Metal Barns

Our metal barns prices can be sourced in four ways:

  • Use the map below to select your state and then browse the pricelist provided according to your preference of roof style or roof system.
  • Use our quote request form online and we will contact you with a quote.
  • Call our sales hotline on (855) 299-4285
  • You can also select your colors using our color planner tool to visualize your Barn roof, side wall, end wall, and trim preferred color.

In the northern states, the snow loading is significantly higher than in the southern states. The barn structure must therefor be re-enforced to give the required strength. Other states, like Florida, have a high wind rating of up to 180 MPH whereas 130 MPH is sufficient for almost every other state in the country. Wherever there are differences in certifications required or weather influences that are specific to that region, one can expect that the pricing of the metal barn will be affected.


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What are the Factors that Determine the Barn Price?

The biggest single factor that determines the price of a barn is its size. The bigger the barn, the more materials are needed and the higher the cost will be. However, it is even more expensive to make adjustments to the structure later and the width is not adjustable at all. It is sometimes not possible to heighten the roof either. The ideal purchase should be designed to suit your needs for the next ten years after purchase.

The next most significant factor affecting the cost of a metal barn is the roof style. The cheapest style is the regular roof. The intermediate product is the boxed eave style, while the premier style is the vertical roof style. This particular style has substantial trims along with extra structural components. The orientation of the corrugated ridges on the roof panels are designed to shed water, snow, leaves and other debris more effectively than any other roof style giving it a far longer life span.

The more optional items that you add, the more the unit costs. Various options are available according to your preferences and budget.

Installation and delivery for our metal barns is free provided your site is level. The only addition to the quoted price is the relevant sales tax of the region.