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22x26 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $9,850.00

Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, this 22x26 vertical metal garage is the long-term solution for your storage requirements. An excellent option for protecting your vehicles, equipment, etc. and has enough room to accommodate a couple of your cars or trucks.

24x26 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $6,860.00

A beautiful vertical metal garage kit that comes in a dual tone color combination. The side entrances lend uniqueness to the structure. This 24x26 metal garage makes a great addition to your property and is perfect for sheltering 2 cars, trucks, etc.

22x21 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $6,935.00

Designed to be easily accessible to the users and effective in protecting your belongings from various dangers. This wainscot and Dutch-style frame-outs further enhance the aesthetics of this 22x21 metal garage.

22x26 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $6,525.00

A strong and stunning option for sheltering two of your cars or trucks. This vertical roof garage performs amazingly as a workshop building, as a backyard shed, as an agricultural storage, and much more!

40x60 Vertical Roof Three-Car Garage

starting at $33,177.00

A 40' wide vertical metal garage building that is sized similar to our huge commercial buildings and has more than enough space for sheltering 3 cars. It can also be used for housing large equipment, heavy-duty machinery, RVs, boats, etc.

24x51 Vertical Roof Three-Car Garage

starting at $14,670.00

A durable and aesthetically pleasing metal garage that has three cars shelter space and more. Also offers room for storage of equipment, utility tools, etc. The metal garage has many garage doors to provide side entry into the building. \n \n 

24x51 Vertical Roof Three-Car Garage

starting at $14,090.00

With a width of 24' and a length of 51', this vertical steel garage buildings will comfortably shelter three of your family cars, trucks, etc. The pictured metal garage can even serve as a maintenance workshop or as a storage shed while also protecting multiple vehicles.

30x41 Vertical Roof Three-Car Garage

starting at $17,188.00

One of the most stunning vertical prefab steel garages we have for sale and completely customizable. This 30x41 steel garage has plenty of space to house 3 cars, trucks, etc. The lean-to of the metal garage provides extra storage area.

24x51 Vertical Roof Four-Car Garage

starting at $16,395.00

A long-lasting metal garage that is fit for sheltering 4 cars. This 24x51 vertical metal garage has vehicular entries on the side and is incredibly accessible.

20x26 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $7,515.00

A vertical roofed garage that is structurally stable, long-lasting and looks pretty amazing. This 20x26 structure makes an ideal 2 car garage and can be easily accessed through the various side entrances.

20x26 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage

starting at $7,215.00

A vertical roofed metal garage ideal for sheltering 1 car, pickup, etc. This stunning prefab metal garage is one of the strongest and most durable products we have on offer and is sure to last for decades.

20x21 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage

starting at $5,900.00

A single metal garage to protect your car or truck. This beautiful looking 20' x 21' x 9' prefab metal garage is one of the most durable metal garages we have on offer.

22x26 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage

starting at $7,265.00

A durable and gorgeous looking 22' x 26' vertical metal garage is perfect for sheltering a single car or a truck. Fully enclosed to provide secure storage for your lawn equipment, agricultural machinery, utility tools, and so on.

22x26 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $9,090.00

Vertical roof steel building provides enough space for 2 cars, pickups, and other vehicles of similar size. Also makes the perfect repair workshop, backyard storage shed, home office, and much more.

18x21 Vertical Roof Single Car Garage

starting at $5,550.00

A stunning vertical roofed metal garage with dimensions to shelter a single car, pickup, etc. As one of our steel garage buildings, this structure protects your belongings from the elements, vandals, and thieves.

24x31 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $9,280.00

A classic metal car garage that is simple but elegant and has more than enough room to shelter two medium-sized cars, trucks, etc. This 24x31 metal car garage is so sized that it can even house smaller boats, RV trailers, etc.

24x26 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $9,400.00

A stylish 24x26 metal garage building that comes with a vertical roof style, the Dutch-style frame-outs, and a dual-tone color combination. This metal garage is an ideal shelter for 2 cars, trucks, etc.

22x31 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $7,380.00

Pretty elegant and simple in its style, this vertical metal garage is very effective in resisting the elements and human threats. The 22x31 helps to shelter 2 cars and is planned to allow the user easy access to their belongings.

24x31 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $7,560.00

A 24x31 vertical metal garage that has been designed to house 2 cars and also has plenty of space to secure storage such as utility tools, garden equipment, and more. This structurally robust 2 car metal garage comes with great curb appeal to back up that strength.

18x21 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $5,140.00

One of our 2 car metal garage buildings with a vertical roof style. Makes a durable shelter for 2 cars, trucks, and more. This garage allows easy access to your belongings and looks gorgeous.

24x31 Vertical Roof Double Car Garage

starting at $9,030.00

Vertical Roof Garage for (2) Cars or Trucks or Storage. Ideal for enclosed storage for cars, trucks, and other equipment.

To ensure that your vehicles and belongings remain in fine working order for a long period of time, you need to give them maximum protection possible against threats like adverse weather conditions, theft or vandalism. Our vertical roof metal garages are perfectly suited to serve that purpose. These metal garages are the perfect blend of form and function. What differentiates vertical metal garages from the rest is the great structural robustness and durability they offer.

These metal garages are some of the strongest and long lasting products that we sell. This is why we recommend vertical metal garages to people living in places that face harsh weather conditions. But protection for your belongings is not the only reason why purchasing vertical metal garages is beneficial. The flexibility of these metal garages means that you do not have to limit them to a single use. Whether you need a metal garage simply to park your car, convert it to an art studio or use it as a gym room, vertical roof metal garages are perfect for all these applications and more.

