40'Wide-Clear Span Buildings

36×26 Raised Center Aisle Barn Equipment Storage

Raised Center Aisle Barn Ideal features ends closed with frame-outs on the center unit. The lean-tos have the back ends closed and the front ends closed with frame-outs.

48×26 Equipment Storage Barn Building

Raised Center Aisle Barn Ideal for Equipment Storage, Feed Storage, and more. It features a fully enclosed center unit with open lean-tos. The lean-tos have gable ends and a 3′ side panel for additional protection from the elements.

54×21 Continuous Roof Metal Barn

Continuous Roof Barn Ideal for Equipment Storage, Feed Storage, and more

48×26 Carolina Barn

Raised Center Aisle Barn Ideal for Equipment Storage, Feed Storage, and more. It features partially enclosed lean-tos and the center unit has an extended gable for additional shelter from the elements

48×21 Steel Carolina Barn

Raised Center Aisle Barn Ideal for Equipment Storage, Feed Storage, and more

36×31 Equipment Storage Barn

Raised Center Aisle Barn is perfect for a varitey of storage solutions. The center unit can be used to shelter RVs or other large vehicles. The lean-tos are partially closed.

Carport1’s clear span metal buildings and 40-wide carports are 32’ to 40’ wide. These units have no interior support columns thus, leaving the floor plan layout completely open and flexible for design. The entire structure load is carried by the exterior side walls. Due to their extreme flexibility, these units have been used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Agricultural storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Feed shelters
  • Aircraft hangers

Browsing through the gallery, you will find many applications for the clear span metal buildings to help you design the unit that meets your specific needs.

40-Wide Carports and Clear Span Metal Building Features

All styles of our 40-wide base units start as a basic metal carport shelter.


Numerous features are available for selection according to customer preference and budget:

  • Side panels
  • Gables (on both front and/or back ends)
  • Fully enclosed ends
  • Personnel doors
  • Roll-up garage doors


The only roof style available in these larger units is the vertical roof system. The side and end panels are also orientated with vertical panels, as for most commercial structures. The 32’ to 40’ wide units are all certified for specific snow and wind loading. It is important to note that the corrugated sheeting is 29 gauge for all exterior panels (except Florida) but this can be upgraded to 26 gauge, which is highly recommended. Please explore the features and diverse solutions displayed in the gallery.

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We aim to give you an enjoyable buying experience from beginning to end, whether you are speaking to one of our staff or engaging with us via the web. Order online or call us and we will do our very best to assist you in selecting an affordable, quality metal triple carport.

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