Our metal garage prices can be obtained one of three ways. If you want to design and build your custom garage, the most accurate price for your custom building can be obtained using our free quote form or a direct call. You may request an online quote using our quote request form or you may call us and we will be glad to provide steel garage prices to you.

If you’re just browsing at this point and trying to get an idea of what you really need, please visit the state-specific pages listed below for a garage price list for your state. There, you can get an idea of what type of roof style or roof system that you might want and the options that you may want to add.

Top Selling Best Metal Garages for Sale

40×61 VERTICAL ROOF SINGLE CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-038 Free Delivery & Installation $35778
40×60 VERTICAL ROOF THREE-CAR GARAGE Free Delivery & Installation $33177
30 x 51 VERTICAL TRIPLE WIDE Garage Workshop Free Delivery & Installation $18999
30×41 VERTICAL ROOF THREE-CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-010 Free Delivery & Installation $17188
24×51 VERTICAL ROOF FOUR-CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-008 Free Delivery & Installation $16395
26×41 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR GARAGE Free Delivery & Installation $15920
30×31 REGULAR ROOF ONE CAR GARAGE-GRGRR-007 Free Delivery & Installation $15210
24×51 VERTICAL ROOF THREE-CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-007 Free Delivery & Installation $14670
24×51 Vertical Roof Three-Car Garage Free Delivery & Installation $14090
30×51 REGULAR ROOF SINGLE CAR GARAGE-GRGRR-005 Free Delivery & Installation $13795
30×46 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-045 Free Delivery & Installation $13650
30×36 VERTICAL ROOF SINGLE CAR GARAGE- GRGVR-029 Free Delivery & Installation $11620
30×41 REGULAR ROOF SINGLE CAR GARAGE-GRGRR-009 Free Delivery & Installation $10790
22×26 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-001 Free Delivery & Installation $9850
24×26 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-022 Free Delivery & Installation $9400
24×31 VERTICAL ROOF DOUBLE CAR GARAGE-GRGVR-021 Free Delivery & Installation $9280

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Why Are Metal Carport Prices Different from State to State?

Prices vary by state and by certification. In the southern states, snow loads are less than they are for the northern states and the price is a bit higher where those snow loads are greater. Additional structural components are required in the northern United States where greater snow loads are required. In the state of Florida, certified carports are required throughout the state and they are not in many other states. In addition, the state requires 150 and 180 MPH wind certifications, depending on the area the unit is installed. Most areas in the US require 130 MPH wind or less.

What are the Factors that Determine the Garage Price?

The primary factor that determines the cost of a garage is size. As with most anything construction related, the size matters! The larger the garage, the more it costs. Our recommendation for garages is to buy what you think you will need now and what you think that you will need in 10 years. Currently, you may have two compact cars and a 20′ wide x 21′ long unit would work just fine for those. Do you think that might change in the next few years? With most people, incomes increase over time and people do tend to buy larger vehicles. Younger couples tend to add to the family by having children and, of course, mini-vans or SUVs are needed! You may get into big boy toys later –like replacing your compact car with a full size four wheel drive truck! Just keep those things in mind when you make your purchase. It’s a lot less expensive to increase the width or length to the unit at the time of initial purchase. Since these units are modular, we cannot add width to the unit and we generally cannot add height to the unit as that involves removing the roof.

Metal Garages Roof Styles

The second factor that adds some to the cost to metal garage prices is the roof style. The regular roof is the most economical unit that we sell. The boxed eave unit is a mid-range priced unit and without a doubt, it does look nicer than the regular style. The vertical roof unit is the best unit that we sell. It has more substantial trims and additional structural components, making it cost a little more. Because of the orientation of the corrugated ridges of roof panels on the vertical roof, it will last longer – shedding water, snow, leaves and other debris much more effectively than any other roof style.

Metal Garages Options

The third factor is options. The more optional items that you add, the more the unit costs. Items like side height, number of garage doors, electric motors for garage doors, etc., all add to the cost of the unit. Our advice is, don’t go overboard and don’t go too cheap –do that and you’ll be very happy with your purchase.

As with all of our products, installation and delivery are free as long as your site is level. There are no other charges other than the sales tax, where applicable.