The price of these metal garages should not deter you from buying them. Their durability, the safety, and security for your belongings, as well as the added value to your property, meaning that these metal buildings give a great return on investment in the long run.

Features and Specifications of our Vertical Roof Metal Garages

We have hundreds of vertical metal garage models as a part of our inventory with specific features. But that does not mean these are the only options and specifications for our Vertical roof metal garages for sale. Far from it. The customization options we offer for every feature of our metal garages allows you to mold the metal garage to fit your specific storage requirements. If you cannot find the perfect metal garage for you, even with these options, then you can place a custom order with specifications of your own.

Vertical Metal Garage Sizes

Carport1 offers numerous options for the dimension of our vertical roof metal garages for sale. The smallest of our vertical garage has a size of 12’ in width, 21’ in length and 7’ in height. Our vertical metal garages are categorized on the basis of the width of the garage and the number of cars that can be stored underneath its roof. Single metal garages start at a width of 12’, double metal garages start at 20’ width while triple wide metal garages start at 26’ width.

As for the length, vertical metal garages can be as long as you desire. From 21’, the length of the metal garage increases in increments of 5′.

When selecting the height of the metal, make sure that you have sufficient space for the installation of openings. Most of the framed openings require space for the header, and in case of garage doors, the barrels or the rolls of the shutter also require some space.

Vertical Metal Garages Roof Style

Vertical metal garages are those metal garages that come with an A-framed roof structure with vertical roof panels. The bows of the roof are welded to the legs or the posts of the structure. The slight roof overhangs and the side-eave trims that run underneath those overhangs forms a part of the A-framed look. Additionally, vertical metal garages also have horizontal hat channels that run along the length of the metal garage. The ridge cap covers the seam at the top of the garage where the vertical panels meet.

Color Options with Vertical Roof Metal Garages

To give you more control over the aesthetics of your metal garage we offer 15 different color options which are included in our color catalog. Picking the appropriate color combination through the color of the roof panels, the wall panels, and the trims can help to improve the curb appeal of the vertical metal garage.

Additional Features for Vertical Metal Garages

Additional features for these metal structures include the installation of openings such as the walk-in doors, windows and garage doors. These openings, along with being the chief source of movement, also let light and air circulate inside the building. Good design of a metal garage involves proper placement and distribution of these openings.

The openings that we offer come in some standard dimensions and design. Windows for our metal garages are 30” x 30” and are all single-pane. Similarly, the walk-in doors have a size of 36” x 80”. Garage doors are all roll-ups garage doors and their sizes start at 6’ x 6’.

Structural Strength of Vertical Metal Garages

The three factors that influence the structural strength of the vertical metal garages are the frame thickness, use of anchors and the bracing for the structure.

The thicknesses of the steel components are measured by units called steel gauge. Higher steel gauge means the steel element has less thickness and strength. Most of our non-certified garages come with 14-gauge steel framing. But for added strength or for certification, you can upgrade the garage with 12-gauge framing. Likewise, the metal sheets that are used for non-certified units are of 29-gauge with an option of upgrading to 26-gauge metal sheets.

Anchors secure the metal garages to the ground surface for better structural stability. The use of anchors for metal garages depends on the ground surface as well as the certification of the building. The four types of metal garage anchors that we use are:

Rebar anchors: For non-certified units over dirt/asphalt surfaces

Mobile home anchors: For certified units over dirt/asphalt surfaces

Concrete/ Wedge anchors: For units over concrete surfaces

Lag Bolts: For units over wooden surface. We do not certify installations over wooden surfaces.

As for the braces, all of our metal garages for sale come with at least 4 corner braces. These braces help to fix the roof structure to the legs of the metal garage. They reduce the movement of the roof in weather conditions which can put great stress on the structure. For non-certified vertical metal garages, we offer the option of additional braces and bows at an extra cost. Certified metal garages do not require additional support since they are designed to withstand snow and wind loads of that specific place.

What Makes Vertical Roof Metal Garages So Strong?

Vertical metal garages derive their strength from the A-framed roof. While at a glance boxed eave metal garages and vertical metal garages may look similar, there are many structural differences between the two which contributes to the structural superiority of the vertical garages. The addition of structural elements like the hat channels, ridge cap, etc. reinforces the robustness of these metal garages.

The welded transition from the bows to the leg of the garage is also stronger than the bent transition of regular garages. Since water, snow, and debris do not stand for long on the roof of vertical garages, the structure does not have to sustain heavy loads. This also preserves the structural integrity of the vertical roof metal garage and helps it last for years and years.

Pros of Vertical Metal Garages

  • These metal garages have an unparalleled structural strength and offer great durability.
  • Snow, debris, and water just slide off the vertical panels of the roof and hence these metal garages require the least maintenance and cleaning efforts among the three roof style. Since moisture does not accumulate on the ridges of the roof, there is less possibility of rusting of the panels.
  • The A-framed roof style blends more easily with the architecture of a traditional house.
  • These metal garages provide maximum protection to your valuables in all weather conditions. They are also very effective against theft and vandalism.

Cons of Vertical Metal Garages

  • Vertical metal garages are not as affordable as the other two options, mainly because the additional structural elements, like the ridge cap and hat channels, increase the material cost. The initial costliness of these garages may be the only disadvantage of purchasing these structures. However, they more than make-up for it through the protection they offer and their durability.

Order your vertical roof metal garage from Carport1 today and give your valuables great protection against all types of threats, whether natural or man-made. Enjoy a metal garage that is tailor-made to fulfill your personal storage requirements. If you need any extra information or have queries regarding any of our products, then feel to call us or leave us a message.