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22x31 Boxed-Eave Roof Double Car Utility

starting at $7,000.00

A metal garage that combines a carport and utility storage into a single unit. Whether you need enclosed space for complete security of your belongings or just need a shade that gives you easy accessibility, this 22x26 metal garage has you covered.

22x31 Boxed-Eave Roof Single Car Utility

starting at $6,560.00

Metal garage buildings are incredibly flexible as they are, mainly because of their clear-spanning nature. But our utility metal carports or metal garages are even more versatile than our other structures. That is because Boxed-Eave Roof Single Car Utility is a combination of carport space and garage space.

20x21 Boxed-Eave Roof One Car Utility

starting at $5,020.00

Combining utility storage space and metal carport space. Makes a very versatile as well as a beautiful addition to your backyard. This garage gives you enclosed spaces for secure storage and open spaces for easy accessibility.

24x31 Vertical Roof Single Car Utility

starting at $7,404.00

A vertical carport garage is attached to a utility storage area in the form of an enclosed garage. With various types of storage spaces available, this 1 car garage provides a great solution to all of your storage problems.