Metal Barns > Carolina Barns

44x26 Seneca Steel Barn

starting at $7,750.00

An affordable metal barn with strength and curb appeal! Great protection against the elements and is ideal for equipment storage, feed and hay storage, and so on.

42x26 Carolina Farm Barn

starting at $10,355.00

A classic Carolina metal barn that can be customized to your storage requirements. Perfect shelter for livestock and also provides secure storage for feed storage, farm vehicle, etc.

42x21 Carolina Barn Building

starting at $5,410.00

A-framed Carolina metal barn with vintage style and great durability! Partially enclosed to provide a great protection and easy access to your valuables.

42x21 Carolina Steel Storage

starting at $8,855.00

The most beautiful and versatile addition to your property! 42 x 21 Carolina Steel Storage offers plenty of room for enclosed feed, equipment storage, etc. Also ideal for sheltering vehicles, livestock, and so much more!

42x21 Carolina Metal Barn

starting at $5,730.00

A-framed Carolina Metal Barn that offers the classic barn aesthetics. Partially enclosed to give your agricultural storage great protection against the elements while also allowing easy access.

48x21 Steel Carolina Barn

starting at $9,800.00

A-framed Steel Carolina Barn with great looks and functionality! The 48x21 raised central aisle barn does a great job of protecting your livestock, their feed, farm vehicles, etc. from the elements.

44x21 Metal Carolina Barn

starting at $13,150.00

An all-in-one solution for all of your agricultural storage solution. This stunning raised central aisle barn is incredibly versatile and is ideal for sheltering livestock, your farm vehicles, and much more.

46x21 Carolina Equipment Storage Building

starting at $5,725.00

Raised Center Aisle Barn offers opens and open shelter solutions on the center unit and on the lean-tos. The lean-tos offer addiional shelter from the weather with 3' sides panels.

36x31 Steel Farm Building

starting at $9,600.00

Structurally robust and aesthetically refined! A-framed Steel Farm Building makes a great shelter for your farm vehicles, feed storage, equipment, and more. The partial enclosure also allows for easier access.

44x21 Carolina Metal Barn Building

starting at $12,910.00

Fully enclosed Carolina Metal Barn Building. Provides safe and secure shelter for your vehicles storage, feed storage, equipment storage, and more.

48x31 Metal Storage Building

starting at $16,550.00

The ideal shelter for all of your agricultural storage requirements. This 48 x 31 Metal Storage Building has fully enclosed main aisle for secure storage and partially enclosed lean-tos for easy access.

44x41 Metal Farm Building

starting at $18,875.00

Metal Farm Building features a fully enclosed, secure shelter solution for storage of valuable equipment and other livestock.

48x26 Carolina Barn

starting at $10,500.00

Raised Center Aisle Barn Ideal for Equipment Storage, Feed Storage, and more. It features partially enclosed lean-tos; the center unit has an extended gable for additional shelter from the elements.

42x21 Carolina Equipment Storage

starting at $5,930.00

Carolina Equipment Storage offers open shelter solutions on the center unit and the lean-tos. The lean-tos provide additional shelter from the weather with the sides closed.

48x21 Steel Storage Structure

starting at $12,880.00

A beautiful-looking raised central aisle barn that is perfect for sheltering your livestock, farm vehicles, feed storage, and much more. This fully enclosed metal barn will ensure complete security of your belongings.

42x26 Metal Storage Building

starting at $8,345.00

Metal Storage Building features an enclosed center unit with partially enclosed lean-tos on each side of the wall. The lean-tos have gables on each end and the sides closed to the ground for additional shelter.

52x41 Steel Storage Building

starting at $16,435.00

One of the classic Carolina metal barns that offers durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Not just an ideal shelter for your agricultural storage needs but also perfect for residential and commercial purposes.

44x21 Metal Equipment Storage

starting at $5,880.00

Affordable Metal Equipment Storage that offers the vintage barn aesthetics. Ideal for sheltering farm vehicles, agricultural storage, and even smaller boats, RVs, etc.

42x31 Storage Barn Building

starting at $10,190.00

Durable, multi-purpose and beautiful-looking, this metal barn is everything that you want a barn to be like. With the enclosed lean-to's and gabled main section, this raised central aisle metal barn provides great protection from the elements.

36x31 Equipment Storage Barn

starting at $9,630.00

A versatile raised central aisle metal barn to take care of your storage problems. This 36x26 Carolina metal barn is ideal for safeguarding your farm vehicles, feed storage, agricultural equipment, etc. from the elements.

46x21 Agricultural Building

starting at $6,080.00

Agricultural Building offers open shelter solutions on the center unit and on the lean-tos. The lean-tos offer additional shelter from the weather with the sides closed.