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Carport 1 – Serving Top Quality Carports and Metal Buildings Nationwide

Carport 1 is a proud supplier of the highest quality metal buildings and steel buildings, ranging from carports, workshops, sheds, barns and RV covers. We strive to provide products that are customized to suit your every need, at the lowest possible prices. Our outstanding selection of metal products are available for purchase throughout most of the United States.

Rest assured that all our building structures are constructed with superior steel, which will last for years to come! Carport 1 metal buildings are perfect as long-term options for multiple storage purposes, whether it is keeping your farm equipment secure, stocking up your feed or keeping your livestock protected!

Our metal and steel buildings have standard framing systems that are either a 14-gauge or a 12-gauge steel framing system that will provide ample protection against weather elements, as well as termites, mildew, and rot. We offer clear-span buildings from 12’ to 60’ wide, with side heights up to 20’. In addition, metal and steel structures can be customized to be either non-certified/non-engineered or certified/engineered.

Placing an order for your metal building online has never been simpler! You can scroll through our online photo gallery and click on an item to find out more about its specifications, including the listed price. Our prices are updated regularly in all our service areas.

Go ahead and order one of the many units in our online photo gallery today or, if you prefer, you can call one of our toll-free numbers. Carport 1’s knowledgeable customer representatives will assist you in selecting the metal building that best fits your budget and your requirements.

Once you’ve selected your steel building, we send you the order for review. If we have everything correct, then you will only place a small down payment to get your order started. Once your unit is installed, the remaining amount can be paid using a check, money order or a credit card. It really is that easy and convenient!

At Carport 1, we make an effort to deliver your new building at the earliest – usually, normal order to delivery times are between 2 to 4 weeks. We are also happy to provide free delivery and installation of our products, if you have a level job site.

Our relationships with our customers are valuable, and to this end, we offer different warranties tailored to keep you worry-free even after your purchase. Our 14 gauge units come with a 30-day limited workmanship warranty whereas 12 gauge carports come with a 20-year warranty against rust on the frame, assuming normal care and maintenance. We also have a 30-day limited workmanship warranty, which guarantees the quality of our installers’ workmanship.

Finally, should you ever decide to further customize your metal building we even give you the option of adding to buildings that we have sold and installed, with a nominal service charge of fifty dollars or more on all return trips? Our dedicated team is all about working with customers to make their experience a memorable and convenient one.