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What are the Uses for Double Carports and 2-Car Metal Car Ports?

Double carports fall into the category of 18′ wide to 24′ wide and have diverse uses:

  • Storage for up to 2 vehicles (recommended width > 18’ for 2 vehicles)
  • Storage for boats
  • Storage for travel trailers
  • Storage for RV’s
  • Storage for motorhomes

The advantage of using a double carport unit for RV storage is the ease of navigation for the RV into and out of storage. This is due to the extra space and the open structure. Choosing the right size double carport for your motorhome can also enable you to keep the slide-outs open during storage.

What are some of the Features and Options for Double Carports and 2-Car Metal Car Ports?

The double carport unit starts as a basic metal carport shelter as with the other models. Any number of features can be added to this basic structure according to preference and budget:

  • Side panels
  • Gables (on both front and/or back ends)
  • Partially or fully enclosed ends
  • Personnel doors
  • Roll-up garage doors for utility carports

In our gallery, you can find pictures of various options for the double carport. A popular unit is the utility carport, which has an enclosed section at the back of the structure which can be used as a storage room. Another model has both sides and rear end closed in with a front gable. Browsing through the gallery will give you a number of ideas and options to help you design the perfect carport for your needs.

Why Should You Buy Double Carports and 2-Car Car Ports from Carport1?

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