Metal Carports West Palm Beach FL | Florida Carports of West Palm Beach has solutions to all of your outdoor storage needs! We are your one-stop shop for affordable metal carports in West Palm Beach, FL Located in Palm Beach county, the city has a population of over 101,000 residents.  Carports are supplied by Carport.1com to residents of the city and county from the manufacturing plant located in Southwest Georgia. is one of the nations largest providers of carports, metal garages, RV shelters, metal barns and other types of metal buildings and we can provide residents in West Palm Beach with buildings up o 40′ wide and as long as needed! All of the units that we provide to Florida residents are wind rated up to 150 MPH and up to 180 MPH is available.

Residents of West Palm Beach love the carports, garages, and other metal buildings that we provide. Compared to traditional construction, they are much less expensive and because of their modular design, they are installed in far less time. The units that we provide are prefabricated steel buildings and they are constructed at the Georgia manufacturing plant. The units are then assembled from the prefabricated components on the job site. The reduced time to construct these units keeps costs lower and ultimately, keeps the carport price and other building prices lower!

Carport1 provides all types of metal carports in West Palm Beach, FL and in surrounding cities and towns like Boynton Beach, FL, Delray Beach, FL, Greenacres, FL, Lake Worth, FL, Riviera Beach, FL, Royal Palm Beach, FL, and all communities in between. West Palm Beach can experience heavy rain, hail, and sometimes hurricane force winds. Our carports provide shelter for those undesirable weather conditions for car, trucks, RVs, boats, and SUVS. Residents of West Palm Beach typically have to deal with the effects of the sun, rain and damaging hail that can harm the paint and finish on their vehicles. With one of our metal carports, folks in the town no longer have to worry about these issues. Homeowners that have a metal carport in West Palm Beach, FL know that their car’s paint and finish will hold up well for years to come.

Carport1 is well-known for its quality metal carports in West Palm Beach, FL. Residents utilize our carports for a variety of functions. We provide carports for:

  • Single-wide Carports in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Double-wide and 2-Car Metal Carports in West Palm Beach
  • Triple-wide and 30′ Wide Carports in Florida
  • 40- Wide Clear Span Carports and Shelters
  • RV Carports, RV Covers, and RV Shelters in West Palm Beach
  •  Steel Carports and Covers
  • Metal Carports for Homeowners in FL
  •  West Palm Beach FL NC Metal Carport Shelters
  •  Steel Carports for Picnic Shelters
  •  Carports for Boat and Watercraft Shelters
  • Carports with Metal Storage Buildings
  • Certified Metal Carports in West Palm Beach FL

We provide more that just carports for West Palm Beach! Carport1 also provides fully enclosed metal garages, large steel buildings, metal agricultural buildings for feed shelter and equipment covers, large barns for ag use, and much more!

Whether your are in the town of West Palm Beach or out in a rural area, we can provide just the right building product to fit your needs. We offer three types of roof systems on all of our carports and garages. We can also provide engineer certified carports, garages and other metal structures.

Our ordering process is simple and easy. You can build your carport online using our Visual Builder Pro 3D™ or you can call us toll-free and one of our representatives will help you select just the right product for you and your needs.

We offer a huge selection of metal carport and steel carport styles that are both affordable and functional for all Florida residents. Our metal carports add curb appeal and value to your property. You can design your West Palm Beach carport online and get your price instantly on your high-quality, built-to-last, carport or metal building that is built to last in the Sunshine State! Resident can choose from 13 colors for the metal carports that we provide.

Our metal garages for West Palm Beach FL are the best, most cost effective enclosed storage solutions. Our steel garages are much less expensive than traditional stick-built construction methods. They also are constructed in about one fourth of the time. All of our metal garages for the Sunshine state are installed in just a few hours. Our garages are durable and feature all-steel construction down to the frame and include FREE delivery and installation on your level site.

22×21 REGULAR ROOF TWO CAR CARPORT-CPTRR-008 Free Delivery & Installation $1595
18×21 BOXED EAVE ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTBE-015 Free Delivery & Installation $1580
22×31 BOXED EAVE ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTBE-019 Free Delivery & Installation $4920
40×30 VERTICAL ROOF EXTRA WIDE CARPORT Free Delivery & Installation $30709
28×36 VERTICAL ROOF STYLE TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-002 Free Delivery & Installation $6315
24x51 Boxed Eave Roof Double Car Carport Free Delivery & Installation $3730
28×31 VERTICAL ROOF TRIPLE WIDE CARPORT-CPTVR-006 Free Delivery & Installation $7525
20×26 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTVR-017 Free Delivery & Installation $4505
22×31 BOXED EAVE ROOF DOUBLE CAR CARPORT-CPTBE-023 Free Delivery & Installation $7065

Call us toll-free at 855-299-4285 and we will help you immediately or you can request a quote and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You’ll love our quality and price for all of the metal carports for West Palm Beach FL and the surrounding area!