactured with superior quality materials and are engineered to have a long lifespan. Contact our customer care service now and get an instant quote for the regular metal RV cover of your choice.