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42x26 Standard Barn Structure

starting at $6,850.00

A dependable metal barn that provides essential protection to your farm vehicles and equipment from the rain. More than that, this 42x26 regular horse barn offers incredible versatility within a budget.

42x26 Steel Horse Shelter

starting at $8,545.00

An inexpensive Steel Horse Shelter that is the perfect shelter for your livestock, feed, hay, and more. Durable and convenient to use, this 44x26 metal barn can be customized exactly to your specifications.

46x31 Seneca Barn Structure

starting at $11,575.00

Continuous roof Seneca metal barn offers unique aesthetics. Ideal for enclosed agricultural and equipment storage. Also, provides partially open space for sheltering livestock and horses.

30x26 Seneca Barn

starting at $9,085.00

A unique solution for your agricultural storage needs! This gorgeous metal Seneca barn, with lean-to on one side, offers secure storage to your valuables and equipment.

46x26 Continuous Roof Seneca Barn

starting at $10,415.00

Metal barn that is a perfect blend of strength, aesthetics and affordability! This 46 x 26 continuous roof Seneca barn makes a great shelter for your farm vehicles, equipment, feed storage, and much more!

42x26 Carolina Farm Barn

starting at $10,355.00

A classic Carolina metal barn that can be customized to your storage requirements. Perfect shelter for livestock and also provides secure storage for feed storage, farm vehicle, etc.

42x21 Carolina Steel Storage

starting at $8,855.00

The most beautiful and versatile addition to your property! 42 x 21 Carolina Steel Storage offers plenty of room for enclosed feed, equipment storage, etc. Also ideal for sheltering vehicles, livestock, and so much more!

44x21 Metal Carolina Barn

starting at $13,150.00

An all-in-one solution for all of your agricultural storage solution. This stunning raised central aisle barn is incredibly versatile and is ideal for sheltering livestock, your farm vehicles, and much more.

44x21 Carolina Metal Barn Building

starting at $12,910.00

Fully enclosed Carolina Metal Barn Building. Provides safe and secure shelter for your vehicles storage, feed storage, equipment storage, and more.

48x31 Metal Storage Building

starting at $16,550.00

The ideal shelter for all of your agricultural storage requirements. This 48 x 31 Metal Storage Building has fully enclosed main aisle for secure storage and partially enclosed lean-tos for easy access.

48x21 Steel Storage Structure

starting at $12,880.00

A beautiful-looking raised central aisle barn that is perfect for sheltering your livestock, farm vehicles, feed storage, and much more. This fully enclosed metal barn will ensure complete security of your belongings.

42x26 Metal Storage Building

starting at $8,345.00

Metal Storage Building features an enclosed center unit with partially enclosed lean-tos on each side of the wall. The lean-tos have gables on each end and the sides closed to the ground for additional shelter.

52x41 Steel Storage Building

starting at $16,435.00

One of the classic Carolina metal barns that offers durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Not just an ideal shelter for your agricultural storage needs but also perfect for residential and commercial purposes.

42x31 Storage Barn Building

starting at $10,190.00

Durable, multi-purpose and beautiful-looking, this metal barn is everything that you want a barn to be like. With the enclosed lean-to's and gabled main section, this raised central aisle metal barn provides great protection from the elements.

44x41 Metal Storage Barn Building

starting at $19,875.00

Metal Storage Barn Building with structural strength, durability, and style. Fully enclosed to give maximum security to your farm vehicles and other agricultural storage against all kinds of threats.

48x36 Storage Building

starting at $20,895.00

Fully enclosed raised central aisle metal barn for maximum safety and security of your belongings. The Deluxe Wainscot and Dutch-style opening frame-outs featured with this Carolina metal barn enhance its aesthetic appeal.

44x36 Steel Storage Building

starting at $15,435.00

44 x 36 fully enclosed metal barn with raised central aisle for the safety and security of your valuables. Ideal for sheltering your farm vehicle, heavy-duty equipment, feed storage, and more!

42x41 Metal Storage Buildings

starting at $17,400.00

A great option for protecting your vehicles and belongings from adverse elements as well as from criminal activities. This 42 x 42 raised central aisle metal barn offers the classic barn aesthetics combined with its incredible structural strength and versatility.

48x26 Equipment Storage Barn Building

starting at $12,090.00

The featured metal barn is one of our raised central aisle metal barns that can effectively house your farm vehicles, equipment or feed storage. The enclosed central aisle offers maximum security while the somewhat open lean-tos offer accessibility.

44x26 Carolina Metal Storage Building

starting at $11,255.00

A versatile raised aisle metal barn that is both structurally strong and visually pleasing. The fully enclosed main section gives secure storage for your expensive stuff while the partially covered lean-tos is perfect for sheltering vehicles and equipment that need easy access.

36x26 Raised Center Aisle Barn Storage Building

starting at $9,435.00

A great shelter that shields your vehicles and belongings from the harmful elements and also from human threats like theft and vandalism. But more than that, This metal barn looks stunning, the Dutch-style frame-out adding an extra element of visual interest.